Versatile. Custom Designs. Drive Sales.

You need to stand out on the store floor, otherwise your products won’t sell.

Club Stores and Retailers all have different structural requirements as part of their vendor compliance guidelines. Bennett has years of experience delivering retailer approved Floor Displays, so our you can sleep easy at night.

Pallet Skirts and Wraps are produced out of corrugated and are designed to wrap around the bottom portion of a Pallet Skirt for a cleaner look to catch the customer’s attention in the store. But just buying any wrap isn’t going to cut it.

Each customer and their product deserve a custom solution, and that’s exactly what we provide. Often seen in club stores, other than to cover up the pallet itself, pallet skirts are great marketing tools. They give you four large panels to showcase the product, reinforce the brand, and point out the product benefits while telling your brand’s story.

We were one of the first in North America to invest in direct-to-corrugate High Speed Digital Printing, and we’re glad we did. Thanks to this game changing technology, we can provide our customers with a range of new printing possibilities. Digital no longer needs costly printing plates, which means we can get you to market faster, and add to your bottom line. Learn more about our High Speed Digital Printers.

From our award winning in-house graphic and structural designers to the latest in printing and manufacturing technology, we can create effective and impactful custom Pallet Skirts that connect with your target audience.

With full-service turnkey operations that even includes Contract Packaging, Packaging Supplies, and Shipping Boxes, Bennett partners with you as a marketing agency for ongoing retail campaigns and new product launch initiatives.

  • Club Store & Retailer approved specifications
  • Up to 196” with limitless colors and variations
  • Award-winning graphic and structural design
  • High-end graphic printing
  • Flexo, Litho, Digital Printing
  • Variable data printing available
  • In-house manufacturing
  • Expert assembly and co-packing
  • Product analysis
  • Quality assurance and testing
  • Cost-efficiency improvements

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High-Speed Digital Printing

No Variance. Faster Production. Less Waste.
We create some of the best work the market has seen, and cut down on costs. With the help of 6-Color Extended Gamut we actually match your brand colors – not just say we will.

Example Work: Pallet Skirts

Pallet Skirts – Bimbo Buns Display

Bimbo Buns approached Bennett to manufacture Pallet Skirts to promote their ‘perfect for grilling’ campaign at retail. This was a simple display, but thanks to our specialty equipment, we were able to include high resolution assets, and get them to market faster than Litho style printing.

Pallet Skirts – Boboli Pizza Display

Boboli Pizza approached us to create a Pallet Skirt for their fresh baked pizzas. This display was fun to make, and made us hungry every time we looked at it!

Pallet Skirts – Extra Grainy Bread Display

This Pallet skirt was manufactured to promote Extra Grainy Bread at retail. Because of high speed digital printing we were able to get them to retail faster than their competition.

Pallet Skirts
Pallet Skirts – Kwikset Door Handle Display

Kwikset approached us to design, print, and manufacture a number of Pallet Skirts for their Door Handles. This display allowed them to easily restock items inside the display, which helped reduce downtime at retail.

Pallet Skirts – Mattress Firm Display

This Mattress Firm Pallet Skirt was built to promote specialty items in the bedding industry. It was focused on creating a sturdy base, and then utlitizing an eye-catching Wrap that would really draw in customers.

Pallet Skirt Wrap Wraps Skirts
Pallet Skirts – Samsung Gear S3 Watch Display

This Pallet Skirt was designed for Samsung’s Gear S3 Watch. They wanted something slick to match their campaign, and our digital printers allowed them to include some high resolution renders of their products.

Pallet Skirts – Samsung Wireless Headphones Display

This Pallet Skirt was designed for Samsung’s Wireless Headphones, to promote their Level brand of headphones. We included marketing images, product benefits, and even a few taglines from the campaign. All of that presentation helped make an impact on sales.

Pallet Skirts – Welch’s Grape Juice Display

This is an award winning Pallet Skirt we designed and manufactured for Welch’s Grape Juice. Thanks to our Jetmaster Digital printers, we were able to provide some of the most beautiful Pallet Wraps the company has had.

Pallet Skirts – Welch’s Sparkling Display

Welch’s requested a Pallet Skirt to promote and sell their Sparkling Grape Juice beverages, which were non-alcoholic. They wanted them to stand out, and move their products away from the cooler, where there competition was.