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The Complete Guide To Unboxing Experiences

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Create An Unboxing Experience

The moment when customers receive your products is one of the most essential interactions with your consumer, as any e-commerce brand knows. Consumers are often underwhelmed when their purchases arrive.


Because many brands do not consider the moment of delivery to be a special occasion. If you want to leave a lasting impression on your consumer, offer them something to be excited about! This is when a well-thought-out unpacking comes in handy.

In other words, this is 'unboxing,' the thrill of being surprised by a product's ingenious and appealing presentation. Unboxing has evolved from a seasonal pastime to an internet trend to a significant e-commerce marketing strategy in recent years.

If you want to make a lasting impression on your customers, your packaging and presentation is a vital ingredient.

What Is A Branded Unboxing Experience?

Customers get a branded unpacking experience when they open a package and discover more than just a product within. The unpacking is then videotaped and shared on social media. It's a fantastic chance for you to stand out and raise brand recognition. 

The amount of time and effort a company puts into making an unpacking experience stand out from a standard delivery. This includes custom packaging and branded boxes, enticing inserts, and complimentary samples.

Unboxings are entertaining because they are a performance. It's as much about the ritual as it is about the merchandise, evoking the joyful experience of getting gifts on birthdays or holidays. Your organization will gain a substantial competitive edge by integrating this method into its own packing and distribution.

Why The Unboxing Experience Is Important

Unboxing is easy to dismiss as an internet trend that has little to do with "real-world" buying. The emergence of e-commerce, on the other hand, has substantially altered customer expectations, with unpacking videos proving to be a craze that is here to stay. 

It gives your clients no reason to remember you and buy from you again. 

It's not only about getting beautiful Instagram photographs by putting effort into your fantastic unpacking experience, packaging, and product presentation; it's a comprehensive post-purchase marketing strategy.

Because the delivery is your brand's final interaction with a customer, you want to leave them with such a positive impression that they can't wait to buy from you again.

Great First Impression

In comparison to conventional retail, e-commerce offers considerably fewer touch points between your business and your client. As a result, shopping online may easily feel impersonal and clinical, so it's critical to make the most of the contact points you do have. 

Customers' feelings about their purchase, and by extension, your brand, may be influenced at the point of delivery. Customer views are greatly influenced by a beautiful, well-presented package!

Increase Customer Loyalty

Long-term client connections are far more profitable than recruiting new customers from begin from an economic standpoint. 

This is because brand loyalty is more than just a matter of whether a product or service is 'excellent.' There are a dozen brands making as 'excellent' a product as you in an increasingly competitive retail industry. 

When you provide that extra 'wow factor' that sets you apart from the competition, your consumers will return.

The unpacking experience is a more straightforward and effective retention technique. Why? Because it is based on feelings. It gives clients the impression that they are influential people whose opinions are respected. This type of customer empowerment is the key to persuading consumers to come again and again.

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Potential To Go Viral

Let's be honest: putting together a fantastic unpacking experience may be costly. It might be difficult to justify the cost of a package that will only be seen by one individual, or at the most, one household. 

But what if your efforts had the potential to be viewed by an almost infinite number of people? 

This possibility is quite real in the realm of social media. Unboxing and social media are the virtual bread and butter. On sites like YouTube, 'unboxing' has developed its own genre with a cult following.

Some channels that are dedicated to a certain topic generate large audiences, with millions of views. 

It appeals to the fundamental impulses of consumers, which businesses must appeal to in order to be successful. This makes it a very user-friendly approach to promote your business. 

An photograph or video of someone 'unboxing' your goods might help your company reach new customers that would otherwise be difficult to reach or find.

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6 Tips For Better Unboxing Experience

So, what can you and your team do to replicate this brand's success?

1. Tell Your Brand Story

You're missing out on a fantastic opportunity to express yourself if you're not making the most of your brand's unpacking experience. 

