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Pallet Display

Make a lasting impression in the competitive retail world with our Custom Pallet Displays. These displays aren't just products, they're an opportunity to create an immersive shopping experience for your customers. With our expert team of structural designers, we'll curate a display unique to your brand that not only looks great, but will also remain presentable after the hustle and bustle of daily foot traffic. Invest in a display that not only attracts customers, but also increases sales and boosts your brand presence in retailers.

Half-Pallet - Heavy Duty 1

Full - Half - Quarter

A Pallet Display grabs attention, entices customers to make purchases, and ultimately drives sales. However, not all Pallet Displays are created equal. They must meet specific structural requirements to comply with guidelines for each retailer. Our mission is to help our customers achieve their sales goals while enjoying peace of mind knowing that their Pallet Displays can survive the harsh retail environment.

Full-Pallet - Dual Half-Pallet 1

Retailer Compliant

When it comes to Pallet Displays, retailers can be pretty strict about their guidelines. But don't worry, our team of expert structural engineers are well-versed in all of them! Whether you're looking for a custom design that'll really make your product stand out or a more traditional look, we've got your back. With our help, your display is sure to be a hit with retailers everywhere.

What We Do Different

There are many standard and semi-customizable retail display options that work effectively, but custom displays are distinct from conventional designs. They create a major billboard opportunity that naturally attracts the consumer, and gives your business the creative opportunity to display your products to drive more sales. We create Full Pallets, Half Pallets, and Quarter Pallet Displays.

Bennett is a custom retail display manufacturer that uses cutting edge technology to design and manufacture creative and branded displays. Making highly-effective marketing tools is in our DNA. We create beautiful and impactful custom Pallet Displays that connect with your target audience.

As pioneers in North America, our investment in direct-to-corrugate High Speed Digital Printing has revolutionized the printing industry. With our game changing technology, our customers now have access to a diverse range of printing possibilities, all without the costly expense of printing plates. This translates to faster turnaround times and increased revenue for your business. Curious to learn more about our cutting-edge High Speed Digital Printers? Let's chat!

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