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Increase Order Fulfillment with Contract Packaging

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The coronavirus pandemic has drastically altered consumer shopping habits, prompting significant adjustments from retailers and manufacturers to cater to the increased needs. The demand for sanitizing products and essential staples surged, leading to shortages and pressuring manufacturers to quickly address the demand-supply gap.

The situation accelerated efforts to enhance production, improve supply chain resilience, and ensure the availability of high-demand items, pushing companies to innovate and adapt in response to the challenges posed by the pandemic.

Meet the surge in product demand with a Contract Packaging Partner

Contract Packaging Can Help You Help Others

Many are turning to contract packaging to help keep up with the surge in demand, whether for critical safety items, groceries, or other needed supplies.

Three great reasons to consider Contract Packaging:

  1. Contract packagers typically have more flexibility than large corporations to schedule urgently needed production.
  2. Contract packaging allows you to outsource and fulfill orders efficiently without taking on extra staff or adding costly equipment.
  3. A contract packaging partner can act as an extension of your company, providing special services, capabilities, and expertise to get your product into the hands of consumers safely and expediently.

In a standard operating climate, more than 60% of businesses surveyed said contract packaging increased flexibility and cut costs. In today’s ever-changing world, flexibility and operating efficiency are more important than ever. A contract packager is poised in the perfect position to help meet this need.

From warehousing your product to pack out and delivery, relying on the expertise and manpower of a contract packaging company will help you optimize your operation to improve speed-to-market.

Contract packaging tasks can be performed in-house, outsourced to third-party vendors, or left to the retailer. Determining the best resource is dependent on which services are needed.

Most Used Services

Contract packaging can expedite your order fulfillment during this unprecedented time of online shopping and delivery needs.

  • Case packing
  • Product pack-outs
  • Kit packing
  • Shrinkwrapping
  • Cartoning
  • Bottle labeling
  • Palletization
  • Logistics
  • Shipping

Industries Served

Contract packaging is an excellent solution for a variety of industries, many of which are currently experiencing added responsibility to deliver products quickly to consumers in this time of need due to COVID-19.

  • Cleaning, hygiene, and dental—Cleaning and sanitizing supplies, soap, shampoo, deodorant, toilet paper, toothpaste, etc.
  • Medical & pharmaceutical – Medications, alcohol and antiseptics, bandages, masks
  • Nutrition – Supplements, vitamins, protein powders
  • Food & Beverage – Produce, packaged foods, bottles, cans, and cartons
  • Point of sale display – Product bundles or kits can be assembled for end-of-aisle sale
  • Industrial products – Items requiring special package

Customizable Plans

The contract packaging process necessitates a tailored approach to meet specific client needs meticulously. 

This involves the formulation of an efficient assembly plan that is not only carefully executed but also subject to ongoing evaluation and adjustments, ensuring its effectiveness and adaptability to any changing requirements. 

Emphasizing flexibility throughout the process is crucial for achieving optimal performance levels.

Contract packaging companies are dedicated to maximizing both space utilization and labor efficiency. This commitment involves a deep understanding of the product and its packaging requirements, allowing for the development of bespoke solutions uniquely suited to each project. 

By integrating this comprehensive understanding with strategic planning and execution, these companies are able to craft highly effective packaging strategies that align closely with client objectives, ensuring that every aspect of the packaging process is optimized for the best possible outcomes.

Quality Control

Opting for a contract packaging partner with advanced inspection technology ensures high-quality product handling through rigorous verification and quality checks, aligning with your specifications.

A full-service provider combines skilled labor and cutting-edge machinery, guaranteeing product security and adherence to quality standards, even under tight deadlines.

These experts maintain a flexible workforce and continuously invest in the latest technology, ensuring efficiency, innovation, and the ability to meet changing market demands. This approach not only preserves product integrity but also supports your brand's success in a competitive landscape.


Leveraging a contract packaging expert for warehousing, distribution, or product tracking streamlines operations and ensures tasks are completed efficiently. While outsourcing might initially seem daunting, the right co-packer acts as an extension of your company, aligning with your goals to save time and money. 

These experts bring specialized knowledge and technology to enhance operational efficiency and scalability, allowing businesses to adjust swiftly to market demands. 

By partnering with a contract packaging service, companies can focus on core activities while trusting their packaging and logistics needs to professionals, ensuring products are managed effectively throughout the supply chain.

This collaboration not only mitigates the apprehension associated with outsourcing but also fosters operational excellence and market readiness.

Bennett Offers Contract Packaging

Bennett is a premier contract packaging and retail display manufacturing company. We’re dedicated to protecting and promoting your products as if they were our own. With our fully integrated design-to-delivery process, we can be the single supplier source.

We are an award-winning manufacturer of virtually anything corrugate. We offer everything from plain brown shipping boxes to sophisticated, high-graphic printed point-of-purchase displays and everything in between.

We believe in high-quality standards and developing custom plans to ensure your product gets out efficiently and correctly every time. Our fully trained team is available to create the perfect plan for your product.

We act as an extension of your company – consider us teammates committed to protecting your brand just as you would. You can learn more about our facility and industry-leading capabilities on our contract packaging page.

Because we are committed to doing our part, our team has implemented extra safety precautions and preventive measures to eliminate the potential spread of the coronavirus within the facility and during product transport to the final destination.