Decades of Expertise

We find savings up to 30% with our team of trained professionals.

Over 30 years of business Global Industry Leaders teaches you a lot. You learn that small changes lead to big impacts.

A poor packaging solution mixed with inefficiencies will hurt your supply chain and eat into your bottom line each and every day. You simply can’t afford to operate like this – burning through money in hidden costs that can be eliminated when identified by the right team. If you underuse material you will run into issues during shipping. If you use too much, you’ll be weighing yourself down. Both issues lead to packaging failures.

A successful packaging plan can make or break your products, and your bottom line. A properly established program will elevate your package and increase durability while eliminating excess materials. That’s where the Packaging Expert Program (PEP) comes in, or PEP Talk.

We offer turnkey solutions to our customers. We do it all, whether you need:

Success Stories

Listen to our PEP Talk Team Leader, Eric Reynolds discuss some of his success stories from auditing customers warehouses.

Have an expert look at your warehouse and become more efficient with Bennett today.

How it Works

This is a customer focused program. Our PEP Talk Team Members audit supply chains, existing protective equipment, materials, processes, and warehouses for our customers.

After a discovery process our team will get to work identifying problem areas and provide possible solutions. This program locates inefficiencies and offers improvements to increase productivity and reduce per pack costs.

Following the audit, our team will work with you and your company to develop a clear set of standards for the process and packers. By creating a new standardized plan, you are able to optimize labor efficiency, reduce damages, create a positive experience for your consumer, and reduce replacement costs.

It’s crucial for all companies to reach out to a professional to consult on their operations.

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Our Expertise

  • Supply chain efficiency
  • Deep knowledge of automated solutions
  • Industry experience in multiple categories
  • Knowledge of packaging supply options

Case Study
Saving $100,000 a year on Tape

  • We audited a warehouse of a customer and found they were using hand applied tape to their boxes. Not a terrible solution, but when it uses an excess of material and other options are available, it can be a costly one mistake.
  • We identified an automated process, and the addition of simple equipment, we could cut an inch less of tape on each side of the box.
  • An inch? That’s not much – every inch adds up!
  • Immediately production sped up, and on top of it, they had an ROI of $100,000 by the end of the year. These were hidden costs they didn’t even know existed.
  • Don’t make the same mistake.

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