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Digital Print

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Digital printing uses digital applications in a wide range of packaging types. Directly transferred from electronic files, digital printing is very cost effective and time efficient for smaller orders. While other printing methods may use printed labels, or tooling like Print Plates, Digital Printing is the simplest production method.


This is a straightforward printing process, where ink is applied directly to the substrate and completely avoids printing plates.Using the CMYK color process, digital printing uses electronic files that determine where the ink is placed to create prints and designs. With technological advancement, digital printing offers high quality printing output making low volume runs more cost effective and time efficient to complete.

Definition Of Digital Print

Digital Print in corrugated packaging and pop displays is a modern printing technique that utilizes digital images created on a computer to produce high-quality prints directly on the surface of corrugated cardboard and other materials used for product packaging and point-of-purchase displays. Digital print eliminates the need for costly plate transfers, allowing for quick turnaround times, reduced costs, and greater flexibility when creating intricate graphics. The technology produces sharp images with true color accuracy and vibrant tonal ranges, making it ideal for custom branding applications. Digital Print also offers an eco-friendly solution as it eliminates the use of solvents or other harsh chemicals that are typically used in traditional printing methods.

Why Use Digital Print

Digital printing offers a great deal of flexibility when it comes to customizing and personalizing packaging. It’s an ideal choice for people who need short runs or have multiple versions of designs. Digital printing can be used on nearly any material, including paper, plastic, glass, film and textiles. This makes it easy to produce highly detailed, vibrant designs on a range of products.


Fast Turnaround Times

Digital is known for its fast turnaround times. With digital printing, you can easily produce one-off pieces or very small batches without compromising on quality and cutting production costs significantly. It also eliminates the need to create costly print plates, allowing customers to quickly order new design variations and updates with minimal lead time.


No Tooling Cost

The cost of traditional printing processes can add up quickly, especially when creating multiple versions of the same design. Digital printing eliminates the need for expensive plates or dies and is much simpler than other methods, since there are no additional steps in the production process. This makes it a great option for businesses that need to produce multiple versions of their packaging with minimal lead time and cost.


Less Waste With No Tooling

Digital printing eliminates the need for expensive plates or dies and reduces waste. This makes the process incredibly efficient, as there are no additional steps in the production process. All of the inkjet heads can be used to print on a single job, which significantly cuts down on paper and other materials wasted during pre-press. Additionally, digital printing doesn’t require any solvents or chemicals, so it’s eco-friendly and has less of an impact on our environment.


More Sustainable

The printing process is a much more eco-friendly option than traditional offset printing. Unlike offset printing, digital does not require any toxic chemicals as it uses water based inks that are non-toxic and recyclable. Additionally, digital printers don’t use solvents so there’s no risk of air pollution from volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Furthermore, digital printing requires fewer.


Low Volume Orders

Due to the simplified process and lack of printing plates, digital printing is a great choice for low volume orders. It’s an efficient method that can produce high quality prints with quick turnarounds. Digital printing offers eye-catching graphics, with no minimum order quantities or costly set up fees. This makes it easy to keep costs down while producing professional packaging materials.


High Quality Prints

Digital printing delivers beautiful and accurate results every time. The CMYK process creates sharp images without any color inconsistencies or distortions. With advancements in technology, digital printers are now able to create detailed designs in vibrant colors at high speeds – making them a great option for businesses on tight deadlines and budgets.

When Not To Use Digital Print

Digital printing is a great choice for most packaging projects, but it’s not always the best option. If you need large amounts of prints or have complex designs that require intricate details, traditional offset printing may be the better choice.


High Volume Orders With One Design

Digital printing is not ideal for high volume orders as the cost of plates and set-ups can be higher than offset for large print runs. Additionally, digital printing takes longer to produce each piece when compared to an offset printer producing hundreds or thousands of prints in one go. However, if you have a single design that needs to be printed in bulk, digital may still be your best option.


Specific Artwork Needs

Not every artwork or design works perfectly with Digital Printing. Sometimes large block colors and gradients can show banding issues, or printing white ink on Kraft will show through unless you use specific material.

Do More With Bennett

Digital printing is a great choice for businesses looking to produce high quality prints with minimal setup and costs. It’s an efficient, eco-friendly process that can be used for low volume orders or even large bulk orders when you have one design.


However, it’s not always the best option depending on your artwork needs or if you require intricate details in your print job. If you’re considering digital printing for your packaging project, our team at Bennett can help! We specialize in finding the most cost effective solution to meet all of your unique branding requirements while producing beautiful results every time. Contact us today to learn more about how we can work together on creating stunning designs using digital printing technology!