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6 Retail Display Ideas for Easter

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Easter Is A Great Time For Displays

The Easter season is terrific for retail. In 2019, U.S. adult consumers spent $151.25 each, a slight increase from the $150.05 spent in 2018. The predicted spend for 2020 is going to surpass both numbers. Experts are expecting the average to climb to $156 per person this year.

To catch the eye of those Easter shoppers, your in-store display needs to be instantly attention-grabbing if it's going to do well during the short buying period. The question is: How can you make sure your product and its display stand out from the other competing Easter products?

It’s time to get your retail display ready for Easter — ‘cause here comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail!

A Great Easter Retail Display

Let's look at the decades-old example of Easter egg coloring kits.

Not only is egg decorating symbolic of the holiday and an Easter tradition for many families, but the packaging always stands out from other Easter products such as candy, door wreaths, and stuffed bunnies.

While picking an egg dying kit over another Easter item may be an easy win, choosing which kit to buy may be harder if there's more to choose from than one.

Do you usually pick PAAS or Dudley's? These days, brands make several different decorating kits, all of which they're also pushing via their in-store retail displays.

What contributes to your final choice? Maybe you're drawn to the brand, or perhaps it's the way the kits are displayed.

The product is simple, and the packaging clearly shows everything that's included — no guessing or wondering.

Branding aside, packaging of egg decorating kits is not only bright, colorful, and exciting, but they're located in a fun and Easter-centric retail display. They stand out. They're alluring. And they meet demand.

Finally, everything you need need to color eggs is included in the box!

6 Ideas For Easter Retail Displays

To piggy-back on the great Easter retail display example outlined above, here are five ideas that you could modify or use for your Easter retail display design to gain traction and boost sales.

1. Point-of-Purchase Displays (POP)

Chances are good that you will choose a POP Retail Display for Easter. These are perfect for Easter because you can design the display in the shape of an Easter egg, Easter basket, or giant bunny. It’s versatile and effective.

  • Large areas for Easter graphics
  • Include multiple SKUs
  • Custom design

2. Floor Displays

Here’s an Easter bakery display that features colorful corrugated cardboard eggs and rabbits, wooden display boxes, and wooden crates. It’s extremely eye-catching and beautifully displays the product. It practically compels shoppers to – at least – stop and take a look.

  • Target key high traffic areas
  • Colorful prints
  • Focus on a single product

3. 4-Way Displays

Who wouldn’t notice this mini-egg stand-alone retail display shaped like a duck? Who wouldn’t stop to look and maybe even pick up a box or bag of chocolate? Yum!

  • Sell in an intersection
  • Include shelves and hangable items
  • Target different demographics

4. PDQ Trays

PDQ trays are lightweight bin-like structures that are used as floor displays in high-traffic aisles or are placed on end caps or checkout counters.

These are particularly great for displaying Easter candy or single-packaged goodies.

  • Impulse purchases at checkout
  • Try selling multiple SKUs
  • Economical display type

5. Pallet Displays

Who says pallet displays are ugly? Just because they’re made of wood pallets doesn’t mean they’re unattractive or incapable of being effective retail displays — especially when a pallet display looks as inviting and attractive as this one or any of these. Pallet displays can also be quarter-size or half-size.

6. Shelf-Ready Packaging

Take your brand up on a notch while still on the shelf! Using Shelf-Ready Packaging is a great way to start a new relationship with a retailer, or secure better positioning. Crafting a great SRP will attract more customers to your products because the packaging will act like a billboard for your brand.

  • Better shelf presentation
  • Faster restocking
  • Premium looking brand

Double Down On Your Easter Display

Your goal is to influence consumers' buying decisions, right? You want to sell more products so that your revenue and profit increases.

This means your display needs to inform, entertain, and stimulate shoppers, especially in today's self-service shopping mentality.

In doing this, you must also work within your brand guidelines to deliver consistency and coordination in conjunction with your other products from season to season.

All marketing should be cohesive and intentional, so before designing your retail display, refer to your marketing strategy to drive your decisions. As you work with your in-house creative team, your retailers, or a broker or service merchandiser, keep these things top of mind.

If you find yourself starting from scratch or looking for a way to improve the way you're currently doing things, we can help. Whether you need support for your in-house team or you need a full-service agency (strategy, design, and manufacturing), we'd love to partner with you.

Choosing A Printing Style

Digital Printing

  • Variable Data Printing (VDP)
  • Print-on-demand
  • Upload art files to press
  • Unique product designs
  • Seasonal + Promotional messaging
  • Cost-effective productions
  • Faster turnarounds

Flexo Printing

  • One-size-fits-all design
  • Large volume of a single design
  • Efficient production
  • Less Expensive
  • Not good for high-resolution imagery

Litho Laminating

  • Create high-quality designs
  • Great for large volume
  • one-size-fits-all design
  • 2 Step Process
  • Lots of waste
  • More susceptible to scratching

Need help choosing which printing method is best for you?

Bennett Loves Easter Retail Displays

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