Unboxing is about much more than just making your things appear nice; it's also about telling a story about your company. 

Your story is critical to effectively communicate why buyers should select you over competitors. 

This is as much about emotion as it is about the features and benefits of your product or service. 

Simply detailing your product's selling qualities isn't going to make you intriguing or exciting.

The response to the question "Why should I care?" is your brand narrative. 

The following are examples of an excellent brand story:

  • How your brand got its start?
  • How your brand is evolving?
  • What makes you different from competitors?
  • What can you guarantee customers?

Improving your unpacking experience will go a long way toward assisting you in developing a compelling brand narrative. 

You are providing clients with actual confirmation of your ideals rather than simply words. Because you already have your customer's money, whatever further services you provide them come under the 'value-added' category. 

It demonstrates that you cherish your clients and your relationships with them, fostering trust and faith in your mission.

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2. Create Custom Branded Boxes

You want it to be obvious who your items are from the moment they arrive on a customer's doorstep. While plain boxes are less expensive, you miss out on a fantastic opportunity to promote your business. 

The packaging of many businesses is as much about them as it is about their consumers. Custom-branded boxes are frequently viewed as a benefit rather than a hindrance. 

By placing information about your company and emblem on the package, you can offer your consumers even more security about who they're purchasing from. It’s vital to avoid making any mistakes with custom branded boxes because it will give the impression that you don’t care enough about your customers.

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3. Use Unique Packaging Material

This might be utilized for both practical and aesthetic reasons. Filler is required to protect your items during shipment, particularly if they are fragile. It's also a fantastic branding opportunity to connect your narrative on the inside and outside of your product container. 

Packaging material for regular orders might be as simple as kraft paper, or it could be something more exotic for premium items. You could select to have your items delivered in boxes that are completely one-of-a-kind. 

You could consider using bamboo, for instance, which is environmentally friendly, recyclable and sustainable. This material also has a certain distinct quality that many people would recognize as being unique.

Custom-branded boxes are an excellent way to communicate your company's beliefs.

4. Product Presentation

The aesthetics of the unpacking experience are determined by how the contents are organized within the box. 

An unboxing's curated aesthetic is what makes it viral, so creating an arrangement that offers your consumers something to enjoy (and photograph) is the key to producing a first impression that lasts.

Don't neglect to include detailed information about how your products work, who they are intended for and what makes them different from similar items.

Consumers want to feel like they're getting their money's worth when it comes to this purchase, so giving them the opportunity to access the full details of your product will provide you with an advantage.

Interactive content can be especially engaging for clients because it enables you to show off your brand. You might even ask individuals that have bought or used your products in the past for testimonials! Being able to offer consumers helpful advice is a great way of increasing engagement and trustworthiness around your brand.

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5. Add Free Samples

One of the most successful methods to build the all-important value-added perception is through this method. Simply said, we all enjoy getting free items, especially from firms we enjoy! 

Some of the most significant details are the minor extras. Reciprocity is a strong inclination, therefore it not only makes your consumer feel appreciated, but it also helps to reignite their enthusiasm for your business, which led to their first purchase. 

6. Add A Personal Touch For Customers

Mass-produced retail experiences have become synonymous with online purchasing. Targeting portions of your unboxing experience directly at your client may feel much more personal in current context, and can go a long way toward building a relationship with your business. 

It's easy to overlook the power of a handwritten letter or other personalized products to make your consumers feel unique. Because it's a transparent commitment of effort, including them in your packages is one of the finest ways to show how much you appreciate their business.

Furthermore, providing unique personalization possibilities is an excellent approach to make your clients' unwrapping experience seem more festive. 

Although this time commitment is sometimes cited as a reason why only small enterprises may participate in this activity, this need not be the case. 

So-called "large" firms that participate in such "little" commercial operations might build a strong reputation.

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Including a free sample with your purchases sometimes costs you relatively nothing. And it's a great way to encourage customers to try a new product.

