Fuel Your Business

Your products packed how you want, where you need them, on-time, in-full, and on-budget.

A Contract Packaging Partner, or Co-Packer, is an extension of your own company. You need someone to provide custom solutions, understand your business, with a proven track record.

Bennett is a turnkey operation so you can focus on what you do best, run your business. We do it all, whether you need:

We care about your products just as much as you do. That’s why we build inspection points into the process to ensure production moves along exactly how it’s planned, and more importantly, how you request.

Flexibility is crucial in today’s market. Our team of dedicated professionals can adapt to changes on the fly because we’re trained and ready at the drop of a hat.

We own and operate a wide array of automated equipment to get any job done, and have the trained hand labor to build assembly lines for any product. We have a wide range of experience with retail, chemical, agricultural, beverage, and even more.

Decades of experience allow us to add to your bottom line by cutting out extra costs and inefficiencies. We don’t just offer fulfillment, but the expertise of an industry leader in a number of areas in the packaging sector.

List of Services: Don’t see something on our list? Don’t worry, we can still do the job!

  • Bottle Labeling
  • Cartoning
  • Case Packing
  • Delivery Notification
  • Digital Inventory Management
  • Fulfillment
  • High-Speed Vision Inspection
  • Kit Packing
  • Laminating
  • Palletization
  • POP Assembly
  • Shipping
  • Shrink Wrapping
  • Third Party Logistics
  • Turnkey Operations

No More Worrying

We take 3PL to the next level

We provide Real-Time Online Inventory Management, so you can check in on your inventory as it moves through our facility. You’ll be able to check in and see exactly where it is whenever you want.

Trained Professionals

Our project managers oversee co-packing and assembly processes to make sure they meet all the job specifications, and manage the details and timeline of your project.

Once packed, we ship it anywhere in North America thanks to our own fleet of shipping trucks, network of fleet carriers, and locations across the continent.

How Much Can Be Saved?

  • Reduce freight costs. Moving products between warehouses during packaging and distribution can raise the freight bill almost 40%.
  • Lower inventory carrying costs. The distribution cycle can take seven days longer, and adds extra costs for labor, storage, and carrying that inventory.
  • Reduce labor costs. Multiple teams are required for different roles, and optimization between them is difficult.
  • Reduce damage. Most companies that ship products between packagers and 3PL’s add costs in about 3% in product damages.

These are the kinds of hidden costs that can disappear with the right contract packaging partner. One that can work with you to hit every delivery you need. Call today for a quote.

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Example Work: Contract Packaging

Contract Packaging Shipping
Contract Packaging Bennett Truck

We have a fleet of carriers to supplement our shipping division. We also have great relationships with a number of other carriers in the region to ensure we get competitive rates.

Contract Packaging Boxes

This is a large stack of corrugated covers in our warehouse. This is in our large contract packaging facility.

Display Assembly POP Contract Packaging Co-Packing
Contract Packaging Display Assembly

Here is a photo of our POP Display Assembly. We offer a range of services in our contract packaging facility.

Contract Packaging Assembly
Contract Packaging Endcap Assembly

This is a Pokemon POP Display being assembled. One of our many services offered in our co-packing division.

Display Assembly POP Contract Packaging Co-Packing
Contract Packaging Endcap Assembly 2

Fully kitting a POP Assembly for Pokemon. This is one of the services we offer for Co-Packing.

Co-Packing Contract Packaging Kit Packing
Contract Packaging Magic Assembly

Magic The Gathering Kit Pack being assembled on a line. Co-Packing services like this are an important part of our business.

Contract Packaging Magic Cards

Co-Packing services like Kit Packing and Fulfillment is a huge portion of our business. This is a Magic The Gathering card game kit being assembled.

Contract Packaging Co-Packing Kit Packing Fulfillment
Contract Packaging Magic Cards Boxing

A Magic The Gathering card game kit pack being assembled. This is part of our Contract Packaging services.

Contract Packaging Co-Packing Co-Packer Contract Packager
Contract Packaging Mega Beedrill

A man assembles the Pokemon Mega Beedrill card game kitpack. This is one of our Contract Packaging services.

Shipping Boxes
Contract Packaging Pallet Wrap

A full pallet of shipping boxes, full of card game kit packs, is automatically being wrapped in stretch wrap. This will then be moved into a truck, and stacked.

Contract Packaging
Contract Packaging Pokemon

Close up of a Pokemon trading card game poke ball. This has been assembled and now shrink wrapped.

Fulfillment Contract Packaging Co-Packing
Contract Packaging Pokemon Closeup

Co-Packing services include POP Display Assembly. This is part of our turnkey solutions.

Contract Packaging Co-Packing Assembly POP
Contract Packaging Pokemon Display Assembly

A number of card packs are placed into a plastic molded shell. This will then move down the line and be enclosed in retail packaging.

Contract Packaging Fulfillment Co-Packing
Contract Packaging Pokemon Kitting

Poke balls full of trading cards come out of the shrink wrap conveyor. Now that they’re prepared for shipping, they’ll be packed into boxes, and loaded onto trucks.

Contract Packaging Pokemon Roll

A stack of shrink wrap sleeves used on poke balls. This is an example of our turnkey solutions for our customers.

Contract Packaging Pokemon Sleeves

A finished Poké Ball that’s ready for retail! We do a huge range of work for Pokémon that uses our entire Co-Packing facility.

Contract Packaging Co-Packing Assembly POP
Contract Packaging Retail Pack

POP Assembly is one of our main Co-Packing services. This image shows packs being loaded into Pokemon displays.

Contract Packaging Co-Packing Tape
Contract Packaging Taping Machine

An automated taping machine in our Contract Packaging Facility. This is one of our most used pieces of machinery.