Shelf-Ready Packaging Is The Real Deal

Are you looking to hit higher sales goals this year? Well if you aren’t using Shelf-Ready Packaging, it might be exactly what you need to get started on them. That’s because SRP is all about streamlining the entire supply chain, all the way to the customer’s shopping cart.

There are so many different ways to hit those goals for you and your team. Sometimes that can be a new marketing strategy that thinks outside of the box, other times it’s about cutting costs and increasing your margin.

No matter what you brought you here, Shelf-Ready Packaging is capable of doing both! That’s what makes it so powerful. It can help you accomplish your goals in so many different ways.

So here’s our 5 Tips To Increase Sales With Shelf-Ready Packaging.



What Is Shelf-Ready Packaging?

Shelf-Ready Packaging is a way of packaging your product where it’s ready to be stocked on the shelf immediately in the box it was shipped in. So say goodbye to loose product, its jumbled messes, and misplaced or lost boxes, and say hello to lower shipping costs.

There’s no more heavy lifting for you or your employees! Shelf-Ready Packaging eliminates all of this by coming in one solid piece, sometimes not even needing glue or tape to seal it shut. SRP has been developed for this very reason, and now it’s taking retail by storm.

And the added bonus? They’re great at increasing sales.

How Is Shelf-Ready Packaging Helpful?

It streamlines and simplifies your supply chain process so much so that you’ll wonder how you ever operated without it! Rather than having a stockpile of products in the back that need to be taken out of boxes, and placed on the shelf, store associates simply place the open packaging on the shelf.

We live in a fast paced world where people want their product quickly and without hassle. SRP makes everything about buying your product easier than ever before!

That is why many companies are turning towards shelf-ready packaging to increase sales. It’s because it makes good business sense!


Tip #1 Create A Branded Experience

Depending on the design you choose, there’s some sort of additional branding space on the packaging for you to include graphics on. Rather than opting for a simple 1-Color design that looks plain, you should go with something that stands out.

Shelf-Ready Packaging is a design where function meets form. You can enhance your overall branding by using the trap or box that is now holding your products.

Include product benefits, marketing messages, and calls to action on these open areas. And make sure to put information on each side of the packaging, because you never know what customers will see depending on how empty the shelf is.

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Tip #2 Increase Brand Awareness By Staying Fresh

One of the best benefits to using Shelf-Ready Packaging in your business is staying fresh and current in a retail environment. With so many different products on store shelves, it’s important that you stand out from the pack.

Shelf-Ready Packaging can help you accomplish this because you can create an entirely new look, design, and feel each time. When customers come in looking for one product, but see another they like better than what they came in for – that means opportunity!

And when you’re already open to creating a unique experience around shopping your brand or product with your SRP packaging – why not go all out?

It gives you the chance to switch up designs every three months at least if not more often.

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Tip #3 Expand To A New Retailer

If you’re looking to make a relationship with a retailer you haven’t worked with in the past, start by using SRP. Retailers are constantly looking for that edge that puts them above the rest. And when it comes to creating a new brand or line of products, SRP is especially helpful.

They’re already familiar with these types of boxes and they understand what’s necessary for this type of packaging. That means less work and stress on your end! Retailers will be able to go through the process quickly and efficiently, giving you more access to their stores.

These designs help enhance their shopping experience, as much as yours. Then you’ll be introduced to a whole new section of customers you have never met before.

Tip #4 Match Your Current Marketing Message

The design you choose is going to be the foundation of your retail packaging. But pay attention to all areas of each Shelf-Ready Packaging design, because that’s where you’ll want to feature your most important messages.

Whatever marketing elements you are currently using should match your Shelf-Ready Packaging. Why? Because you’re packaging is one of the biggest pieces of your budget, it needs to match whatever is current!

That may mean you need to plan out your marketing, and change the artwork every quarter as your marketing changes. Think of all this in advance to ensure you are ready to hit the market running.

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Tip #5 Use Trays To Organize Your Products

Typically Shelf-Ready Packaging holds your products in some form of tray. This helps to organize your products for customers to see. This creates a more eye catching appeal and encourages the customer to buy what’s inside.

There’s nothing that turns a customer off more than a messy shelf full of products. How are you ever going to hit your sales goals with that?

Make sure you’re organizing your products, and you’ll attract more customers.

Tip #6 Have A Consistent Design

Your final design should be consistent throughout every single piece of SRP. That may mean using the same color pallet and only changing one main color element on each package if needed.

This consistency trains customers to expect and want certain products in certain packages, thus increasing sales opportunities.

Start the design process around your products. What choices have you made for the packaging? Everything about the SRP should be designed to enhance them.

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Tip #7 Use A Completely Customizable Design

Some people believe that Shelf-Ready Packaging is not customizable. But nothing could be further from the truth! You can customize your Shelf-Ready Packaging and make it anything and everything you need to get the job done.

Every retailer does have their own guidelines to adhere to, but they do encourage you to take chances with new designs and graphics. The more you do, the more you help the retailer.

Start by choosing a shape and size around what best fits your product needs. Then customize each side, front, back, and top with colors, graphics, text – whatever you need to do for branding or marketing purposes.

You can even add in things like buttons on one side of the package (and only one side) that customers can press if they like. This helps create brand awareness and gets shoppers interested in your products via social media channels where you can interact with them directly.

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Get Started On Shelf-Ready Packaging Today!

Now that you know the basics of Shelf-Ready Packaging, it’s time to get started! The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll see an increase in product sales. Remember to use these tips as a guide and not gospel. Feel free to change and adapt them to fit your own brand and products. And if at any time during this process you need help, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for assistance.

Our team is more than happy to help create the perfect SRP design for your needs. Contact Bennett Packaging today to get started on a new quote.