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Kemi White Board

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Kemi White Board features a semi-gloss-coated brilliant white C1S linerboard on one side, perfect for high-quality printing and finishing capabilities. This material also has a semi-gloss coating pre-applied making your prints require no additional coatings to get a semi-gloss finish.


This versatile paperboard is perfect for custom packaging and pop displays, but it’s important to know when this material is the right fit and when it isn’t. In this post, we will explore the benefits of using Kemi White Board as well as provide some insight on situations where other materials might be better suited.

Glossy Design Without Print Finishing

Thanks to the semi-gloss material, the finished product can look more premium than your competitors. It can also be used to reduce your budget and eliminate any print finishing.


Premium Look

When it comes to uniqueness and custom packaging, Kemi White Board stands out by offering a semi-gloss finish that is usually achieved with additional coatings. This means reduced coating costs along with a vibrant, glossy finish that resists fingerprints and smudges. Additionally, the C1S construction helps create rigidity and improved handling as compared to other paperboard substrates.


Eliminate Print Finishing

Kemi White Board eliminates the need for additional coatings, saving you time and money. In addition, it offers a semi-gloss finish that is more durable than traditional paperboard materials.


Reduce Costs

By eliminating the need for print finishing,  Kemi White Board can save you money. This paperboard is slightly more expensive than other materials, but the savings in print finishing costs can help balance out the difference.

High-Graphic Artwork

If you have high-graphic artwork, or something that requires more detail, it can be a great material to choose. That’s because the semi-gloss material is brilliant white material that really makes the design pop.


Semi-Gloss Finished Product

It provides a semi-gloss finished product that looks vibrant and professional. This finish is also perfect for products that are handled regularly as it resists fingerprints and smudges better than other paperboard substrates. 


More Detail Needed

If you need more detail in your design, then this may not be the right material for you. In those cases, it might be best to look at other paperboard materials such as kraft board that can provide a more tactile experience.


Large Quantity

Kemi White Board is also available in both sheetfed and roll formats which make it ideal for large runs or graphic packages needing custom die-cutting capabilities.

When Not To Use Kemi White Board

This material may be a great choice, but it’s not always a great choice. You shouldn’t use it if you don’t require semi-gloss, or your artwork is simple. or even your budget is too small.


Simple Artwork

If you don’t require the semi-gloss finish and your artwork is simple, it might be best to look at other paperboard materials such as kraft board which can provide a more tactile experience.


Small Budget

If you’re on a tight budget, Kemi White Board might not be the best choice. In these cases, it might be best to look at other paperboard materials that can provide a more affordable solution.


Low Quantity Orders

If you don’t require large quantities, Kemi White Board may not be the best choice. In those cases, try to switch to Kraft.

Do More With Bennett

Overall, Kemi White Board is an excellent choice for those looking for a semi-gloss finish without having to use additional coatings. Its versatility and affordability make it an attractive option for custom packaging projects but it’s important to consider the drawbacks before making your decision.  Keep these points in mind when deciding whether this material is right for your next project!