Shipping Done Right

Four generations of experience in shipping boxes is anchored in our deep commitment to quality.

Bennett is a one-stop-shop for all of your needs, from the smallest box to large refrigerator sizes.

Want to take the guess work out of the best shipping method?

Our Packaging Experts will cut down on material costs and weight charges by removing the air from your box. By removing the air and choosing the correct size box, you can reduce void fill and corrugated usage for a smaller carbon footprint and overall savings.

Bennett offers a wide variety of corrugated shipping boxes and cartons to our customers. Whether they are being used to pack, store, or transport items such as food, clothes, toys, or appliances, we are the experts with shipping.

Bennett is more than a manufacturer, we’re a packaging partner. We aren’t just experts in our own industry, but yours too. We work with Global Industry Leaders across the country, and deliver a myriad of services to each of them. That allows us to make more informed decisions on shipping methods compared to any other manufacturer.

We offer turnkey solutions to our customers. We do it all, whether you need:

List of Shipping Boxes: Have a specific need you don’t see? We can track it down in no time!

  • Corrugated Boxes
  • Corrugated Mailers
  • Corrugated Trays
  • Bulk Cargo Boxes
  • Heavy Duty Boxes
  • Multi-Depth Boxes
  • Refrigerator Size Boxes
  • Telescopic Boxes
  • White Corrugated Boxes

Available Styles

  • Brown Corrugated Boxes: All boxes ship flat for easy storage, and shipping convenience.
  • White Corrugated Boxes & Mailers: Designed to create a professional appearance for shipments of your printed materials or other items.
  • Multi-Depth Corrugated Boxes: Multi-Depth boxes make organization that much easier. These allow you to order one box instead of a variety of sizes to fit your needs.
Shipping Boxes
Shipping Boxes Bundled
Shipping Boxes
Shipping Boxes Conveyor
Shipping Boxes
Shipping Boxes Pallet Stacks
Shipping Boxes
Shipping Boxes Pallet Wrap

Glossary of Shipping Boxes:

  • Corrugated Boxes: The most popular box, an economical solution with top of the line structure.
  • Corrugated Mailers: Impress customers with sturdy custom mailers, a popular choice for eCommerce.
  • Corrugated Trays: A simple solution to moving products in an organized manner.
  • Foam Lined Mailers: Safety is key with some shipments, and foam lined mailers can do the trick.
  • Bulk Cargo Boxes: Moving a lot of inventory means space is an issue, maximize with this option.
  • Heavy Duty Boxes: Some boxes have a long way to go to reach their destination, these are the perfect options.
  • Multi-Depth Boxes: Organize more efficiently and reduce your packaging needs with a multi-depth solution.
  • Refrigerator Size Boxes: Need to move an appliance or something with a little heft? Not an issue, we’ve got the box.
  • Telescopic Boxes: Size matters, we can find the size to fit your products.
  • White Corrugated Boxes: These are a popular choice for a sleeker look to your shipments.