We’ve Done It Again!

Lees Summit, MO –Bennett has set the record for MSF produced on a digital press in a single day. With 485,000 sq. ft. produced off their new Barberan Jetmaster high-speed digital press, Bennett surpassed the previous record of 275,000 sq. ft.—also held by a Barberan Jetmaster printer, but in Europe.

Eight separate, 4-color art files were uploaded and printed directly to the corrugate sheets for the 4,800 pallet displays being produced by Bennett. Each display included six different parts, for a total of 50,000 pieces.

There were no make readies and the project netted less than 1% production scrap.

“We have been very happy with our investment into what we believe to be the future of display and graphic printing. We expect to grow our business in this space substantially as retailers and brands become more educated on the benefits and value of digital printing.”

The Barberan Jetmaster 1680 is defying all past notions that digital printing is too slow, cannot be used for large orders and prints low-quality.

One almost has to see this new printer in action to believe it and understand how fast this machine can go, how large the print area is, and the level of quality and resolution that is output.


This new technology changes the way Bennett’s clients are promoting their products.

Due to no tooling investment, or minimum order label requirements as with litho-labeled displays, brands can now break up their total production quantity by versions—for example, have different creative produced for different markets—at no additional cost and no down-time on the press.

Because there is so much to prove with regard to digitally printing onto corrugate, Bennett offers tours of their facility and can produce samples of your creative off of this new printer. Just contact us to submit a request.

About Bennett

Bennett, founded in 1987, is a woman-owned, packaging and display company providing customized solutions that protect and promote their client’s products.

Offering services and manufacturing, from concept to design, from testing to production, and from pack-out to distribution, Bennett is a turnkey partner.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you make Retail Displays?

Yes! We have award winning displays that we can design in tandem with your packaging for your next campaign. By taking advantage of a single source supplier, you can reduce costs and simplify the entire supply chain.

Do you make Retail Packaging?

Yes! We create all kinds of packaging for customers that we can design in tandem with your display for your next campaign. By taking advantage of a single source supplier, you can reduce costs and simplify the entire supply chain.

Do you also offer Packaging Supplies?

Yes! We house a large inventory of some of the most used items so we can save you money by being a single source supplier. We have some the best Packaging Experts who can tell you exactly which material you should be using.

Do you also make Shipping Boxes?

Yes! We offer a wide variety of Shipping Boxes, including folding cartons, mailing boxes, and shipping boxes. No matter what kind of product you have, or box you need, we can make it. 

Do you offer fulfillment services?

Yes! Bennett has a robust Contract Packaging service we offer all of our customers. This helps take your supply chain from a multi-step solution to a one-phone call solution. Give your business a turnkey solution today!

Do you offer shipping and other 3PL services?

Yes! Bennett is a one stop shop for all your corrugated needs. Thanks to our strategic locations across North America, we have shipping lanes going in every direction. If you need a display made, kitted, and sent out across the country, we already do it for a number of customers.