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The Anatomy of A Great Retail Pallet Display

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A pallet display is a full-size pallet that displays a product and also functions as a shipping container. These sturdy displays are made of corrugated material and can be useful in helping sell your product in a retail environment if they are created effectively.

A successful pallet display considers how it will fit your needs, the graphics needed to communicate your brand and product specifics, and how the display will hold up in the store.

A successful pallet display meets retail requirements, showcases your product, and captures the attention of shoppers.

Benefits of a Pallet Display

Pallet displays are widely used because they are great for retail stores. As a full-size pallet, the product is beautifully displayed and showcases more information than the packaging can do on its own.

Utilizing the space on the display to provide further education about your product or brand allows customers to make a more educated purchase.

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Consumers want a better understanding of what they’re getting before making a purchase. By highlighting the most important elements of your product or brand, you are providing an experience that helps the customer feel better prepared to follow through with a purchase.

As humans, we make emotional decisions with rational justifications, and that idea extends to consumer behavior. Shoppers want to feel confident about making a purchase, and they will justify that purchase by reasoning why it is the right choice.

The more information you can provide for your customers, the more assured they will feel that they are making the best choice.

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Studies show the human brain takes only about 50 milliseconds to make a determination about something. How can you help your product be eye-catching and appealing in those 50 milliseconds? A great pallet display will help your product be noticed from a distance and ensure the first interaction is positive.

Another benefit of a great pallet display is the ability to extend your design from the product onto the pallet. By keeping branding consistent and clear, consumers will have a more cohesive experience, potentially feeling more attached or connected to your brand.

A good relationship with a brand is essential in building brand loyalty which keeps customers coming back — after all, 67% of a company’s business comes from existing customers.

A well-constructed retail display gives product manufacturers confidence that their product will be displayed in a specific way, and customize the experience shoppers have with your display.

Design of the Display

A pallet display is a great way to help customers notice your product and provide information to shoppers from across the store.

However, because your display needs to be comprehensible from a distance, don’t try to cram too much information onto the display.

Start by considering the important information that must be included such as the product, logo, branding. You must also abide by retail store guidelines about what can and cannot go on the display.

Simplicity is key!

Create a great experience while keeping information clear, concise, and consistent. Extending branding throughout the display provides a cohesive feel for what the product is and why you can trust the company.

Another great way to ensure the design of your display is eye-catching is to make it seasonal. Now, don’t go crazy and make your design full on Christmas-y if your product has no tie to Christmas, but little hints of the season or holiday can help the retail experience.

Consider your product, and if there is a specific time of year that is most popular for it, capitalize on that.

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You can look at other pallet displays for inspiration and ideas about what should and should not go on a pallet display, as well as figure out what makes a successful display.

 It is also important to include an expert in the design process — they will be aware of industry guidelines and standards as well as functionality.

It is critical to stay consistent with everything associated with your brand to make sure loyal consumers can recognize your name, style, and colors.

Testing Your Pallet Display

Your pallet display will endure A LOT in a retail store. From holding a large amount of weight to environmental hazards to people bumping into it, there are many things your display needs to be prepared to withstand, or it will risk offering poor customer experience.

You can walk into any wholesale or club store and see failing displays. This could be because of either a one-time fluke or a lack of testing.

While not entirely preventable, it is crucial to do everything you can to ensure your corrugated pallet display will be able to weather the world.

While this may seem like an unnecessary extra step, this extra effort will ensure your display doesn’t fall, fail, or give way to product weight. You can see some examples of poorly constructed displays by checking out the article, Pallet Displays for Club Stores - The Importance of Testing.

Here at Bennett, we are focused on producing a quality product that’s strong, durable, and attractive. Our standard in-house testing includes a tilt test, shake table, compression, and a drop tester to ensure your product won’t fail.

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To provide the best customer experience and ensure your product remains safe, we are firm believers that you shouldn’t skip the testing step.

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