Unique Designs. Structurally Sound. Custom Solutions.

Custom packaging is one of the biggest deciding factors for customers.

You don’t have to be the top name in your industry to make an impact, grow your brand, and generate more revenue – but you do need custom packaging that screams from the retail and digital shelf.

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You’re creating a brand identity that will never fade away. Such an important advertising tool can’t be overlooked. You only get one chance to enhance your visibility, and it needs to be done by professionals.

At Bennett, you get access to our experienced Retail Packaging Engineers to produce the best packaging solution for your products. We offer product analysis to ensure we are maximizing efficiency, and can help you enhance your brand and sell more at retail with eye-catching custom packaging.

Bennett is an award-winning manufacturer of virtually anything corrugate. From plain brown shipping boxes to sophisticated, high-graphic printed POP Displays, and everything between.

Digital Printing is the future, and we’re leading the way. We were one of the first in North America to invest in direct-to-corrugate High-Speed Digital Printing. Thanks to this game changing technology, we can provide our customers with a range of new printing possibilities. Digital no longer needs costly printing plates, which means we can get you to market faster, and add to your bottom line. Learn more about our High-Speed Digital Printers.

From our award winning in-house graphic and structural designers to the latest in printing and manufacturing technology, we can create effective and impactful custom corrugated packaging that connects with your target audience.

With full-service turnkey operations that even includes Contract Packaging, Packaging Supplies, and Shipping Boxes, Bennett partners with you as a marketing agency for ongoing retail campaigns and new product launch initiatives.

  • Award-winning graphic and structural design
  • High-end graphic printing
  • Flexo, Litho, Digital Printing
  • Variable data printing available
  • In-house manufacturing
  • Expert assembly and co-packing
  • Product analysis
  • Quality assurance and testing
  • Cost-efficiency improvements

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High-Speed Digital Printing

No Variance. Faster Production. Less Waste.
We create some of the best work the market has seen, and cut down on costs. With the help of 6-Color Extended Gamut we actually match your brand colors – not just say we will.

Example Work: Custom Packaging

Retail-Ready Packaging Shelf-Ready
Shelf-Ready Packaging – Hostess Mini Muffins

Hostess Mini Muffins needed their own Shelf-Ready Packaging to sell more products at retail. They knew all the benefits of SRP and they wanted their own version. This allowed pre-packaged products inside the box to be easily accessed by customers.

Subscription Box Athletic
Subscription Boxes – Enlyten

We worked with Enlyten to create a few Subscription Box designs for their male and female focused athletic products. These needed to match their branding, and be very high quality to reinforce the high quality nature of their products.

Shelf-Ready Retail-Ready Packaging SRP RRP
Shelf-Ready Packaging – Russell Stover Pecan Delights

We designed this Russel Stover Shelf-Ready Packaging to help increase their sales, organize their products, and simplify the restocking process. This design turned out to be a huge success for them.

Wine Carriers Corrugated
Wine + Spirits Packaging – Target 6-Pack Holiday Pack

This is a collection of 6-pack Holiday Wine Carrier’s we manufactured and printed for Target. We created a single design, but thanks to diigtal we were able to run a number of different graphics to really up their presentation at retail.

Beer Packaging Case
Wine + Spirits Packaging – Boulevard Brewing Variety 24-Pack

This Beer Packaging was designed for Boulevard Brewing. These two 24-pack were designed to hold cans and glass bottles, in a variety pack. Beer packaging needs to be eye-catching, but also functional.

Retail Packaging Pet
Retail Packaging – Benebone

Benebone approached us to make this Retail Packaging for the line of pet focused products. These are great flavored bones for your dog and best friend!

Subscription Box Baby
Subscription Boxes – Baby Cat & Jack

Baby Cat & Jack requested us to create a Subscription Box for their baby focused products. We printed beautifl high resolution images of babies to reinforce the branding and product to the customer the moment they opened the box.

Retail Packaging
Retail Packaging – MLB Branded Sunglasses

We designed this MLB Branded Sunglasses Retail Packaging, and even took care of the kit packing and fulfillment. We used our Digital Printers to make this design really stand out at retail.

Shelf-Ready Packaging
Shelf-Ready Packaging – Crest Whitening Retail Packs

This Shelf-Ready Packaging was designed to showcase Crest Whitening products at retail. The goal was to design a beautiful presentation, but utilize the latest innovations of SRP to simplify the restocking process and reduce downtime.

Subscription Box E-Commerce Packaging
Subscription Boxes – Mpix

These Subscription Boxes were created for Mpix, and all of the printing was focused on the inside of the box. This allowed customers to open the box and see high resolution images, as well as the company branding, a thank you, and social media links.

Retail Packaging
Retail Packaging – Pokemon Trading Cards

We helped create this Retail Packaging and holder for Pokémon. They needed a beautiful package, but a simple but effective holder to enable restocking at retail to increase their speed.

