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Retail Ready Packaging: Ten Huge Benefits

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Shelf-ready packaging (SRP) smooths the transition from pack-out to delivery to installation. Shelf ready packaging provides several benefits for not only the supplier but the retailer and consumer as well.

In this article, we will walk through the ten most prominent benefits of shelf-ready packaging.

Shelf-ready packaging is the most efficient way to get your product on store shelves easily and securely.

Here Are 10 Reasons To Get Retail Ready Packaging

1) Ships securely

Your product is easily shipped within its retail packaging. This ensures your product is securely fitted in the packaging while also making the packaging easily identifiable. Packaging stating clearly what is inside will help shipping and stocking be a breeze.

SRP uses the minimum amount of material necessary while ensuring the product fits snugly and securely within the packaging. Minimal excess space and less wasted material means you're saving money.

2) Stocking is as easy as open and place

Including simple instructions with the packaging makes stocking easy. Shelf-ready packaging is designed with perforated elements to be opened without the need for a knife or blade. After opening the packaging, stocking is as easy as placing it directly on the shelf. This also makes restocking easier and more efficient.

Retail employees can also recognize product packaging for quicker inventory, simplifying the restocking process. The industry has even created an acronym for this: "PDQ," which means "Pretty Darn Quick."

And the added bonus? They're great at increasing sales.

3) Minimize labor

Retailers are worried about labor hours, so making products easier to stock creates less labor for retail workers. Minimizing the need for razors, blades, or knives also limits the risk of liability for those retail workers stocking and restocking the shelves.

It is estimated that 25% of a retailer’s costs are related to labor. Shelf-ready packaging helps keep these costs to a minimum by allowing the product to go straight to the floor and then straight to the recycling.

4) Design is extended through the display

Brand and design can be showcased throughout the display. Think of it this way: SRP is essentially free advertising space that can be used to your advantage. Making the packaging clear on what brand and product it contains can make for an effortless customer experience.

It's important to utilize all angles of the display to communicate with your audience. The retail packaging could be set up in multiple ways, so it's ideal to consider the design on all sides of the packaging.

Also, keep in mind what the packaging will look like when the products are taken out of the display. For example, if a customer removes an item from the display, can they put it back in place easily?

The buyers' experience should always be considered in all aspects of shelf ready packaging.

5) Customers can identify from a distance

Help customers take notice of the display and make the product easy to identify. This form of packaging allows you to promote and advertise your product where consumers can make an immediate decision. If a potential customer is looking for your product and can quickly identify it from a distance, you are providing an excellent experience for them and creating dedicated repeat shoppers.

Studies show that 85% of shoppers think that in-store marketing is more influential than marketing out of stores. This means that most shoppers are looking for a product to catch their eye while in the shopping mindset, and shelf ready packaging is an excellent method for accomplishing that.

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6) Improve the customer experience

Shelf-ready packaging helps customers have a more cohesive buying experience by gaining more information to make educated decisions. Providing a seamless experience will make your product more desirable and build customer trust.

Studies show that repeat customers generate around 40% of a brand’s revenue. Building those repeat customers involves creating the best customer experience possible.

Provide them with exactly what their problem is and why your product is the answer they were looking for — this will make their shopping experience smooth.

7) Shopping is easier

Shelf-ready packaging makes products easily grabbable but, more importantly, easily viewed in an organized fashion, making shelf scanning effortless.

Shopping is easy with packaging that provides everything the consumer needs to know directly on the shelf. A study from IDG shows that 42% of shoppers felt that SRP makes shopping easier. Supporting quick and easy decisions ensures shoppers feel comfortable and confident.

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8) Improve product appearance

The product grabs more attention on a shelf when it is displayed professionally. Standing out on the shelf can be tough for products, but shelf ready packaging can help ensure your product has a positive presence compared to competitors.

The design mimicking what is shown on the packaging boosts the product's appearance and helps it feel more cohesive and trustworthy.

With shelf-ready packaging, you also get more control over how the product will appear on the shelf. This packaging method is designed and tested to ensure it is stable and stackable without looking messy on the shelves.

Which product would you grab — the one that is turned every which way and scattered all over the shelf or the product that is organized neatly within a display that clearly shows what it is and what it does?

Consumers crave simplicity and organization, SRP provides that.

9) Provide additional information

While the product will typically have a product description and title directly on the product, SRP allows the packaging to provide more information that customers can use to make their buying decisions. For example, your shelf-ready packaging could highlight the top three benefits of the product and how it would improve the customer’s life. This method ensures the packaging is useful for the consumer, not just beneficial for the seller.

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10) Easy to recycle

While shelf ready packaging benefits your business and consumers, it also supports the environment. SRP minimizes the need for excess packaging material, reducing material upfront and making the packaging efficient.

Using less material also means the packaging is more compact, and more can be shipped at once, minimizing freight and warehousing space.

Disposal is also simplified because the entire packaging is recyclable and, therefore, renewable. Corrugated fiberboard is the most recyclable packaging material, with around a 90% recovery rate. This packaging method benefits the brand, retailer, consumer, and the environment.

Shelf ready packaging offers many benefits that make this a successful option for most product packagers.

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