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Specialty Signage: Case Study of Digital Printing Innovations

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Introduction to Specialty Signage

Specialty signage encompasses a broad array of products, from banners and flags to digital signs and custom graphics. It's an industry that not only demands creativity but also a keen understanding of materials, technologies, and the ever-changing preferences of the market. 

The purpose of specialty signage can range from branding and advertising to wayfinding and informational displays. What sets specialty signage apart is its custom nature, designed to meet specific client needs and environments, making it a critical tool for businesses and public spaces alike.

Magic The Gathering Specialty Signage

Magic The Gathering and Wizards of The Coast, reached out to Bennett to bring their card game to life and put real settings and characters in retail and hobby stores worldwide. So, we helped design and create Specialty Signage, and here is a case study of the Digital Printing innovations we helped bring about.

Specialty Signage is a great way to drive awareness at retail and attract customers to a certain location. By creating these displays, they invited their customers to move around the store and even walk up to the cash register, right near their PDQ Trays of booster packs!

Adding one of these displays to your next campaign is a great way to focus on brand building and even steer your customers toward your products. Keep reading to learn more about this display.

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Aspects of A Specialty Signage Display

  • Complete customization
  • Great for driving brand or product awareness
  • Hanging or standing designs
  • Huge billboard like approach to the design to catch attention
  • Can be shipped Fully Assembled or KDF
  • We are pre-approved with most retailer and club store requirements

Defining The Vision Of The Specialty Signage

First, they needed to determine which characters to bring to life and which would make the most impact. By taking a hanging display and choosing a character that is all about innovation and invention, they could create a display with multiple meanings for the project, company, and fans.

Next, they looked at the targeted delivery worldwide. The display needed to fit a wide range of store sizes and regulations. Not just stores across the United States but also in Europe and Japan.

Finally, they had target delivery dates, and the design would need to be done within that window.

Each of these elements needed to be accounted for before the design stage began, so they knew if they were hitting their mark with the designs.

Specialty Signage Magic The Gathering Digital Printing Hanging Display CustomSpecialty Signage Magic The Gathering Digital Printing Hanging Display Custom Specialty Signage Magic The Gathering Digital Printing Hanging Display Custom

The Customer Experience

Next was one of the most significant considerations, the customer experience. What characters, designs, and styles would really reach into the customer’s imagination?

These characters were chosen to tap into the aspirations and creativity of their audience and get them excited to play the game again.

Display Structure Design

To start with the structure design, a concept artist created initial designs based on the original concept art. But the design team didn’t have expertise in the corrugated industry, and that’s where Bennett came in. 

Jeff Downs, our Structural Lead, took the initial designs and gave his expert opinion on the adjustments needed for a successful design.

The designs themselves didn’t need to hold weight, so it was more about an attractive look that matched the concept art and was manufacturable.

Display Artwork Design

Once the structure design was finalized, their artists got to work on finalizing the actual graphics to print on the newly defined structure.

One of the biggest struggles is designing their work in 3D and 2D at the same time. However, our design team was able to supply them with 3D files to easily visualize their work as they created it.

Specialty Signage Magic The Gathering Digital Printing Hanging Display CustomSpecialty Signage Magic The Gathering Digital Printing Hanging Display CustomSpecialty Signage Magic The Gathering Digital Printing Hanging Display Custom

Digitally Printing The Final Designs

Finally, the printing technique was crucial for success. Instead of traditional printing methods, Bennett used their new High-Speed Digital Printers to manufacture the designs. This reduces tooling costs and project time because Digital doesn’t need printing plates.

That means that for every iteration of the design we made, we could test print it and see precisely what the final display would look like. The artwork could change as many times as needed and ensure they landed on the exact design the company wanted.

The high-resolution look of Digital Printing is what really takes these to the next level.

Bringing You Audience Into The World

That was one of the biggest goals of the project, to bring the audience into the world of the game they played. Allowing customers to see characters they knew in a 3-dimensional way.

This was one of Wizards of The Coast’s most successful campaigns and can still be seen in stores nationwide years later.

The reason? Because the specialty signage was hanging, it didn’t impede the store footprint and was an easy display to have year-round.

Final Thoughts On Custom Hanging Displays

Specialty Signage is one of the most versatile display types on the market. As long as they fit general guidelines, the sky is the limit because they don’t take up floor space.

That makes them one of the best choices for driving awareness of your product and brand and even acting as a flag to draw in customers to a certain location of the store.

Finally, thanks to Digital Printing, the technical possibilities have opened up in ways never before thought possible. Now, let’s turn the tables; what do you want to create?

Bennett Creates Specialty Signage

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