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FSC Certification

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The Forest Stewardship Council, better known as FSC®, is an incredibly important certification for those passionate about ecologically sustainable forestry and conservation efforts. This particular certification is associated with a wide variety of products including custom packaging and POP displays.


By using materials that have been harvested with responsible forest management practices in mind, companies can proudly display the FSC® label to ensure concerned consumers that the product or materials used were sourced ethically. Not only does this process help preserve biodiversity in forests worldwide, but it also ensures continued growth and protection of these magnificent resources for generations to come.


The FSC® certification requires companies to not only focus on sustainability, but also track their processes all the way back to the source of origin. This ensures that strict environmental standards are met, giving consumers the peace of mind that the products they buy are sustainably made.


From paper products to furniture made of wood, the FSC® certification supports those who protect our forests, making it a symbol of sustainability and responsible sourcing practices.

What Is An FSC Certified Forest?

An FSC® Certified Forest is one that follows the standards set by the Forest Stewardship Council, to ensure it is compliant.


Zero Deforestation

Forests play a vital role in our ecosystem, and responsible harvesting practices ensure that we don’t lose them over time. This means maintaining irreplaceable forests and minimizing deforestation, which is crucial for combating climate change. By taking these steps, we can preserve these incredible natural resources for generations to come.


Conservational Focus

The forest moves from a preservation focus to a conservation one. All plant and animal species are protected in the FSC® Certified Forests. This helps conserve the entire eco-system.


Worker Protection

All workers in the area are given proper training, adequate safety protocols are in place, and fair wages are provided for the work environment.


Community Rights

Local communities that live in and around forest areas are consulted with, and all legal and cultural rights in the land and forest resources are respected.

FSC Certified Chain Of Custody

The FSC® Chain of Custody is a crucial system that tracks and audits every step of the process to ensure that forest materials used in your home or office come from responsibly managed sources. This system is designed not only to uphold sustainability and protect the environment, but also to ensure that companies can use FSC® Certified materials in their products and packaging.


With this comprehensive tracking system, businesses can easily identify any supply chain issues and take action to maintain their commitment to sustainable practices. When you choose products with the FSC® seal, you can rest assured that you’re making a responsible choice for the planet.

What Does The FSC Label Stand For?

FSC 100%

All materials used in this product are sourced from responsibly managed FSC® certified forests. These products contribute most directly to our mission to ensure thriving forests for all, forever.

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FSC Recycled

The materials used in this product are made from 100% recycled materials. When recycled materials are used, it makes the most of resources and reduces the pressure to harvest more resources.



All materials used in this product are made with a mixture of materials from FSC® certified forests, recycled materials, and/or FSC® controlled wood. Most vendors will not guarantee percentages unless it’s a large enough order. While materials like controlled wood don’t come from FSC® certified forests, it reduces the risk of the material originating from poor sources.

Get FSC® Certified Packaging With Bennett

When you choose products with the FSC® logo, you’re making a responsible and sustainable choice for our planet. With its comprehensive tracking system, businesses can easily identify any supply chain issues and take action to maintain their commitment to sustainability.


Bennett offers an array of certified materials that are responsibly sourced from FSC Certified Forests or recycled sources, so you can be sure your purchase is helping support forests around the world while also being eco-friendly.