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5 Benefits of Retail Pallet Displays & Pallet Skirts

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Retail sales can be cutthroat. It’s challenging to make products stand out in an ocean of competitors. Here are some stats that support a few of these challenges.

Pallet displays and corrugated pallet skirts can be game-changers when it comes to displaying and selling products.

Five reasons why pallet displays and pallet skirts are effective

1) Eye Catching Display

Having about 90 seconds to capture a shopper’s attention, you may want to consider a pallet display with a pallet skirt. Why? Pallet displays are big, eye-catching, and, with a skirt, they offer more space for advertising.

2) Extra Marketing Space

A pallet skirt — also known as a pallet wrap — encases the bottom part (up to half) of a display. The wrap provides a large surface which you can use for visual appeal, brand awareness, product advertising, and general marketing oomph.

While a pallet wrap basically acts as a small billboard, keep your design concise because too many graphics or words can be overwhelming to shoppers and take away from a wrap’s effectiveness.

Be sure the wrap’s message can be read at least 30 feet away — all the better to capture a shopper’s eye, which can help them make the all-important impulse buy.

3) Create Impulse Buys

While the best way to get impulse purchases is to display low-cost products near the check-out line, another high-impact idea is to display an eye-catching pallet display with a skirt near high-demand items.

Ensure that customers can easily access products on your display, as this may increase the likelihood of a purchase.

For example, a supermarket could place waffle cones in the pallet display right in front of the ice cream freezer. This is simple but effective marketing.

If you're focused on impulse buys, also consider a dump bin.

4) Display Placement

Physically speaking, shoppers tend to veer to the right (90% do) when entering a store, so if possible, place the more eye-catching pallet skirt display to the right of the entrance. Or if you have a contract with a store to display products, see if you can place your display in this prime location.

Positioning pallet displays in high-traffic areas, like near entrances or main aisles, ensures maximum visibility, drawing the attention of a larger number of shoppers

Strategic placement, especially near checkout counters, can capitalize on impulse buying behavior, encouraging purchases as customers enter the store and wait in checkout lines.

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"The placement of a retail pallet display is pivotal in determining its success in terms of visibility, customer engagement, brand reinforcement, and sales."

5) Color, Color, Color!

While your pallet display already stands out from other retail displays due to its size and shape, adding color to it makes it stand out even more.

Why add color to your pallet skirt if it’s already making an impression on shoppers? Because color rules when it comes to retail sales.

As mentioned above, retailers have 90 seconds to grab a shopper’s attention and — guess what? — between 62-90% of that customer’s first impression is based solely on color! What’s more, 85% of consumers have said that the color was the main reason they purchased something.

You can take those statistics to the bank by ensuring your pallet display and pallet skirt are infused with color. Here are a few examples of some colorful, eye-catching pallet skirts and five of the most important aspects of using color in your design.

  • Vibrant and contrasting colors can quickly capture the attention of shoppers, making the display stand out in a crowded retail environment.
  • Consistent use of brand colors helps in building brand recognition, allowing customers to identify your products easily.
  • Colors have the power to evoke certain emotions and psychological responses, influencing consumer behavior and decision-making.
  • Utilizing different color themes for seasons or holidays can make displays more engaging and contextually relevant.
  • Proper use of color can not only increase the visibility of the products but also help in differentiating between various product options or features, aiding in customer selection and potentially encouraging impulse purchases.

Retail is dying — NOT!

Many people think retail is dead. Far from it: people are buying in-store. In fact, 82% of millennials have said they still prefer shopping in-store, even if they also purchase online.

What’s more, native digital businesses are expanding to brick-and-mortar businesses (850 of them) in the next few years.

In fact, predicted earlier this year that brick-and-mortar retail would make a comeback If you're looking to form a new relationship with a retailer, you should consider Shelf-Ready Packaging to help get your foot in the door.

What’s more, the market for printed signage is showing little abatement: Mordor Intelligence has reported that the signage market in the U.S. was valued at $45.734 billion in 2018 with more than 10.91 billion square meters of signage/point-of-sale media printed.

More importantly, Mordor expects the printed signage market to reach $46.702 billion by 2024. Such a forecast certainly indicates that retailers use signage and displays because they work!

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