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5 Digital Printing Tips For Counter Displays

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Is Digital Good For Counter Displays?

Counter displays are an excellent method to highlight your point of sale. That's because they let you do some very smart marketing while still having a small footprint, allowing you to store a lot of stuff and allowing for more complex designs. Switching to high-speed digital printing, on the other hand, is the best method to acquire access to such strategies. 

Why? Isn't high-speed digital printing used for "short run" digital printing? Yes, it was the case in the past. However, as digital printing has moved beyond its infancy, the market has changed dramatically.

Traditional printing processes are still used in large quantities, but the mentality that supports them is the problem. Approaches that are one-size-fits-all are no longer valid. To attract shoppers to your things, you must improve the brand experience, stay fresh, and use less resources. 

High-speed digital printing makes all of this feasible.

The History Of High-Speed Digital Printing With POP Displays

In the late 2000s, high-speed digital printing (HSDP) was introduced as a short-run production technology. Customers first trusted the system exclusively for smaller tasks, such as small business owners and local sports teams... 

As "full color" printing has grown more inexpensive, high-speed digital printing has expanded to larger quantities. Despite having far faster manufacturing rates than larger, traditional presses, it was still limited to smaller prints.

Bennett Packaging Bought The First Digital Press In North America

When we first witnessed what technology could accomplish, we felt Digital Printing was the way of the future. That's why we acquired a high-speed digital printer from a Spanish company and transported it to the United States. We anticipated that our clients would want the technology, so we set out to provide it as soon as possible. 

All of this information has put us ahead of the curve, and Bennett has been making strides in the digital world since then. We bought a second Digital Printer, making us the only company in North America with two of them in the same location. So we're not going back!

Tip #1 Print Alternate Graphics For The Display

The key to success with Counter Displays is to make the most of the available area. This includes all of the product images, content, and graphics throughout the shop. Digital printing makes this feasible in ways that conventional printing does not.

Different Regions

Each area where your display is displayed should have its unique design to match the clients that live there. You wouldn't want to hang beach photographs in the northeast during the winter. It just did not resonate with customers.

Each Retailer

Every store you deal with is likely to have its own set of style rules and sizing restrictions. This means that you've previously made adjustments to the display and that your budget has grown. However, instead of using printing plates, you could just print a unique design on each of these displays, making them more appealing to the customers that buy there.

Unique Designs For Each SKU

Perhaps you're color-coding the displays by making a different display for each SKU. If all of your displays have the same design, they won't appear to be independent things. For example, a blueberry drink should be flowing with deep blues, while a strawberry display should be a brilliant red that looks as wonderful as the drink itself. Allowing a single picture to restrict your sales potential is a mistake.

Tip #2 Double Down On Sustainability

Switching to high-speed digital printing for Counter Displays allows you to print in a more eco-friendly manner. Bennett can also help you with extra specialist machinery that we have on hand, which may speed up the production process dramatically.

Produce Less Waste

Digital printing produces less waste than traditional printing procedures. We've aided clients in decreasing waste by as much as 24% on the same transaction! What better way to take advantage of this than to include information about sustainability in your marketing?

Use Less Resources

Every Counter Display you purchase will utilize water, electricity, and other resources. Digital printing, on the other hand, can save you up to 18% on your purchase. This becomes another arrow in your marketing quiver when you inform the customer what you're doing to assist reduce your impact.

Less Time To Manufacture

Digital printing does not add time to your process, but it does cut down on the number of presses needed. You'll need extra equipment and workers for each color to run the designs individually in a conventional printing setup. Bennett's Digital Printer allows us to print all colors on a single press at the same time!

Tip #3 Use The Extra Budget Elsewhere

Because of the complete savings and the lack of printing plates, digital printing saves you money. Why not make greater use of it by growing your sales?

Order Additional Signage

You already know how much time Digital Printing will save you if you're currently designing signage for the displays. So, rather of conserving money, why not use it to buy additional signage? Using bigger displays in different parts of the store to encourage clients to spend more time looking at your items is a simple way to urge them to do so.

Take Some Chances

When you aren't spending all of your money on the displays, you have more discretion to take chances. It might be bringing a new taste or style to market that was previously unavailable owing to cost and schedule restrictions. This is how we succeed in the long run!

Create Additional Marketing Materials

You could simply generate more marketing content using the time saved to make customers more interested about your product. It's not even necessary to be a graphic designer! You may create new printed items such as flyers, brochures, ads, or social media posts that promote your company using digital printing technologies!

Tip #4 Get Your Counter Display Faster

The speed with which we can get your display to market is the most important benefit of high-speed digital printing. You'll have to wait 6-8 weeks on average if you need printing plates. However, with digital, we can get you to the shop faster.

Switch Artwork Mid-Production

Because of the simplicity of digital printing, we may modify the artwork on your Counter display in the middle of production. This means you'll be able to move at the same pace as the market. Do you want to start a new trend or become a viral online sensation? Please provide it as quickly as possible.

Match Customer Demand

If customer demand changes, we may adjust your Counter display on the go. We want to make sure you're prepared in case a new taste or style becomes popular. You can better match production to client demand when you work digitally.

Keep Your Marketing Fresh

One of the most tempting features of digital printing is that it makes it easier to maintain your marketing materials up to date. If required, we may alter a single item without affecting the rest of the order, or we can print a new batch. It's never been easier to print a quick replacement item, whether it's a unique header, signage, or anything else.

Tip #5 Conduct Tests In Key Markets

Experiment with your Counter. Our favorite suggestion on the list is to put up displays in key markets. You won't be able to do so unless you switch to high-speed digital printing. 

You can decide whether digital printing is beneficial by doing a fast test of a certain market. Test a few marketplaces to observe how people react to your displays before investing tens of thousands of dollars in a full-fledged pilot operation. They should buy more if they're making money!

Test A New Product

When releasing a new product, it is not always necessary to complete the entire pilot project in every market. After all, it's less expensive to test in one site than it is to test in numerous! In these cases, we recommend concentrating your testing efforts on a few key markets in order to get the most bang for your buck.

Test Products In A New Retailer

Perhaps you're forming a new collaboration with a retailer, and they'd like to test a Counter Display in one of their stores to see how customers react. You may effortlessly adjust your pictures to match the style of their retail shop using digital printing, increasing your chances of success.

Try New Graphics And Test Results

If you're not testing your current marketing initiatives or Counter Displays, you're missing out on vital data. One of the most popular marketing strategies is A/B testing. You may print a few designs, determine which ones work better, and then spend your cash on the best-performing display with digital printing.

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Talk With Bennett And Switch To Digital Printing Today!

Thanks to digital printing, the method we produce Counter Displays has evolved considerably. It's not just faster, but it's also easier to change artwork and track manufacturing to stay up with demand. With digital printing, you can keep your marketing fresh and test goods in critical regions for a fraction of the expense of traditional methods. 

If you're still not sure if high-speed digital printing is right for you or your Counter Display, get in touch with one of our specialists right now.