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Bennett Featured On Packaging Impressions | Digitally Printed Custom Packaging

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We were so happy to be invited to Packaging Impressions article on the current state and future of High-Speed Digital Printing for custom corrugated packaging. While everyone has their own views on how to best utilize Digitally Printed Packaging, we think manufacturers have only scratched the surface.

That's why we are working internally to streamline our process, and make it easier for brands of all sizes to take their marketing capabilities to the next level. We know that the most difficult part of the process is setting up the supply chain, and making it work year round. And by adding in the dynamic of artwork changes based on seasons, regions, or retailers, has the possibility to create a whole new bottleneck.

But we are committed to making this an efficient reality for our customers.

Read the article to learn more about our thoughts on the current state of Digital Printing, and the future.

Read The Article On Packaging Impressions

What Is Digital Printing In Custom Product Packaging?

Digital Printing is a process that prints digital art files directly onto the packaging, rather than using a printing plate like in traditional printing methods. Digital Printing has many advantages over the traditional methods: it leads to lower production costs, improves yields and productivity, enables on-demand production of printed goods, and allows you to take your marketing capabilities to the next level with unprecedented flexibility and speed to market.

All that means that you can create custom packaging that really stands out on the shelf. Be sure to check out our custom packaging gallery for inspiration.

Is Digital Printing Eco-Friendly?

High-speed digital printing for custom corrugated packaging is a more eco-friendly approach to print. We have found it can cut excess material waste on projects by 25%, and reduce overall resource usage like water, CO2, and electricity by 18%-20%. One of our largest customers was able to save almost 20,000 trees last year just by switching to Digital!

Does Digital Printing Improve My Marketing Capabilities?

Yes! In almost every way possible. We can improve the look and feel of your brand by creating not only a high quality look, but as many artwork variations as you have markets available to you. We invested in two High-Speed Digital Printers to allow us to optimize any order you might have, large or small.

If you're looking to create an award winning packaging design this year, our team can get you there. We have been doubling down on our designs for every category we work with, from wine packaging all the way to pet supplies. No matter what customers you serve, we are ready to work with you.

Bennett Provides Digitally Printed Custom Packaging

For many businesses, printing is becoming more affordable and will allow you to save money. For companies who are considering high speed digital printing as a solution, we have some advice for those considering this option. The big three considerations in the decision making process for high speed digital printing is that you're looking for quality, affordability and ease of use.

Talk with our team today and learn more about how we can work together on your next project.

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