Beer Packaging Case
Wine + Spirits Packaging – Boulevard Brewing Variety Pack

This variety pack of Beer was designed for Boulevard Brewing. It had a variety of products, and the branding of the packaging needed to match the overall brand, and fit in with the different beers inside.

Beer Packaging Case
Wine + Spirits Packaging – Boulevard Brewing Tank 7 12-Pack

Boulevard Brewing requested Beer Packaging from us that fit their line of Farmhouse Ale. This packaging was built to be functional with die-cut handles, and also a great design that stands out at retail.

Wine + Spirits Packaging – Target 6-Pack Wine Discount Pack

This Wine 6-pack carrier was designed for Target. This design needed to be sturdy enough for their customers, and using our Digital Printing we were able to run different designs using the same shape.

Retail Packaging
Retail Packaging – Folgers Coffee Packets

We created this Retail Packaging for Folgers Coffee Packets. This was a great design that was focused on matching the existing Folgers branded colors, popping off of the shelf, and promoting their packets products.

Subscription Box e-commerce
Subscription Boxes – 2Ten

We created these Subscription Boxes for 2Ten to help promote their e-commerce products. Using a simple folding design, and printing on the top of the inside of the box, it allowed them to hit customers with their branding the moment they opened their items.

Beer Packaging Case
Wine + Spirits Packaging – Empyrean Brewing Long Route 6-Pack

Empryean Brewing Company approached Bennett about designing this beer packaging to promote their peanut butter porter. This packaging helped to not only promote the beer, but get the personality of the brand across to the customer.

Beer Packaging Case
Wine + Spirits Packaging – Public House Brewing Co Packs

We were approached by Public House Brewing us to design and manufacture a variety of Beer Packaging for their different beers. These designs were focused on getting the flavor of the beer across to the customer.

Subscription Box
Subscription Boxes – Patterns

These Subscription Boxes were designed to bring a fun pizazz to the e-commerce game for one of our customers. Using our digital printing it’s easy to run a number of various designs on a single box shape, and not add any extra costs.

Retail Packaging
Retail Packaging – Dojo Box

These Retail Packaging boxes were made for Dojo Box. They are really huge designs and hold a kit of products inside. These are some of the most colorful retail packaging designs we’ve ever created.

Beer Packaging Case
Wine + Spirits Packaging – Boulevard Brewing Variety Pack

Bennett created this Beer Packaging for Boulevard Brewing to promote their 12-pack sample of beer, featuring glass bottles. The outside design shows the variety of beers inside, and even explains what the beer types are.

Retail Packaging
Retail Packaging – Pokemon Card Game

These Pokémon trading card Retail Packaging carriers were designed and manufactured at Bennett. The design needed to hold and promote their 3-packs of trading card tins.

Subscription Box Beauty
Subscription Boxes – Target Beauty & Cosmetics

Target approached us to design and print a number of sleek beauty and cosmetic Subscription Boxes to promote their e-commerce business. We printed a high resolution image of a beauty product on the inside of the box so that the first thing the customer sees is exactly what they ordered.

Shelf-Ready Packaging Retail-Ready SRP RRP
Shelf-Ready Packaging – Swiffer

We designed this Shelf-Ready Packaging to promote Swiffer products, and help them not only stand out at retail, but reduce downtime and enable faster restocking by the retail staff. Using our Bahmümuller Turbox + Topmatcher, we can produce this without any issues.

Shelf-Ready Retail-Ready Packaging SRP RRP
Shelf-Ready Packaging – Dawn Escapes Liquid Dish Soap

Dawn approached us to design this Shelf-Ready Packaging for their Escapes Dish Washing Soap. This SRP was such a success that we helped cut downtime at retail and increase restocking, and increase sales.

Retail Packaging
Retail Packaging – Viva la Juicy Fragrance Bundle

This Retail Packaging was made for Viva La Juicy Fragrance Bundles. We used a dark look, with a color pallet of purples, blues, and reds, and it really helps the product stand out.

Beer Packaging Case
Wine + Spirits Packaging – Public House Brewing Co 12-Packs

Public House Brewing Company approached us to design a variety of Beer Packaging for their different Ales. These were all about maximizing the personality of the brand and focusing on the flavors of the beer.

Retail Packaging
Retail Packaging – Magic 2015 Trading Card Dispenser

This Retail Packaging was for Magic The Gathering and Wizards of The Coast with a slide out opening, to allow customers to grab card packs on counters. These are all about focusing on the corrugated functionality to allow customers to buy these card packs.

Shelf-Ready Packaging Retail Ready SRP RRP
Shelf-Ready Packaging – Russell Stover

Russel Stover approached Bennett to design this Shelf-Ready Packaging for their chocolates. This bright red design for the SRP really attracted customers in to purchase their candies.