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5 Tips To Increase Sales With A Sidekick Display

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Stand Out With A Sidekick Display

When you’re out shopping, have you ever noticed those small rectangular displays that are hooked on the shelf? They’re often called “sidekicks” or "power wings", and they can be a great way to increase your sales.

Sidekicks are a great way to increase your sales because they allow you to show off more of your products. They’re also a good way to attract attention to your products, and they can help you to create a more visually appealing display.

What Is A Sidekick Display?

Sidekicks, also known as power wings, are a terrific method to make it easier for customers to discover what they need. These displays can be put in high-traffic places, such as near the cash register or on popular shelves, making it much easier to make the most of that valuable real estate.

Why Use A Sidekick Display?

The biggest advantage of using a sidekick display is that it allows you to show off more of your products. Because the displays are easily accessed by consumers, they’re also a great way to attract attention and create visual appeal for your product line.

Sidekicks allow you to maximize your space in retail environments because they can be placed right next to other products, allowing you to utilize every inch without having too much excess inventory. Sidekick displays also help to make it easier for customers to find what they need and complete their purchase transactions quickly and efficiently.

5 Tips For Increasing Sales With A Sidekick Display

1. Use sidekicks to feature new or seasonal products

Sidekick displays are a great way to highlight new or seasonal products that you have for sale. Because they’re so easy to access, customers are more likely to notice them and will be able to learn about your new offerings.

Or are you expanding your retail business? Or maybe you have recently added additional services for customers? If so, consider using sidekicks to advertise these new offerings. Draw attention to your newest products by showcasing them next to your most popular ones.

2. Use them as a space for cross-promotion

One of the most exciting features about sidekick displays is cross-promoting your products and services.

If you sell books and graphic novels as well as comics and magazines, why not use a sidekick display to combine these items into one cohesive unit? The more shelving space that you can fill, the better – so don’t hesitate to make good use of your extra space by showcasing complementary products together.

3. Drive more impulse purchases

Sidekick displays and power wings are great for driving impulse sales, especially in highly-trafficked areas like the checkout line. If you’re looking to increase your per item revenue, try small promo items like stickers or pens on sidekick displays. Customers will be able to add them to their purchase at checkout when they check out!

4. Get near the checkout

Speaking of checking out. Position one of your sidekicks next to the cash register because it's when customers will make that impulse purchase.

If possible, try positioning both sides of the display so that even if multiple lines are formed, they can easily access your product line.  Doing so can go a long way towards increasing impulse purchases and boosting check-out times!

5. Increase brand awareness and enhance a marketing campaign

Finally – sidekicks are a great way to attract attention and increase awareness of your brand. Take advantage of this by combining custom graphics with eye-catching colors and LEDs. There are so many ways to capture customer's attention when you use a POP Display. When you enhance your marketing campaign with this display, you will be guaranteeing better results.

Doing so will help catch the attention of potential customers, and may even lead them toward making a purchase!

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Now Create Your Own Sidekick Display

Sidekick displays are an excellent way for retailers expecting high volume sales or those looking for ways to maximize their space in retail environments. With the right product lineup, they can be used as a valuable tool for increasing impulse purchases and increasing sales.

By using sidekicks to promote your products and services, you can maximize your chances of success in a highly-competitive market! To learn more about how Promo stylers' custom sidekick displays can help boost your retail business, or to order your own display today, request a quote today!