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Cardboard Dump Bin Display Design Tips

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One-Piece Dump Bins

Are you looking to sell small or bulk merchandise at retail? Or are you looking to rearrange your floor plan? Then a cardboard dump bin might be exactly what you need.

Custom dump bin displays are one of the simplest ways to organize products at retail, that you don’t have the ability to stack or hang. They’re able to take bulk merchandise and still present it to the customer in an attractive way. There are so many benefits to these displays!

Keep reading to learn about creating custom cardboard Dump bin displays.

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Aspects of a Dump Bin

  • Billboard style size allowing for brand awareness opportunities
  • Vary in size and shape depending on products
  • One-piece designs are in demand
  • Great for bulk and sales merchandise in high traffic areas
  • Full print options to allow for bold, attention grabbing aesthetics
  • We are pre-approved with most retailer and club store requirements

Why One-Piece Dump Bins Matter

First, what’s a one-piece Dump Bin? Well most manufacturers can’t create a Dump Bin out of one piece of corrugated, and instead create two printed pieces, and then glue them together.

That means extra production time and money to assemble and glue them before shipping. Not to mention using a two-piece design means that you have a less attractive looking display because there are two points where the graphics can be disturbed due to gluing.

Thanks to our Jumbo Die Cutter, we are one of the only manufacturers in North America who can create one-piece Dump Bins. Here are some benefits to one-piece designs:

  • More attractive display
  • Cheaper production
  • Less production time
  • Easier customization

6 Expert Tips: Designing Custom Dump Bins

Here are 6 expert tips for you and your design team when you are designing your next custom Dump Bin displays.

1. Define The Project

The first step to take when designing a retail display is to define your project. Carefully constructing an overall goal for your display is key to success.

Every design and logistic choice you make will revolve around this initial vision statement. Otherwise you’ll get lost in a spiral of possibilities.

Are you introducing a new product to the marketplace? Creating a new niche? Or are you simply looking to move 10% more products?

Set that goal up front and make sure you know where the ship is headed.

2. Choose Your Products

Next, you want to consider which products are best served in a Dump Bin. These displays are extremely durable, so they’re perfect for heavier items, or resisting a shop-worn look.

One great approach is a sampler or combination pack of items. These can be lotions, DVD’s, cooking equipment, and more. These should be something normally purchased together to increase the chances of a buy.

And another approach is a “grab and go” product selling choice. These can be essentials like school supplies, or focus on health and beauty. These are focused around key categories, and are irresistible packages.

3. Use A Divider

Next, think about separation. While many brands will simply toss their products inside a Dump Bin and hope for sales, but think about using a divider.

A simple cardboard divider can separate different product types, and encourage a customer to pick and choose which products they would purchase, instead of pre-packaging them.

One of the best design tips with dividers is using color coordination. Whether it’s packaging colors, or some type of additional corrugated header. The colors will draw them in, and help them quickly see the different products.

4. Market With The Billboard

Now comes one of the most important aspects of a Dump Bin, the billboard. Thanks to the Dump Bins’ large panel size, you can include so much branding information.

You can advertise individual products, special sales events, or the brand as a whole. The choices you include that fit with your overall brand are crucial to the customer experience.

If you choose a display that includes your brands mission statement, along with key product benefits, you customer will purchase with confidence. 

5. Enhance Your Brand

Now most display designs have diminishing returns, which means less is more. Your color choice, graphics, messaging, all need to focus on the key stages of the buying consideration phase.

From a distance, next to your display, interacting with your product, and putting the product in their basket.

Can you tell your brand story? Or how about key images of people using the product? What can you do to enhance your brand at retail and draw customers in?

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6. Simplicity Is Key

Next, create something that is specific, and grabs their attention. What about your offer can be unique? Is it a one-time only item? Does it tie in with a sports event? Think about that unique offering. 

And you need to keep your messaging concise. You can’t sell a laundry list of information to your customers.

You have to give them bullet points of key information to first draw them in. Then include smaller fonts with additional product information that they continue to read.

6 Benefits of Digital Printing

Creating a custom retail display and bringing it to market is now less expensive than it has ever been. Digital Printing gives you the flexibility to quickly prototype, adjust your messaging, and change with the marketplace.

Here are 6 benefits of Digital Printing that will take your brand from plain to premium.

1. Tooling Costs

When you want to create a retail display, other printing methods need several weeks in lead time, and the up front costs to create printing plates. That means before you get your first display, you need an up front budget.

These are one-time costs, and can discourage many brands from creating alternate designs. Imagine if you didn’t need to factor those into your budget? Where else could that money go?

2. Cost-Effective

Finally, Digital Printing gives you the best bang for your buck. There is no minimum for it thanks to the no-tooling costs.

Make a product and attack a new niche directly. Create prototypes while you figure out the marketplace.

No matter what reason you are looking at Digital for, there’s a great reason to try it.

3. Design Variations

First, let’s talk about designs. So many brands take a one-size-fits-all approach to their retail displays, and that’s because they’re using traditional methods.

Imagine creating a single dieline, but multiple graphic options. More displays + more products = more sales.

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4. “One Time Only”

Next, create a special sales event, and print that directly on your display, maybe with an alternate header. If you put your packaging in a display, and the packaging stands out with a fresh design, that will increase sales!

Or if you are heading to a trade show, adjust your displays to match the event quickly and without any additional costs or lead time. No other method can allow you to do that.

5. Printing “On-The-Fly”  

Next, consider the speed to market that Digital Printing gives you. Deliver alternate artwork to Bennett, and get it printing on your display by the end of the day.

What other printing method can give you that?

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6. Branding Opportunities

Your display is the first interaction most customers will have with your product. That means you need to bring as much creativity to the display as you do your packaging and your product. 

Adjusting your messaging with the marketplace can help you create a successful product launch with eye-catching designs.

Are you going through a brand refresh? Send the new art file.

Need more tips? Check out our complete guide to Dump Bin Displays!

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