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5 Things Packaging Must Do

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Brand design can be more primal than logic-driven. Shoppers only view seven words during their shopping trips... Seven. So they typically rely on instinctual cues such as color and shape when making decisions. That means you need to appeal to the reptilian brain. The best selling products tend not to overthink it – embracing this fundamental strategy can prove successful in capturing consumers’ attention and gaining success.

Brands have the opportunity to drive powerful connections with consumers by tapping into primal cues that evoke emotion. By honing in on these fundamental elements, companies can create memorable assets and enhance product sales.

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#1 Attract Your Target Customers

Consistently standing out on the shelf can be challenging, especially in today's competitive landscape. To ensure that your brand is the shopper’s go-to guide to their category of choice, you must determine who your target customer is.

What Color Attracts Them?

Every color impacts people differently; multiply that by the products you sell. There are many choices to be made, but it comes down to reflecting what your customer is looking for. Luxury? Deep and Lucious. Quick And Easy? Block primary colors. Eco-Conscious? Greens, browns, and blues work wonders.

What Experience Do They Want?

Customers looking for a high-quality experience know exactly what they're looking for. Polish, simplicity, and boldness. While the customer looking for a simple toy for their pet they plan to repurchase will respond to less packaging entirely. Should they be able to interact with the product?

Start From The Customer

Every aspect of your packaging design should have the customer in mind. It's more than logistics; it's about crafting a memorable interaction. Let your design choices speak directly to your customer's needs, creating a strong, lasting impression.

Every choice you make is for someone, not just the utility of shipping the product. So choose wisely!

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#2 Simplicity Is Key

The need for simplicity has become vital in today's constantly evolving visual landscape. We long for moments of clarity and peace in a sea of chaos and distraction. This is why a simple design can effectively capture our attention.

Easy To Identify

The essence of your product and the core of your target audience should be inherently integrated into your packaging design. If your packaging fails to convey its purpose and audience at a glance, it misses a critical mark. Simplicity in design ensures that your product is immediately understood and recognized, making the consumer's journey from curiosity to purchase seamless and intuitive.

Easy To Open

Beyond visual appeal, the functionality of packaging in terms of ease of access is paramount. Consider Amazon's Frustration-Free Packaging, designed to be opened in seconds without additional tools or excessive effort. 

This principle sets a standard worth emulating. Ask yourself, does your packaging offer a similarly smooth and user-friendly experience? The less time and effort it takes to interact with your product, the more positive the consumer perception and experience will be.

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#3 Recognizable And Understandable

Consumers don't just want products, they want to connect with a brand. One of the best ways to do this is through an iconic packaging design that can be recognized even by five-year-olds. 

An effective logo or brand mark helps create this connection - one that customers will come back for again and again!


The goal is to make your brand the first that comes to mind when consumers consider repurchasing in your category. 

This is where a memorable packaging design plays a crucial role. It's about creating an experience that stays with the consumer, reinforcing the bond with each purchase. 

The stronger and more positive the overall experience, the more likely consumers will return to your brand, solidifying their loyalty.

Design For The Customer

Packaging should not only be visually appealing but also intuitive and user-friendly. In today's fast-paced world, consumers appreciate simplicity and clarity. 

They should be able to easily understand how to use the product, its storage requirements, and its features. Remember, your customers are busy individuals, seeking convenience and efficiency in their daily lives. 

By simplifying the user experience through your packaging, you respect their time and enhance their inclination to choose your brand repeatedly. In essence, the easier your product is to interact with, the more likely it is to be embraced and repurchased by your customers.

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#4 Create A Connection

Brands that can elicit an emotional response from consumers have the power to create a lasting impression and seize their attention. We all know how it feels when someone catches our gaze - there's something instinctual about wanting to discover what made them look in your direction.

  • Harness the Power of Emotion: Tap into the innate connection between emotion and decision-making by presenting your products and services with compelling narratives or unique experiences.
  • Tell a Captivating Story: Weave a narrative that resonates deeply with your audience, transforming your brand from a simple choice to an emotional preference.
  • Offer Unforgettable Experiences: Provide more than just a product or service; create memorable experiences that leave a lasting impression and build a loyal customer base.

Build A Customer Profile

It's time businesses capitalize on this hardwired connection between emotion and action by providing products and services with unique stories, visuals, or experiences behind them!

#5 Reflect Your Point Of View

A successful brand is more than just an attractive package, but also has a unique point of view and purpose. Packaging makes it easy to connect the product with customers on an emotional level, letting them know why this particular item will enhance their life experiences.

Everything Comes From Your Values

When you're creating your packaging, it should start from your values as a brand. What is it about the product, experience, or price that you care about most? Show that to the customer.

Deliver On The Promise

Ultimately, though, what matters most is that brands deliver on their promise in order to keep customers coming back again and again. So don't miss that opportunity to have a lifetime customer!

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Order Custom Packaging Today

From understanding the customer’s needs to creating a recognizable design, there are many considerations when it comes to designing effective packaging. You must create something that reflects your values as a brand and delivers on its promise in order to keep customers coming back for more. Investing in custom packaging can help ensure your product stands out from the competition, captures attention, and drives sales.

If you're looking for assistance developing an eye-catching package, get in touch today! Our team of experts will be happy to partner with you and create a memorable experience that connects emotionally with customers.

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