Attention Grabbing. Unique Designs. Drive Awareness.

Create something that puts your product on display and attracts customers.

Club Stores and Retailers all have different structural requirements as part of their vendor compliance guidelines. Bennett has years of experience delivering retailer approved signage, and Standees, so you can sleep easy at night.

When you implement a Specialty Sign or Standee into your campaign, you want something that displays your product in a unique way that fits in with your brand. You can utilize a smaller space at Retail and Club stores, or hang in the air and leave the floor altogether.

Our team of award-winning in-house designers and manufacturing specialists, can take your ideas to the next level. We will work together with you and your team to create something unique. We will help you create awareness and drive sales.

We can maximize the design to allow as much room as possible to display your product, while keeping the weight limits down, thanks to our decades of experience with corrugated. No matter what you need to create, we can partner with you.

We were one of the first in North America to invest in direct-to-corrugate High Speed Digital Printing, and we’re glad we did. Thanks to this game changing technology, we can provide our customers with a range of new printing possibilities. Digital no longer needs costly printing plates,which means we can get you to market faster, and add to your bottom line. Learn more about our High Speed Digital Printers.

From our award winning in-house graphic and structural designers to the latest in printing and manufacturing technology, we can create effective and impactful custom Specialty Signage and Standees  that connect with your target audience.

With full-service turnkey operations that even includes Contract Packaging, Packaging Supplies, and Shipping Boxes, Bennett partners with you as a marketing agency for ongoing retail campaigns and new product launch initiatives.

  • Award-winning graphic and structural design
  • Retailer approved specifications
  • High-end graphic printing
  • Flexo, Litho, Digital Printing
  • Variable data printing available
  • In-house manufacturing
  • Expert assembly and co-packing
  • Product analysis
  • Quality assurance and testing
  • Cost-efficiency improvements
High-Speed Digital Printing

No Variance. Faster Production. Less Waste.
We create some of the best work the market has seen, and cut down on costs. With the help of 6-Color Extended Gamut we actually match your brand colors – not just say we will.

Specialty Signage
Specialty Signage – Duracell Display

This was an award winning Specialty Signage display that we created for Duracell to promote their products and raise awareness at retail. This was an extremely lightweight design that could be folded in half to simplify shipping and save on freight.

Specialty Signage
Specialty Signage – Flying Robot Standee

Our Creative Services team designed this for a tradeshow event. This is a fully functioning robot display, with joints that allow the robot to be posed in any position. Made entirely out of corrugated, we couldn’t be prouder of our team for this one!

Specialty Signage Hanging
Specialty Signage – Magic 2015 Hanging Mobile

This is one of the best case studies about why direct-to-corrugate digital printing is the way of the future for all displays. We worked with Wizards of The Coast and Magic The Gathering to take concept art out of their card game, and bring it to life to hang on display in hobby and card stores around the United States.

Specialty Signage Standee
Specialty Signage – Magic 2015 Necromancer Standee

A corrugated standee created for the Necromancer character in Magic The Gathering. This was designed for Wizards of the coast, as part of a campaign to bring some of their characters to life.

Specialty Signage Standee
Specialty Signage – Magic 2015 Planeswalker

Wizards of The Coast approached us to design a standee for their Magic The Gathering plansewalker character. This was an award wining display that needed all the innovations we could find to make the heavy axe dimensions work properly.

Specialty Signage
Specialty Signage – Samsung Galaxy

This is one of our favorite dispalys of all time. This was a Specialty Signage Display designed to promote the Samsung Galaxy S8 Smartphone. We created a series of shapes and sizes to be placed around retail stores, and drive as much awareness as possible.

Specialty Signage
Specialty Signage – Samsung Gear VR Hanging Mobile

This corrugated Specialty Signage was designed for Samsung’s Gear VR, and it was designed to hang in retail stores to catch customers attention as they look around the store. These need to match Samsung’s branding, haev a mockup of the product, and promote the item to bring customers to the physical unit.