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4 Ways to Create Effective Holiday Corrugated Retail Displays

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It is never too soon to start planning in advance for holiday promotions. Preparing your retail display for a specific holiday is an effective way to capitalize on the buying season.

This includes thinking about fresh designs, calling attention to the seasonality of your product, considering display location options, and developing a customer experience around your product.

A custom corrugate retail display is most effective when it is specific and creates an attachment for the customer.

Fresh Designs For Holiday Displays

A new season calls for new possibilities and fresh ideas. With such popular visual themes that are associated with holidays, it is important to create a display special for the season, something that is not exactly the same as the past.

Grab consumers’ attention with an exciting way to display your product. Find out what has been done before and what is standard, then think about how you can push that.

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Maybe your product can sit on the top of your display as opposed to on the sides like displays in the past. Displaying your product in a unique way assists in setting the product apart.

If your product can be paired logically with another, consider creating a display that can offer shoppers different options or a great combination.

Make sure your display is filled with products that are the latest arrivals for the season. If your product is the same year-after-year, how can you change the appearance, design, or message?

Think of how you can keep your product display updated and innovative.

To hold a shopper’s attention, a display needs to have many different visuals a consumer can engage with. One way to maximize that engagement is to potentially showcase more than one product or series in one display.

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Include More Options For Customers

Offering a gift-wrapped option of your product is perfect if you’re targeting busy or frazzled buyers. Showing consumers how a product can make their lives easier provides solutions and creates a connection to the brand.

In-store shoppers want things quickly, and they want to feel appreciated, so making the holidays easier for them shows them you value their time.

Creating an effective retail display for a specific holiday means targeting the seasonal customers and making your product a part of their holiday experience.

Attention to the Product’s Seasonality

Seasonal shoppers want a strong reaction to a product before they consider buying it—that could be a compelling need, a breathtaking design, or a sense of sentimentality.

Making your product appear special for the season creates a connection consumers are seeking. Position your product as a necessity for their holiday enjoyment.

Incorporating seasonal colors and graphics on your display creates that connection for the customer. As an example, for many, Easter represents a kick-off to the spring season.

This is why pastel colors and seasonal flowers are used to represent the holiday.

Holidays are a great visual theme to use to your advantage, but it is important to plan in advance in order to your retail display successful. Here at Bennett, we have established an ideal planning ahead period for holidays to ensure appropriate time for design, printing, and delivery.

The connection of products to a specific holiday creates awareness for the upcoming activities associated with the celebration.

Take it a step further by creating a sense of urgency. Use keywords and phrases like “limited time only,” “don’t miss out,” and “exclusive” to spark action.

Due to the short timeframe of holidays, a temporary substrate like corrugate is a great, economical solution for the fast turn around.

Anyway you can make a connection between your display and the holiday will benefit the customer’s experience. Play with key colors, graphics, maybe even the arrangement of your products on the display.

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Display Location

Targeting your customer is a big part of your display, this includes thinking about where your customer is at in the store. Determining the buying stage of your customer will help you decide where to display your product.

You can make the most of any location; there are benefits and negatives to all. For example, if your display is at the front of the store, you will get the most traffic but more shoppers on a mission less likely to interact.

The location also matters when it comes to the type of display. A great example of this is placing candy bars in retail-ready packaging near the cash register and at eye level to encourage the shopper to throw in a little something extra before checkout.

The goal of retail design is to make the shopping process as smooth as possible.

A corrugate endcap display might be the right solution to make your product easily accessible. Or a full pallet skirt to grab a passer buyers attention.

It is important to focus on what is best for your product.

Customer Experience

No matter where your display is located, the product needs to create an immersive experience for your customer. Consider the connections people already may have to the holiday and how you can play off of those.

Knowing what consumers are buying and why makes marketing for a specific holiday a lot more effective. It is important to find out as much about buying trends for that specific holiday and use that to your advantage.

Engaging nostalgia connects your product to memories. Consumers who develop a connection with your brand have a greater reason to make the purchase.

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To earn the attention of shoppers, think outside the box when it comes to your retail display. How can you incorporate fresh ideas like music, digital elements, or lights? Creating a custom and experiential display will separate your product from others.

A successful in-store display is all about getting your product in the eye of consumers and giving them a reason to buy and leaving them with a memorable impression.

Creating the best customer experience means targeting a specific audience. Regional messaging and artwork is a great way to focus on a specific region and what they respond to.

Digital printing allows for artwork to be changed based on region and get the corrugate displays in stores in a timely fashion.

Get ahead of the holiday season, and start planning now. A corrugated display is a great way to make your product easily accessible and memorable.

Utilizing festive and fresh designs will create a connection to your product and ultimately boosts sales.

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