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5 Tips To Increase Sales With Dump Bin Displays

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Dump Bin Displays Mean Big Business

Using a Dump Bin display at retail is a no-brainer these days. Every business is working to capture more impulse buys, and it's really helping to drive sales. But would you believe that simply adding one of our dump bins can increase your total sales by as much as 10 percent?

We've seen it happen over and over again for the brand we work with. Dump Bins are great at pushing customers to make that purchase before they leave the store. They're a great strategic part of any retail store campaign.

If you're looking to increase sales this year and you have bulk inventory to move, these tips are for you!

What Is A Corrugated Dump Bin Display?

A Dump Bin is a very economical and lightweight way to make your point in the retail environment. They are large bins that can help organize your products, and allow customers to easily reach in and grab anything. They can store groups of SKUS, or single items. Typically designed as an open bin with product piled loosely inside.

We've engineered this product to be extremely simple and easy for you to assemble and update your graphics, which we offer in a wide array of styles and finishes—so it's truly plug-n-play.

When Should I Use A Dump Bin Display?

It's not just about convenience. Dump bins are becoming more and more popular for different product categories because they can truly improve sales for you.

Think about it—it's so easy to purchase items when someone else is doing all the reaching. A showroom with a nice dump bin display can often increase sales by as much as 10 percent.

If you have a pretty wide-open space to use, you can put two or three of these bins out for everyone to see. You can also stagger them so that every customer has to walk past one even if it's not right in front of them.

And sometimes just having one bin is enough, but putting different groups of products in each will encourage customers to buy from each bin.

The bottom line with dump bins is that whether you use one or several, your product will be seen more often, which means people are going to take notice.

Tips To Increase Your Sales

Let's dig into those tips!

1. Organize your products better for customers.

There's so many different ways to use a Dump Bin, but the most important is to organize your products so they're easier to spot and to shop. Typically, we see these types of products used by businesses with a plethora of different items.

A great technique for Dump Bins is to group products together via color, to draw customers in.

Imagine a large stack of yellow, purple, and red makeup products next to each other, instead of a rainbow of colors that are all mixed together.

Dump Bins are all about catching your customer's attention.

With so many choices, customers can get overwhelmed and pick nothing—especially if it's all jumbled together.

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2. Drive more impulse purchases from customers

So many people walk into a store or showroom and don't even know what they're looking for. Maybe they haven't prepared and created a shopping list like you've done (cheers to that!).

We all know how frustrating it is when we want one specific item and we either forget it at home or we couldn't find the aisle where the product is located in the store.

This leads to frustration and people walking out empty-handed.

But dump bins put your products right in front of them, which increases the chances of a spontaneous purchase.

You might not have been looking for a new umbrella, but it's there, and now you remember that it's supposed to rain next week.

3. Increase brand awareness and enhance your marketing campaign

Every time there's a new product launch or marketing campaign, you want to make sure everyone knows about it. Your dump bins are perfect displays for flashy graphics and signage that can help get people excited about what's happening at your business. Remember the rainbow of colors I mentioned earlier?

If you group colors together by bin, then customers who might not be looking for eyeshadow will still see them every time they look through the bins.

Same thing with logos—everyone knows that if it's on sale, or has a special offer attached to it, those red & yellow signs immediately pop out from the shelf.

Whatever graphics you are using for your marketing campaign or the strongest elements of your brand, should be front and center on the display.

One thing we love to recommend is switching to high-speed digital printing. That's because you can print as many graphics as you want.

4. Strategically place your display in high traffic areas

Just like you put your products on sale or have them on special, you also want to get the most mileage out of your dump bins. Think about where people walk in and out of your store—is it by the door? If so, place a bin there. People will see it every time they come or go!

Since people are walking right past there, have a bin there too!

The more customers are walking by, the more likely they'll notice your products. An important element to consider is at what stage into their shopping experience you want them to see your product.

If your first placement doesn't produce the results you want, work with the retailer to try again.

5. Extremely versatile display for any product type

There are companies today that have a large inventory of products and it's difficult to display them in a store or showroom. With a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and textures—it can be an even bigger challenge to make everything look good together.

The solution? Dump bins! They work for all types of product categories that you might think would only fit one way. Think about building materials with screws or nails that come in different colors or shapes.

You'll want to group those together so the customer knows they're meant for similar projects—not mixing with other items that aren't compatible.

Or how about pet grooming items? I'm obsessed with my dog but I still don't know what dog shampoo smells like… there are so many types of coats, brushes, harnesses, etc. that I absolutely could mix them up! This would be the last thing you want to do with your customers (and their pets!)

Dump bins are also excellent for food items like candy or nuts. That's because as customers walk by the display, they may have the urge for a quick snack at home. If your products aren't there, they won't think to buy them.

By grouping these in a bin, it will create the perfect presentation at eye level—where most people look first when shopping (see image below.) You can see how "Organization" is one of the five key benefits of using dump bins in your store display.

Create A Dump Bin Display Today!

Dump bins are extremely versatile for any product type. Whether you're selling screws, pet grooming items, candy, or nuts, dump bins can help group and organize your products in a way that is both visually appealing and easy to understand for the customer.

An important element to consider is at what stage into their shopping experience you want them to see your product. If your first placement doesn't produce the results you want, work with the retailer to try again.

Talk with our team today about creating your own Dump Bin Display!