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5 Design Tips For Dump Bin Displays

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Dump Bins Make Shopping Easier

Designers often use dump bins to make shopping easier for their customers. By placing the products in a bin, customers can easily see what is available. When they are finished shopping, they can take their purchases to a checkout counter.

Dump bins demonstrate their versatility by effectively displaying bulk items that are sold by weight or volume. This feature is particularly beneficial in settings where customers pay for what they consume, such as at food events.

Since dump bins are located directly in front of the products being sold, it is easy for customers to see what they want. The key is making an attractive bin that draws customers in and keeps your products organized, even after they've been looked through.

Read these tips to make a new Dump Bin Display and hit your sales!

Should I Use A Dump Bin Display?

Dump Bins are great, but they're designed for specific scenarios.

First, if you have a lot of inventory to move, they can be a great way to organize your products attractively.

Or if you have an item like pillows that needs to be organized on the shelf in specific ways to allow customers to shop, creating a Dump Bin might be a more creative way to get it off the shelf and in front of customers.

The key question you should ask to determine whether you should use a Dump Bin Display is whether you are hoping to increase impulse purchases with customers. Is your product one that customers may not be shopping for but will want when they see it? Then, include a Dump Bin in your next product launch.

Now let's dig into those five tips for designing effective dump bins!

1. Colors And Design Enhance Your Product

When designing your Dump Bin Display, you want to be well aware of your product. If you're in a busy aisle, you have to use the right colors to stand out. If you're around ketchup, don't use red!

Let's say you're selling fruit snacks. You want it to look juicy and flavorful. Prominent, bright primary colors will look great. Try secondary colors like blue, green, and orange for sour flavors.

Whether this label design uses brightly colored drawings or photos of kids playing with fruit, it should make shoppers want to buy your healthy fruit treats!

As you embark on the design process, it's essential to identify and leverage the unique selling points of your product and its packaging. This understanding should serve as the foundation for every design choice you make, ensuring a cohesive and compelling display that resonates with your target audience.

2. Ensure The Display Is Easily Accessible

A dump bin display should be easy for customers to access and shop for. This can take a few different shapes depending on your product and the space you have available.

A Dump Bin is all about impulse purchases, so there's nothing worse than a display that is hard to shop from! It's okay if customers have to go on a treasure hunt to find what they want. In fact, that's an excellent opportunity to make a sale. But make sure there are key areas for them to easily shop.

Maybe you'll need multiple bins or shelves so customers can easily see what's inside without moving other products out of the way. Or you want very clear signage for each item so people don't hesitate before grabbing the items they want.

You could also use a counter below your dump bin where customers can place their selections as they shop. Whatever it is, make sure that your design allows shoppers to maneuver around the display quickly and easily!

3. Multiple Dump Bins With Grouped SKUs

Maybe you are trying to get rid of old inventory or just need to move products fast, so instead of using one large dump bin, use multiple smaller ones. Or perhaps some products go together well, while others don't.

Grouping items with similar SKUs can create an entirely new display out of various-sized dump bins. This is a great way to ensure your larger items are displayed in the group.

And they are easily accessible for customers.

It's important, though, if you're grouping Dump Bins based on SKU number, to put signage on each bin letting shoppers know what is inside! It would be pretty frustrating to try and shop a display and not know what each item is!

4. Try A One-Piece Design Instead Of Two

As we said above, a Dump Bin Display should be easy for customers to shop. This can be difficult if the bin is split into two sides and only half of it is visible at once.

A two-piece design consists of two large pieces glued together. This means there are two points of graphic obstruction and two points where the structure could fail faster.

At Bennett, we have a special machine nicknamed "The Jumbo" that allows us to create one-piece designs that are better in almost every way. This machine allows us to significantly reduce the production time needed for the display.

If your last Dump Bin wasn't up to snuff, this could be why.

That saves on materials, resources, and money!

5. Include Key Product Benefits

So, what makes your fruit snacks so great? Print the answer to this question directly on the dump bin so customers can easily understand why they should buy fruit snacks! You know their benefits; now, let them know.

This simple addition will not only catch shoppers' attention but could also be a deciding factor in whether people put your product in their carts or how many times they see your display before making a purchase.

Walkthrough the customer's journey from seeing the display across the store to walking up to it and finally engaging with your products.

When you design the display around each of those phases, you will hit your sales goals.

Create Your Dump Bin Display Today!

Dump Bin Displays are a great way to move products. With some creativity, you can create an eye-catching display that will have customers stopping in their tracks. Whether something went wrong with your last display or you're branching into your first, we are here to help.

Our tips should help get you started, but if you need more help or want us to take care of the entire process for you, don't hesitate to contact us.

If you'd like to get started on a quote right now, fill out our contact page.