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3D Render

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When it comes to POP Displays, choosing the right one can be a challenge. With countless marketing buzzwords and product descriptions, it can be hard to determine which one will truly meet your needs. That’s why it’s crucial to ensure that your team and display builder are on the same page. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, and the wrong choice could leave your message lost in translation.


During the design phase, your team may have questions:

  • How many products are visible on each side of the display?
  • How easy is it to reach products at each level?
  • Does this really fit into our marketing campaign?

All of these questions can be answered using custom 3D renderings.

Why Use 3D Renderings For A POP Display

When it comes to creating a POP display, understanding what it will look like in the physical space is essential. 3D renderings provide an invaluable tool for visualizing how your display will fit into the store environment and how customers will interact with it.


View All Angles Of The Display

3D renderings allow you to view the POP display from all angles, enabling teams to identify potential issues that may not be visible on 2D drawings or sketches. This helps prevent unnecessary delays and re-designs due to incorrect measurements or other problems that weren’t considered during the initial planning stages. Additionally, by seeing a realistic visualization of the final product prior to production, stakeholders can make sure everyone is on board with the design before investing time and money into manufacturing a prototype. 


Bring Your Presentation To Life

Details are often lost in 2D layouts, but can be crucial when considering customer experience within retail spaces where displays need to stand out and capture shoppers’ attention. With 3D renderings, teams can better visualize their retail store strategy during the planning phase.


Meet All Expectations

When it comes to POP displays, 3D rendering technology provides an invaluable tool for visualizing a design before it goes into production. Teams can use this technology to ensure their design meets customer expectations, fits within the store environment, and stands out from the competition.


Finally, 3D renders can provide essential details about size, proportionality and color – allowing stakeholders to make informed decisions with confidence prior to investing in a prototype or full-scale production run.

How To Use 3D Renderings For Your POP Display

Ordering a 3D Rendering for a POP Display is a straightforward process.

  1. Select the details, dimensions, and more for your display, and provide things like artwork, products, and more.
  2. After the general construction of the POP Display is built, the number of products per tray/shelf/etc are determined, the rendering work can begin.
  3. The artist will add your designs to a 3D digital rendering of each display, sometimes in a store environment, and other times on white or transparent layers.

Using this tool really allows you to visualize your POP Display for the first time, while adding peace of mind to the entire purchasing process. 

Not A Color Matching Tool

3D Renderings are an excellent tool for allowing your team to visualize your display but they are not intended to be used for color matching.


Virtual renderings, are not meant to be used as a way to confirm how your design’s colors will ultimately print. There are too many variables such as computer screen settings, printing processes, material differences, and other details to truly color match to a virtual rendering.


The best way to see how your colors will print on your actual exhibit is to request a Sample. A Sample could be blank to view the structure, or printed to view a finished product in physical space.


Although we cannot guarantee a 100% accurate color match, these renderings are carefully crafted to resemble the real thing as closely as possible. With their unparalleled ability to showcase the potential of a project, they provide incredible value to you and your team.

Get A 3D Rendering Today With Bennett!

3D renderings provide an invaluable tool for visualizing how your POP display will fit into the store environment and how customers will interact with it. These virtual representations of a product can help stakeholders make informed decisions about their design before investing in manufacturing, as well as give teams peace of mind that their projects meet customer expectations.


With Bennett’s 3D rendering services, you can get started on creating realistic visuals to take your retail strategy from concept to completion today!