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POP Display: Switch To High-Speed Digital Printing

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Digitally Printed Retail Displays

There are a lot of advantages to switching your POP display printing from lithography or litho label to high-speed digital printing. For one, you'll see a drastic decrease in the amount of time it takes to produce your displays. This is because digital printing doesn't require the use of plates, meaning that once you have your artwork ready, you can start printing immediately.

Additionally, digital printing produces high-quality prints with vibrant colors and sharp details, making your displays look more professional and eye-catching.

If you're thinking about switching to high-speed digital printing, the following five steps can help you get started.

Find A Good Manufacturer

Ask around and search online for a manufacturer that you can trust to help you find the right solution for your business. This is where your network will come in handy.

You want to find someone who will not only be a good fit for your business, but who will also help educate you on the process. It's not enough to simply switch printing styles, you should get an easy-to-understand reason as to why it's better.

The right manufacturer will become a business partner for you.

Make Your Artwork Digital Printing Friendly

Not every design will work with Digital, but that's okay! The reason is that every printing process has its own limitations. The more you understand and design around them, the better off you will be.

As you discuss the printing process with your manufacturer, they will help to adjust any artwork you have to ensure it will print properly. Common issues can be one large block of blue color can produce streaks, or printing white on Kraft will be transparent.

Once you have your artwork ready, it's time for the next step!

Get A Sample To Be Sure

Samples are the only way to be one hundred percent sure that you know what you are getting with the finished product. So you must get a sample when you are switching the printing process. Or at the very least, a sample kit to see comparisons.

You can either lock your structure down first to get a sample sent to you, or use an existing body they have in-stock, or get simple prints to review the overall process. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you review and approve the finals before you go into production.

Create Alternate Graphics

The best part about switching to digital is that it opens up your marketing capabilities and then some. You can create a graphic for every retail store that you send a display, a unique graphic for each region or season, or simply each SKU.

There is no limit to what you can achieve when you switch to digital. Every Retail Display suddenly becomes its own store-within-a-store that increases your awareness at retail.

Take Advantage Of The Printing Process

This is where the fun begins! High-Speed Digital Printing is all about flexibility, speed to market, and no printing plates. That means you can create alternate designs for stores, seasons, or regions with ease. If you were using flexo or litho, each design would be a very large up front cost. And if you were using a litho label, you would need to be sure to order enough in advance.

Digital Printing allows you to change artwork on the fly by sending us a new design, and getting it printed that same day.

Get Your Sustainability Results

The best part about Digital Printing? Sustainability. When you switch, you should ask for a comparison of your manufacturing order before and after Digital Printing. Typically customers can reduce their waste by as much as 25%, and reduce their overall resource consumption by roughly 18%.

And that's something you can tout to your customers. There are so many ways to use sustainability to your competitive advantage!

Now Make The Switch To Digital Printing

Digital printing is a great way to produce POP displays that are high quality and professional looking. Not only does it save time, but it's also more environmentally friendly than traditional printing methods. If you're thinking of making the switch, be sure to follow these five steps to ensure a smooth transition.

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