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5 Design Tips For PDQ Trays

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Pretty Darn Quick (PDQ) Trays

Retail stores are still seeing customers shopping in stores, even if it's just to investigate a product and purchase online. That means you need to keep putting effort into catching their attention while they're shopping.  So how do you do that?

Well, this is when you need to trust your designers and marketing teams. Whether you have a whole team, or you're wearing multiple hats, the design process is where everything can go right or wrong.

But that shouldn't scare you! You should take on the challenge of increasing your sales goals, or whatever goals you have set for your company. Using a Counter Display can streamline your process, keep your products restocked, and help attract more customers.

Here are five fresh ideas to keep in mind when you're designing your PDQ tray Displays this year.

1. Start With Finding Efficiencies

Every business wants to have a bigger impact on its customers. There are so many ways to do that. One of the best routes is designing a PDQ tray display that can brighten up a corner or a wall in your store.

Whether it's showcasing an item, like this shelf does, making sure your product looks great will help build up excitement for it. And you're also increasing sales just by having an eye-catching product on display!

However, one of the biggest benefits of customizing your tray is that it can be moved around easily. You might not know where you want to put it today, but maybe in six months, you'll find a better place. Keep this in mind as you're planning out your design.

And don't forget about shipping! Shipping your display and products is one of the biggest costs you will incur, and where you can easily lose most of your margin.

Check out our gallery of PDQ Trays.


2. Design From The Inside Out

The design process for a counter display should always begin by examining your products and their packaging. The color choices you already have made there should inform everything about the PDQ Tray.

You don't want it to be too bright, or distracting. But the inside should be close enough so that customers are drawn in by the overall display.

And there are other considerations! You have to think about how your products will be displayed on this tray. Each product will need its own space that is proportionate to them.

This also helps you determine what size of PDQ Tray you might need for your retail store! The more products you're displaying, the bigger tray you'll most likely need (unless you go with a custom design).

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3. Create A Counter Display To Organize Your Products

One of the best things about designing your custom PDQ Tray is that it becomes an organizer for you. You can separate high-turn products, mid-turn products, and low-turn products.

Using this information, you can also plan to use one display to create multiple sections within it. This allows you to offer more variety to customers who come into your store!

And there are benefits on the other side too. If a customer comes in specifically looking for something, they'll be able to find it fast because of how clearly everything has been labeled on the tray itself.

So make sure your products are easy to see, attractively organized, and easy to shop!

4. Build A Customer Profile And Begin Designing

You can't design a counter display for your retail store without first understanding your customer. What is the average income of people who live in their neighborhood? Are they more male or female-oriented? How often do they shop at stores like yours (and what are those stores)?

Any information you have will help inform not only your product selection but how you're going to display it as well. For example, if most of your customers are younger mothers, then creating an educational display that focuses on teaching children about healthy eating may be beneficial to everyone!

Designing from here is a lot easier than designing from scratch. So think about who comes into your store and you might discover a new way to set yourself apart from other retailers!

5. Research The Competition At Retail And Club Stores

Retailers are constantly striving to be better than their competition. And this often means doing things that other retailers don't do at all to attract customers. That can be anything from big sales events, promotional campaigns, or just enhancing the customer shopping experience.

Customizing your PDQ Tray can be one of those ways! So look around your industry for what other companies have done at the retail level, and even their club stores if they have them. Find people in and out of your category for inspiration. See what customers are responding to and combine the best elements.

This is the best time to take your team on a field trip. If you spend more time observing your customers, you'll increase your chances of getting the sale.

Watch How PDQ Trays Are Made.

6. More Information About PDQ Trays

Create A Custom Counter Display Today!

Remember, designing a custom counter display is all about what you have to sell! So start by examining the potential products that are waiting on your shelves. Are they new? Are they seasonal? Are they fast turn or slow turn? Once you understand this, it's time to begin organizing your products into something that will attract people to them.

We hope this in-depth article has helped you understand the power of psychology and neuroscience sales tips. The next time you're selling a product, try putting yourself into your customer’s shoes. What are their motivations? How do they think about your products or services? And what is motivating them to buy now instead of later? Understanding these principles with both sides can help you design marketing strategies that drive prospects through the funnel faster with less effort on your part!

If all of this sounds intimidating and you want help enacting these principles, let us know. Our team of experts are ready and waiting to partner with you to create a stellar SEO or marketing plan that drives sales by considering how your customers think.

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