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Packaging Supplies

Choosing the right packaging supplies for your project is crucial to eliminate inefficiency, protect your products, and ensure a safe delivery. With our decades of industry leading experience, you’ll get just that. Because we’re not just another manufacturer. When you work with us, you’re part of the Bennett family. You’ll have access to our team who can be there when you wake up to an issue you aren’t prepared for.

We’ve got all the odds and ends needed to get your products shipped safely around the world. Our staff will determine your needs, and can turn it around immediately for emergency needs.


Wholesale Packaging Supplies

Bennett is your one-stop shop for all of your packaging needs. We specialize in a variety of items, including boxes, bags, tapes, labels and much more. Our team of experts is here to help you find the best solutions for your business. Whether it's custom sizes or bulk orders, we have what you need at unbeatable prices.

Industry Experience

You don’t want to just simply order supplies, anyone can do that. You need someone who knows the market, can share their insights with you, and add to your bottom line. It’s not about finding just any solution. We want to find the right solution.

Packaging Expert Program

Our team of packaging experts are available for audits of your warehouse to eliminate numerous inefficiencies. We call it the Packaging Expert Program (PEP), or a PEP Talk. This program is built from the ground up on our deep knowledge of packaging supplies, as well as our knowledge of the entire supply chain Learn more about how we helped a customer cut costs of $100,000 with their tape alone! 

Learn more about our Packaging Expert Program.

Stretch Film - Hand

Our Capabilities

  • Streamlined departments from customer service to deliver
  • Friendly staff is ready to assist you
  • Quick turnaround for emergency needs
  • Customized warehousing programs
  • Flexible delivery schedules

List of Supplies

Don’t see something on our list? We can track it down in no time!

Glossary of Packaging Supply Terms and Products

  • Bubble Wrap: Excellent protection for your valuable and fragile items against vibration and abrasion during transit. We offer a variety of sizes and options.
  • Case Sealers: Eliminate the need for hand held tape guns no matter your box size with our Case Sealer options.
  • Corner Boards: Guard your items from damage and over-tight strapping during shipping with these corner boards.
  • Custom Printed Bags: Got a special need? We can create custom printed bags without a problem.
  • Dunnage: Need to ship safely? We have a variety of Packaging Dunnage options available.
  • Fiber Cores: Our approach starts with a needs assessment with our packaging specialists, followed by testing and quality assurance.
  • Foam Sheeting: Successful product protection begins with matching the right foam packaging material to the application. We will find yours today!
  • Kraft Paper: We carry a range of Kraft Paper options which are great for a multitude of uses - covering boxes or an economical void fill option.
  • Hexacomb: Hexacomb’s unique engineering makes it especially strong and durable, with cushioning and rigidity to provide superior protection.
  • Labels: Wow your customer with our superb print shipping labels, and cheap custom shipping address labels, or any other label you need at wholesale prices.
  • Mailers: Polyethylene mailers are lightweight and high strength, contact us for a list of options.
  • Mailing Tubes: Ensure a safe delivery and improve customer satisfaction with our catalog of Mailing Tube options including telescopic, endcaps, and more.
  • Packing List Envelopes: A variety of sizes and options with strong adhesive to ensure it will bond securely to shipping boxes, mailing tubes, and more.
  • Packaging Dunnage: Protect your times during shipping and cut down on costs with a variety of sizes of this lightweight solution.
  • Pallets: No matter what style of pallet your shipment needs, we have it in our warehouse.
  • Plastic Bags: A wide range of sizes, colors, and gauges are available at our warehouse.
  • Poly Sheeting: An economical replacement for drop cloths, used for economical protection against weather, dust, moisture, and dirt.
  • Poly Tubing: Cost effective with unlimited applications, we can meet your budget and design requirements with a packaging specialist.
  • Shrink Films: All of our shrink film products are durable and known for their sealability, everything you need to wrap your products from start to finish.
  • Stock Boxes: Need small single wall or large triple wall bulk bins? We offer a huge variety of options.
  • Strapping: Bennett carries a large selection of widths and sizes to secure your shipments safely.
  • Stretch Banding: Our packaging specialists are able to recommend the right option for your needs.
  • Stretch Film – Machine & Hand: Used in a wide variety of applications, use our offerings to replace twine and tape for your next shipment.
  • Stretch Wrappers: Durable, fast, and flexible options to protect your pallet loads
  • Strapping Systems: Semi and fully automatic solutions with a team of trained professionals to integrate the solutions for your next shipment.
  • Tape: If there’s a tape that you need, we’ve got it! From clear, water resistant, sealing tape, our collection of tapes will solve your need.
  • Void Fill: Inflated, paper, foam, bubble, and a variety of other options for low cost void fill for your next shipment.

Learn more about our Packaging Expert Program.

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