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Mottled White Board

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Are you looking for an economical white corrugated option for your custom packaging or pop display needs? Mottled White Board, also known as Oyster White Board, may be the perfect solution. This clay-coated CCNB linerboard has a unique off-white surface with natural kraft undertones which makes it ideal for moderate quality printing. Read on to learn more about why this material is a great choice!


This liner board is the go-to for creating white corrugated packaging that is both environmentally friendly and cost-effective. Crafted from Kraft paper with high recycled content, it is up to 100% recyclable. While it features a slightly off-white color with brown undertones due to its natural production process, its color output when printed on is more accurate than other materials. However, don’t expect any glossiness as the finish is intentionally flat, which can add a unique touch to designs. From sustainability to style, this liner board has got you covered.


Mottled White Board is a great option for those looking to keep costs low and still achieve the desired look of their custom packaging or pop display. It provides a durable, lightweight and cost effective solution that can be used to package a variety of products such as apparel, electronics, food items and more. Additionally, it is easily printed on so you can add your brand’s logo or artwork to customize the appearance further.

Why Use Mottled White Board

Mottled White Board is perfect for those looking to keep costs down without sacrificing quality. This product has an economical price point and yet still offers the strength and performance needed for a durable finished product. Additionally, this material can be recycled which makes it a great choice for eco-conscious companies looking to reduce their environmental footprint.


Cost Effective

Overall, Mottled White Board provides a cost effective solution that combines functionality and durability with affordability, making it the ideal choice for many custom packaging needs. It is often used as an economical alternative for specialty paperboard options and is suitable for both short-term and long-term applications. Its low cost makes it a great option for those looking to keep costs down without sacrificing performance or style. It is almost always cheaper than Kemi Board material, and sometimes shorter lead times.


No Gloss Finish

Mottled White is typically a common board used in flexographic printing, resulting in a flat or “no gloss” finish. For digital printing, it can be said that printing on mottled white will almost always result in a similar, low or no gloss, or flat look to the graphics. This can be appealing for a variety of reasons if a customer is looking for that specific vintage or rustic look consistent with a brand or product that speaks to classy and toned down, rather than flashy and new. Simply stated, there are certain graphics and designs that will look amazing on mottled white, and many that won’t. It’s largely a matter of preference.

  • Off-white material finish.
  • Kraft material with a laminated piece applied on top.

High-Graphic Artwork

Thanks to the white material, Mottled White is a great choice for high-graphic artwork.  It provides a consistent background which enhances the appearance of printed images and logos, making it perfect for custom packaging applications. Additionally, this material has great score-ability and fold-ability so you can achieve beautiful intricate designs with ease.


This material is an economical choice that offers excellent printability, score ability and fold-ability while providing the desired strength and performance needed for durable custom packaging. Its lightweight design makes it easy to ship or store in a warehouse and its recyclable nature ensures your company is contributing to a more sustainable future.

  • Bright colorful elements that need to show through.
  • Artwork has a gradient or several different colors.
  • The entire shipping box needs to stand out.

When Not To Use Mottled White Board

Even though Mottled White is a great choice, it’s not always the best choice for your project. If you need something that requires a very strong structure, or have simple artwork, it might not make sense.


Heavy Duty Strength Needed

Mottled White Board is not suitable for applications that require extreme durability or rigidity. This material does not provide the same level of strength and performance as specialty paperboards, making it unsuitable for certain types of boxes such as those used for shipping heavy items. Additionally, this material may be too lightweight for some pop display needs as well. In these situations you should opt for a specialty paperboard solution instead.


Simple Artwork

In conclusion, Mottled White Board (Oyster White Board) provides an ideal combination of affordability and performance that makes it perfect for many custom packaging and POP display solutions. Its lightweight design ensures easy storage and transportation while its recyclable characteristics make it great choice for eco-conscious companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint.


You Want A Glossy Finish

If you need a glossy finish for your graphics, then mottled white board is not the best choice. Since this material has an almost no-gloss look to it, any artwork that requires high contrast or bold colors will not look as vibrant on mottled white. In these cases, you should consider a specialty paperboard with a gloss coating instead.

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In conclusion, Mottled White Board (Oyster White Board) is a great choice for those looking to keep costs down without sacrificing performance or style. Whether you need something that requires strong structure and simple artwork, or bright colorful elements with high-graphic artwork, mottled white board can handle it all. For eco-conscious companies looking to reduce their impact on the environment while still achieving beautiful custom packaging solutions and POP displays, Bennett has got your back!


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