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7 Benefits Of Sidekick Displays

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There are many different reasons why Sidekick Displays are important.  They can be used to capture attention, offer additional information about a product or service, drive sales and increase brand awareness.  Sidekicks are often placed near the checkout in stores or at customer service counters to give customers more information while they wait in line or speak with company representatives.

What Is A Sidekick Display?

Sometimes called a Power Wing or a Display Sidecap, a Sidekick Display is designed to maximize retail stores by getting your products in front of customers. They are usually placed in high traffic areas of the stores, usually hanging off of an aisle, or even near the cash register checkout lane.

The Benefits Of Using Sidekick Point Of Purchase Displays

Now that we know what a Sidekick is, let's start getting into the benefits of them.

1. Increase Brand Awareness

When you create a point of purchase display that is unique, fun and interactive, you're going to get people talking! Sidekicks are typically placed in highly trafficked areas where many eyes will see them - which means your business name is getting additional advertising every time a customer walks by.

Every product launch or campaign will be enhanced by using a display like this. Customer's can't miss them while they shop, and you can control what products they see, and when they see them.

2. Affordable Display Design

Sidekick point of purchase displays are designed to be affordable for just about every business. With so many options on the market, you can find one that fits inside your budget and creates the brand awareness you desire.

The sidekick display is adaptable to any kind of product or price range. Thanks to their smaller size, you can buy more and ship more at a much lower rate compared to other displays.

3. Boost Your Sales

Sidekick Point of Purchase displays can be used to promote new products, provide information about current offers and entice customers with game-like interactivity that creates a memorable experience.  Plus, they help you learn more about your consumers by collecting valuable data from their interactions with the display. There are so many ways to Increase Sales With Sidekick Displays.

4. Improve Customer Loyalty

When you are offering something for free, people are going to flock to your display. This interaction with customers is an opportunity to engage them with coupons or other promotional offers that will make them come back time and again.  It's a great way to encourage repeat business while building customer loyalty at the same time.

5. Test New Products

A great way to test a new product is to offer small amount of them in a targeted display to see how well they sell. Retailers love this kind of idea, because it gives them more data on their customers and what they want.

6. Make The Shopping Experience Fun

POP Displays can be a retail store’s best friend, not only for their ability to provide an appealing look but also by adding fun elements such as interactive games and displays. These creative touches will make customers feel at ease while they shop in your area!

7. Educate Customers On Your Products

Since Sidekick Point of Purchase Displays are typically placed near the checkout, they provide a great opportunity to answer customer questions about your business, what you stand for and how you can help them. The interactive piece is also a great place for more information about your brand or products. Customers can see what's new in store while they shop at your retail store.

Tips For Sidekick Displays

When you're working on a Sidekick Point of Purchase Display, remember the following tips:

Positioning Your Display Is Key

Make sure your POP display can be seen from all angles. Use enticing copy and visuals to get people interested in your brand or products. Add as many digital components as possible to create a fully interactive experience. Make sure everything works before shipping it out! There's nothing worse than forking over money only to find out you ordered the incorrect product or that something doesn't work once you've set up your display.

Use Colors To Stand Out

Use bright colors as the backdrop of your Sidekick Point of Purchase Display. You can also use these colors as a way to highlight special deals, sale items or new products.

Work Closely With Your Vendor To Ensure Quality

When you're working with a vendor, make sure to communicate properly and stay on task so you don't miss anything important. Make sure everyone involved knows what they need to do and when it needs to be done by, and keep an eye out for any possible delays. Stay in contact throughout the process so there are no surprises at the end!

Make Sure You Get All The Pieces And Parts

You'll want to make sure you get every part and piece needed for your Sidekick Point of Purchase Display, including the display itself, the graphics and anything else that comes along with it. If something is missing or doesn't work properly, don't be afraid to contact your vendor right away so they can resolve the problem while it's still in their hands.

Organize Your Products For Easy Access

One of the most annoying things about setting up a Sidekick Point of Purchase Display is having to go back and forth between shelves trying to find all the pieces you need. To make this process as easy as possible, take some time before your display arrives to organize your products into one area that's easily accessible.

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Create A Sidekick Display Today!

Sidekick Point of Purchase Displays can be a very useful tool for both retailers and consumers. They provide an excellent way to interact with customers in store, educate them on products or even test new ones! Whether you're looking to increase your customer loyalty rates through repeat business or drive more traffic into your brick-and-mortar location, Sidekick POP displays are one great solution.

The key is making sure the display is visible from all angles and has plenty of interactive pieces that will keep people engaged while they shop. We hope this article helped to expand your understanding about how these point of purchase displays work--if not we encourage you to contact us so our team can help create a plan that's perfect for you!