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How POP Retail Displays Can Improve Sales

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A point-of-purchase display—or POP display—contains a product with marketing material and is strategically located throughout a retail store to grab attention. This marketing strategy utilizes bold, branded, and unique tactics to draw in consumers.

POP displays are throughout the store in the areas where customers make decisions to purchase. Point-of-sale systems are a different concept; these are subtle expressions of the product near the cash register.

Point-of-purchase displays grab the attention of consumers.

There are many ways POP displays can be utilized, but it is important to consider where the displays will be located, the style that best fits your product, and how to use the display to your greatest advantage.

Retail Displays Make An Impact

Point-of-purchase displays are meant to capitalize on how customers shop. They can be located right next to the product, on the opposite end of the store, in the middle of the walkway, or on a simple shelf display—whichever attracts target shoppers.

Location is critical for a POP display, so up-front research is needed to determine the type of consumers you are trying to appeal to and what kind of signage grabs their attention.

As an example, if your ideal shopper is the man on a mission, you need a display that won’t interrupt their process but still efficiently alerts them to your product’s benefits.

If your ideal consumer is the bargain shopper, showcasing your product and setting it apart from competitors with a shelf-display could be your strongest course of action.

According to this article, 6 Types of Shoppers, there are many different types of consumers, so it’s important to get to know each and how your product could best fit their needs.

Point-of-purchase displays need to be situated where the consumer will make the decision to purchase to ensure your product gets in their cart.

After you have determined where the display should live, you then have to decide what kind of display best suits your product. Some brands may opt for stock retail displays, but we've found they don't make as big an impact.

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Discover different types displays

The possibilities for POP displays are endless, but some of the most popular options include signage, shelf displays, and floor displays. Choosing the right display can be tough, but it's an important part of the process. Start with your products, and build from there.

Customizing these options to fit your product will help ensure the display grabs your ideal consumers’ attention while keeping within your brand.

Signage is a great way to catch the eye of shoppers with quick information about the product and draw them in.

A great example of this are shelf talkers which attach directly to a shelf where the product is located. Shelf displays provide a great way to showcase a product and make it stand out from competitors.

Shelf Displays need to be anchored to the product's aisle which can make this display type less versatile than others.

Floor displays include everything from end caps to quarter pallet displays. These displays are free-standing and able to move to the most high-traffic areas.

Located anywhere in the aisles of the store, these displays ensure your product stands out, but they are unable to showcase your product directly compared to competitors.

The right kind of point-of-purchase display is dependent upon your product and the project goal. To see more POP displays examples, look through our gallery of displays.

The many benefits of point-of-purchase displays

Studies show that people are drawn to things that stand out. Consumers are naturally “skimmers” when shopping, meaning they are scanning the aisles looking for specific products—so how can you ensure your product catches the eye?

Point-of-purchase displays help your product stand out in a retail environment and often have a high return on investment. They work well for holidays, and increasing sales overall. That's because customers are drawn to the graphics and designs.

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  • You can place your products where they will get noticed the most.
  • Standing out from competitors, this method is sure to be eye-catching to your consumers.
  • Not only are they attention-grabbing, but they provide additional product information and advertise your brand.
  • POP displays excel at targeting impulse buyers.

Use point-of-purchase displays to your advantage

Utilizing point-of-purchase displays can ultimately benefit your return on investment, but you have to have a plan in advance to get the full benefits. It’s crucial to understand how to use POP displays to your advantage and which practices are going to fit best for your product. Once you have the right type of retail display, you can launch your campaign.

A key piece of all marketing material, not just limited to point-of-purchase, is identifying a target audience. Researching your current customer base, analyzing your product, and choosing a specific demographic, can provide enough information to target the best audience and get the highest return on your investment.

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POP Display Strategies

One tactic utilized with POP displays is keeping the most important information at eye level. Shoppers scan aisles quickly, so keeping information in the direct line of sight will ensure your product gets noticed.

Point-of-purchase displays are great brand awareness tools and perfect for direct advertising. Keeping displays consistent with your brand and featuring the most essential information will begin to build a relationship with shoppers.

Creating a custom POP display campaign provides so much opportunity to engage with customers and encourage sales. Use buzz words like “Huge Sale,” “Limited Time,” and “New Product” to help lure in customers.

Start thinking about how you can get your product to stand above the competition utilizing point-of-purchase displays.

Here at Bennett, we want to help create the best shopper experience by creating custom solutions for your product to get out into the marketplace.

Consider Adding Co-Packing Services

If you can find a manufacturer that offers you more than just displays, you can save money by cutting a lot of costs!

When a company can make your display, offer POP Assembly, kitting, freight and shipping options, and are a true 3PL provider - you should learn more.

Bennett Creates Custom POP Displays

Bennett is a premier packaging and retail displays manufacturing company striving to protect and promote our clients' products with customized corrugated solutions. With our fully-integrated design-to-delivery process, we can be the single supplier source.\

We are an award-winning manufacturer of virtually anything corrugate. We offer everything from plain brown shipping boxes to sophisticated, high-graphic printed point-of-purchase displays, and everything in between.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you make Retail Displays?

Yes! We have award winning displays that we can design in tandem with your packaging for your next campaign. By taking advantage of a single source supplier, you can reduce costs and simplify the entire supply chain.

What Printing Styles do you offer?

We are able to produce Litho, Flexo, and specialize in Digital. We were one of the first manufacturers to invest in Digital Printing, and that’s put us ahead of the curve. Typically customers think Digital is only useful for small runs, but Digital allows you to create printing variations and create multiple runs of different targeted designs - using some of the latest innovations in marketing!