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What Is FSC Certified Packaging?

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FSC® Certified Packaging is a product certification system that recognizes packaging made from wood or paper products sourced from responsibly managed forests. It provides assurance to consumers and businesses that their packaging has been produced in an environmentally responsible way, with the highest standards of social responsibility and environmental stewardship.

This certification helps companies meet their sustainability goals while ensuring they are using materials that come from renewable sources.

With FSC® Certified Packaging, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability while providing customers with peace of mind about where their products have come from.

FSC Certified Chain Of Custody

Each step in the process is tracked and audited to ensure material is sourced from responsibly managed forests or wood material. When new material is added to the mix, it is tracked.

The FSC® Chain of Custody ensures that from its source in the forest, all the way through processing and manufacturing, and finally reaching your home or office, it’s certified as coming from a sustainable source.

This helps companies identify and address any issues with their supply chains so they can continue to use only FSC® Certified materials in their products and packaging.

FSC Labels

The FSC® Label is recognized worldwide as a symbol of responsible forest management. It lets customers know that the product they are buying has been produced with FSC® Certified materials and can be traced back to its source in the forest.

FSC 100%

All materials used come from responsibly managed, FSC®-certified forests. Products with the FSC® 100% label contribute most directly to our mission to ensure thriving forests for all, forever.

FSC Recycled

The product is made from 100 per cent recycled materials. Using recycled material makes the most of precious forest resources and reduces the pressure to harvest more trees.


The product is made with a mixture of materials from FSC®-certified forests, recycled materials, and/or FSC® controlled wood. While controlled wood doesn’t come from FSC®-certified forests, it mitigates the risk of the material originating from unacceptable sources.

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Benefits of Using FSC Certified Packaging

There are so many benefits to using FSC® Certified Packaging, ranging from improving customer retention, acquiring new ones, and reducing your impact on the environment.

Increase Customer Confidence

One of the primary benefits of FSC® Certified Packaging is its ability to increase consumer confidence in a company’s commitment to sustainability. By displaying the FSC® logo on products, businesses can demonstrate to customers that they are taking steps towards reducing their environmental impact and improving forest management practices around the world.

Additionally, this certification enables companies to market themselves as eco-friendly, which can be beneficial for gaining customer loyalty and trust.

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Help The Environment As A Company

Next, FSC® Certification provides businesses with access to a global network of responsible forestry initiatives. By working with these organizations, businesses can ensure they are sourcing their materials from responsibly managed forests that meet rigorous standards for conservation and sustainable harvesting practices.

This allows you to support local communities while actively helping to protect the world’s natural resources.

Attract New Customers

Finally, businesses that choose to use FSC® Certified Packaging demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, which can be extremely attractive to eco-conscious customers. These customers are more likely to seek out products with the FSC® logo and may become loyal customers as a result.

It's a great way to attract new customers by marketing yourself as an environmentally responsible brand.

How To Order FSC Certified Packaging

It's just as easy as ordering regular packaging, you only need to find a manufacturer is FSC® Certified. Great news, we're FSC® Certified at Bennett! Yes, it's that easy.

Bennett Creates FSC Certified Packaging

By choosing FSC® Certified Packaging, businesses can make a positive impact on the environment and support responsible forestry initiatives around the world. At Bennett Packaging, we are proud to be certified by the FSC® and offer our customers sustainable packaging solutions.

We believe that sustainability is a key factor in any successful business model and strive to provide our clients with high-quality products that meet their needs while minimizing environmental impact.

With our FSC® Certified Packaging, you can rest assured knowing your company is doing its part for the environment. Together, let’s work towards creating a brighter future through responsible forest management practices!