Next Establish Your Packaging Budget

There are two types of costs associated with new packaging.

  1. Visible costs: such as the upfront cost of design and the price of the packaging itself.
  2. Hidden costs: such as additional filler, breakage, and more.

Your budget should include the cost of Packaging Supplies and Shipping Boxes. If any kind of packaging fillers are required, you need to account for them. You can also include a Contract Packager to help with fulfilment or assembly.

When you work with a business like Bennett, you may acquire Turnkey Solutions that help you save money. 

A budget that addresses the economics of the whole process is required for a successful Retail Packaging campaign. You should think about your product's pricing, profit margin, expected sales, and the length of time your packaging will be in place. 

Setting a budget for your packaging, or at the very least a range, ensures that the procedure does not become inefficient or aimless.

Volume purchasing

Due to the economies of scale, like with most printed items, you only get a fair deal when you buy in bulk. If you don't buy in bulk, each package will add an unnecessarily high cost to each shipping. 

If you buy in bulk, you'll pay more up front for not only manufacture, but also storage, shipping between warehouses, and handling. 

This is something that digital allows you to do with total freedom. The greater your product's retail price, the more you should think about spending on retail packaging.

Printing Options To Create An Unboxing Experience

Choosing a printing solution entails more than just considering price. Technology has evolved throughout time, and although some previous approaches have proven to be beneficial, other technologies have provided whole new ways to assault the market.

Here are three printing options to consider:

High-Speed Digital Printing

The digital presses from Bennett are revolutionizing the bespoke retail packaging market. 

While other firms may claim that Digital isn't competitive when it comes to huge orders, they fail to mention that Digital allows you to run a range of designs without having to pay for or wait for new printing plates. 

In the business, digital has been developing, but only a few firms have begun to capitalize on this enormous opportunity. 

Imagine being able to create regional messages, store-specific graphics, and seasonal or product variant sizes without incurring any additional expenditures.

We were the first company in North America to invest in a high-speed, single-pass, direct-to-corrugate, 6-color digital press. Check out our Digital page if you want to learn more.


Lithographic printing is the most common choice for commercial printing demands. It's also ideal if you're producing a single design that will be printed repeatedly without any tweaking. 

The upfront fees for the printing plate, as well as the project's lead time, are two major difficulties. 

If you go with Litho, you're committing to a period of waiting and a percentage of your budget before receiving your first box. 

This is the way to go if you need a large volume manufacturing run of a single design.


Flexographic printing lowers printing costs, and tooling costs are usually cheaper as well. It has a quick turnaround time and can print with both water-based and oil-based inks. 

Flexography, on the other hand, has a substantially worse printing quality than Lithography and Digital. 

Smooth colors or gradients will have apparent banding, and it won't be able to make photo-quality photos. 

Although the colors are not as brilliant or sharp as the other two alternatives, this printing format is less costly. It also doesn't need a great level of attention to detail and may be manufactured quickly.

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Designing With Digital

Here are some design tips to create an effective Retail Packaging from the ground up:

Information Architecture

Clear and motivating messaging is required. What should your consumer know about your packaging as they walk past it? From across the shop, what can they see? Keep it short and sweet! Only the most crucial advantages should be listed here.

Retail Packaging Product Showcase

The goal of retail packaging is to present your goods in an appealing manner in order to attract buyers. This might be anything as simple as a diecut glass that allows buyers to touch the goods or a concentration on high-resolution graphics on the outside.

Color Science

Every hue evokes a particular emotional response in the buyer, as all designers are aware. Why not put it to good use on the shop floor? Here's your chance to put all you've learned to good use and design something that truly reflects your brand.

Match Your Brand Colors

Most manufacturers claim to be able to exactly match your brand's colors, but they aren't qualified to do so. We have some of the top printing capabilities in North America, and we guarantee that we can match 100% of the time.

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Create A Custom Unboxing Experience With Bennett Packaging!

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