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5 Benefits of Using Counter Displays

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Counter Displays Are Eye-Catching

What's the best place to catch a customer's attention? Right at the register! 

Unsurprisingly, the most popular impulse buy is candy. But Counter Displays are useful on the shelf, just as much as the register. That's because they're so good at displaying your products in an organized way, making customers want to check your products out.

With customers visiting stores less often but spending more when they do, it's more important than ever to catch their attention.

Counter Displays are a great way to market your products in a retail store. They are eye-catching and organized, which means that customers are more likely to check out your products. Additionally, Counter Displays help to promote impulse buys, which can result in more sales for your business.


Benefits Of Counter Displays

Now that we've covered what counter displays are, let's talk about the benefits of using them in stores.  Below are some of the main benefits to be had by using counter displays.

Attract Customers To Your Products

Counter Displays can be eye-catching, even if they're not particularly large. It's important to grab customers' attention at the right time so that they buy your products instead of similar ones on the shelf next to them.

If you use attractive counter displays, then you'll get more people buying your products than your competitors. This is because every product has its own unique qualities which appeal to different types of customers.

Organize Your Products

Organizing your products on the shelf is one of the most important factors in improving conversions.  This can be done using various methods, but all of them are better than having a mess of items just thrown around haphazardly. Customers will naturally gravitate towards well-organized areas instead of ones that are messy and disorganized, which means they spend more time looking at your products.

There are many different ways to organize counter displays, making it easy for you to choose one that matches your product categories or designs. 

Capture Impulse Buys

Next, Counter Displays make impulse buys possible . If someone doesn't have anything else planned when they walk into a store, then they're much more likely to end up buying something impulsively. If you want to capture that urgency, then Counter Displays are just what you need.

Counter Displays can encourage impulse buys in a couple of different ways. First, they're displayed near registers so customers are more likely to buy something while waiting in line. Second, they're organized and well-presented, which shows that the business cares about its products and has invested time into making sure everything is displayed properly.

Easily Customizable Designs

Lastly, Counter Displays can be customizable on a per-display basis.  You can design them to fit with your business's brand and the products you're selling. There are many different designs available depending on the type of store you're working with, as well as what sort of items you want to sell.

For instance, if you own a candy store, consider using vibrant candy counter displays. These colorful displays, filled with tempting treats, can effectively entice customers to make an impulsive purchase.

Whether it's for displaying candy or something else entirely, there are plenty of options for every type of business out there. Counter Displays are versatile enough to meet virtually any retail need by presenting things in an organized way that's sure to catch customers' attention.

If you're new to the world of retail, then Counter Displays are a great way to get started. They're versatile, customizable, and functional, making them the perfect addition to any business looking for an inexpensive way to increase sales. 

Counter Display Tips:

  • Choose what type and size of Counter Displays best suits your business. Don't try to fit a square peg into a round hole! Follow our tips for choosing the right display for you.
  • Use more than one counter display if your product is larger, such as bulk candy. A singular counter display will be too much on an already crowded shelf or register area.
  • Don't go crazy with more than two types of products per counter display, as that will likely confuse any customers who are looking at it. Mixing up different products can be fun though, so don’t be afraid to experiment!
  • If there are multiple areas in a store where you need Counter Displays, consider having matching  displays in each location.
  • The more counter displays you have, the easier it will be for customers to find your products. For example, a candy display next to a soft drinks area is a great place for impulse buys!
  • Counter Displays are not just restricted to stores! Restaurants can benefit from counter displays near the register or takeout area. Retail spaces such as airports could use them at their ticketing counters,
  • Counter Displays are not just restricted to stores! Restaurants can benefit from counter displays near the register or take out area. Retail spaces such as airports could use them at their ticketing counters, whereas beauty salons may want to consider them when they're doing nails or hair work.

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Now Start Your Own Counter Display

Counter Displays are vital in retail. They effectively draw customers' attention and showcase products neatly. For those new to retail, Counter Displays are an ideal starting point. They're adaptable, customizable, and practical – an affordable method for boosting sales.


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