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Creating Displays to Wholesale Club Specifications

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Working with a wholesale club store means you must abide by their specifications. And the sales you can see at club stores, it seems obvious why you'd want to sell your products there!

And with total revenue at $592.3 billion in 2019 (average sales being $99.1 million at each location) and a 4.9% growth over the past three years, the wholesale industry is undeniably strong. Costco, in particular, enjoyed average sales per location of $182 million in 2019.

Before you begin brainstorming your bulk selling strategy, it's important to know that wholesale clubs such as Costco and BJ's Wholesale Club have rigid in-store display specifications. While this can create some complications and challenges, we have insights that can help you out.

Wholesale clubs are the go-to for selling products in bulk — but be sure to get your display right.

Display Specifications

Costco and BJ's Wholesale Club have more in common than being the largest wholesale clubs in the country; they also have the same store display requirements: pre-packaged pallet displays of 48" x40."

Note: Even smaller warehouse retailers tend to have the same requirements.

In order to relocate or replenish product pallets quickly and with minimal effort, wholesale clubs are serious about the restrictions they put on manufacturers and vendors displays.

For example, if you want to sell in Costco, you should know that they must pre-approve your display-ready packaging (including graphics) before production.

Additionally, when trays are needed to transport products, Costco requires that they be "useful in every way…." This includes functional boxes that members use to carry their purchases from the store.

Here’s detailed information on Costco’s display specifications.

Costco also conducts random audits on compliance to make sure that your point of purchase displays and packaging meet their specifications.

Ensure Your Wholesale Display Is Approved

Warehouse clubs generally have low gross margins. For instance, Costco’s median gross margin over the last 13 years was 12.88%. That said, membership retailers tend to make most of their profit from fees paid by their members.

In exchange for those membership fees, members expect high-quality merchandise at low prices.

This means the products that are sold at club stores must be high quality and discounted while being clearly and effectively displayed.

To grab the attention of bulk bargain shoppers, your display must broadcast the value of your product and effectively catch their eye.

Your goal, then, is to stay within club store display guidelines, provide value, and make your display pop.

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Display Placement Tips In Wholesale Clubs  

In this unique and expansive environment, product display placement can significantly influence customer engagement and sales. Wholesale clubs, known for their large quantities and bulk offerings, demand a strategic approach to display placement.

From placement recommendations to design suggestions, here are more display ideas to explore. 

1. Capitalize on High-Traffic Areas

  • Products displayed near the entrance or exit can capture the attention of customers as they enter or leave the store.
  • Positioning items in or around the checkout area can encourage last-minute or impulse purchases.

2. Utilize End-Cap Displays

  • End-caps, located at the end of aisles, are highly visible and can attract customers navigating through the store.
  • Use end-caps to create themed displays, such as seasonal or promotional items, for easy customer navigation.

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3. Strategic Shelf Placement

  • Products placed at eye level are more likely to be noticed and purchased.
  • Using different shelf heights can create a dynamic display that draws the eye.

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4. Interactive and Experiential Displays

  • Interactive displays that invite customers to try or engage with the product can enhance interest and drive sales.
  • Create displays that tell a story about the product, increasing its appeal through context and experience.

5. Bulk and Pallet Displays

  • Pallet displays are efficient for showcasing bulk items, fitting well with the wholesale club environment.
  • Ensure these displays are placed in areas with enough space for easy customer access and navigation.

6. Cross-Merchandising

  • Positioning related products together can increase the chance of multiple purchases.
  • Pairing items that are commonly used together can provide convenience and boost sales.

7. Effective Signage and Branding

  • Use clear and concise signage to communicate product information and pricing.
  • Ensure that your branding is consistent and easily recognizable to build customer recognition and trust.

Did you know a Pallet Skirt can serve as a billboard — one that conveys information that influences shoppers to stop, look, and consider purchasing your product? Or that a Dump Bin can drive impulse purchases?

A Few General Tips

Packaging and the displays should be simple, yet bold, with contrasting colors so that your items stand out.

  • Design with your target demographic in mind. Understanding their preferences, needs, and shopping behaviors is key to creating packaging and displays that resonate.
  • Ensure your packaging and displays align with your brand's identity, including logos, color schemes, and messaging. Consistency helps build brand recognition and loyalty, creating a familiar experience for customers.
  • Keep the design simple and the message clear. Packaging should quickly convey what the product is and its key benefits.
  • Ensure that the packaging is easy to open, use, and store. Practicality enhances customer satisfaction.
  • In-store displays should be easy to navigate and allow customers to interact with the products. Test your packaging and display designs in a real-world setting to gather feedback.  Use the feedback to make improvements, ensuring the final design is as effective as possible.

These tips on displays can really increase your sales when used effectively.

Hiring a company that designs and manufactures retail displays is ideal.

They can create a great design, build the display to the correct specifications, and deliver the display to the club store, eliminating all stress on your end. Look for full-service companies and companies that offer contract packing.

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Bennett Specializes In Club Stores

At Bennet, we handle every aspect of retail displays. Our printing and production capabilities meet warehouse clubs' strict display specifications for pallet displays, pallet skirts, corrugated packaging, and more.

Our design team knows all these retailers' specifications, so you won't have to figure it out yourself. As for the look of your displays, our award-winning graphic and structural designers will work with you to create retail displays that adhere to store requirements and capture shoppers' attention.