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The Complete Guide To Cosmetic Packaging

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The beauty industry is projected to grow faster than any other market in North America, and it's easy for certain elements to slip through the cracks when you're busy with production. Custom cosmetic packaging provides an opportunity that allows customers not only to see what they'll be purchasing ahead of time but also gives them peace knowing how high quality these products really are!

Marketing your products and brand with cosmetic packaging boxes can be an excellent way to catch the attention of customers.

Not only does well-designed, custom-designed box help build a connection between you as company or product developer; it also enhances value for consumers by providing them high-quality material that is mindful of their needs while still keeping up appearances!

Two Levels Of Packaging

Before you start making your own cosmetic packaging boxes, you need to learn about the many forms of cosmetic packaging. Typically, there are two types of packaging for health and cosmetic products. Primary packaging and Secondary packaging.

Primary Packaging

In order to help you understand what's inside, primary cosmetic packaging houses all of the important information about your product. You'll find ingredients and use instructions on this side; expiration dates are here too so that users know when their purchase needs replacing or returning for a refund if necessary (there may be some restrictions). The other two sides contain more details like storage tips - which can include keeping products away from direct sunlight-and marketing graphics designed specifically as eye candy!

Secondary Packaging

The secondary cosmetic packaging is where the company puts its logo and contact details. The best examples are makeup kits or skincare subscription boxes that come with multiple products inside them; these contain common branding elements such as a company logo, brand colors, company name and address, and other contact details.

Determine Your Packaging Needs

  • What type of Cosmetic Packaging do I need?
  • Are there new innovations I can implement?
  • What type of product is it?
  • What dimensions do I need?
  • How many units do I need?
  • How can this be an extension of my brand?

A) What type of Cosmetic Packaging do you need?

The type of packaging you need will vary depending on your product. This will be based on the size, shape, and weight.

If you have a fragile product, you would need to consider a solution that is structurally safe and includes cushioning.

B) Are there new innovations you can implement?

Getting ahead of your competition is important. You should research, or find a trusted packaging partner who can confidently update you on the latest innovations in the marketplace.

There are so many new exciting ways to reach customers, and if you’re creating a new packaging design, you should include some!

C) What type of product is it?

Each industry has its own trends, and while you don’t want to fit in, you want to make sure that your customer can immediately identify you as a member of that industry.

So either do some research of your competition, or reach out to a trusted packaging company to give you some pointers.

D) What are your packaging dimensions?

Start by measuring the height, width, and length of your product and everything you plan to put inside the box.

Then, consider the type and size of any protective packaging inserts you plan to use. This will determine the size of the box you need.

Pro Tip: Minimize your box as much as possible. This will allow the product to fit safely, and avoid any shipping damages. Most importantly you will reduce your costs and carbon footprint.

E) How many units do you need?

How much do you plan to sell? Do you need 100 units? 500? 1,000? 10,000? Will you need recurring orders?

This will directly affect your costs, and the more you order the better the deal you can get.

F) How can this be an extension of your brand?

This is a critical part of Step 1. You want to create packaging that not only fits the packaging, but fits in with your overall branding and marketing strategy.

From the color choices, the fonts, the information and images you include – these all tell the customer exactly “who you are” and shouldn’t be chosen lightly.

Establish Your Packaging Budget

There are two types of costs associated with new packaging.

  1. Visible costs: such as the upfront cost of design and the price of the packaging itself.
  2. Hidden costs: such as additional filler, breakage, and more.

Your budget should include the cost of Packaging Supplies and Shipping Boxes. If any kind of packaging fillers are required, you need to account for them. You can also include a Contract Packager to help with fulfilment or assembly.

By using a company like Bennett, you get Turnkey Solutions that help you minimize costs. 

A successful Cosmetic Packaging program needs a budget that considers the economics of the entire process. You should consider the price of your product, your profit margin, anticipated sales, and the length of time you expect your Packaging to be in place.

Setting a budget or at least a range for your Packaging helps the process not become inefficient or aimless.

Volume purchasing

As with most printed products, you only really get a good value at high purchase quantities, due to the economics of scale. If you don’t buy in bulk, each package will add an unreasonable amount of expense to each shipment.

If you do buy in bulk, you will not only be putting more money up front for production, but also for storage, transportation between warehouses and handling.

Digital allows you to have complete flexibility for this.

Choose A Printing Style

Choosing a printing option is more than simply looking at cost factors. The technology has been changing over the years, and while some older methods are still proven and effective, newer methods have introduced completely new ways to attack the marketplace.

Here are three printing options to consider:

Lithography Printing

When it comes to commercial printing needs, lithographic printing is the most used solution. And it’s great if you are creating a single design to print over and over without much customization.

One of the main issues is the upfront costs for the printing plate, and the lead time for the project.

If you choose Litho, that means you’re committing to waiting and a portion of your budget before you even get your first box.

If you are looking for a high volume production run of a single design, this is the way to go.

High Speed Digital Printing

Bennett’s digital presses are game changing for the custom retail packaging industry.

While other companies might tell you that Digital isn’t competitive when running large orders, what they aren’t telling you is with Digital you can run a variety of designs without needing to pay for, or wait for, new printing plates to be made.

Digital has been growing in the industry, but only a few brands have actually started to take advantage of this huge opportunity.

Imagine creating regional messaging, designs for different stores, seasonal or product variation sizes – all without additional costs.

We were the first to invest in a high-speed, single-pass, direct-to-corrugate, 6-color digital press of its kind in North America. If you want to learn more, check out our page on Digital.

Flexography Printing

Flexographic printing will bring your cost of printing down, and tooling costs are typically lower. It has a fast turnaround time that can use both water and oil-based inks.

But, compared to Lithography and Digital, Flexography has a noticeably lower printing quality.

It cannot create photo quality images, and smooth colors or gradients will have visible banding. 

The colors aren’t as vibrant or crisp as the other two options, but this format of printing is inexpensive. It also doesn’t require a lot of attention to detail, and can be produced at very high speed.

7 Tips For Custom Beauty Packaging

Pretty boxes make for great packaging. They help it stand out from the piles of other boxes, and if they're embossed with your logo on the outside you'll be sure to stand out in a crowd of competitors too. If you design cosmetic packaging that's custom-printed then you can also meet your customers' needs so they feel special inside.

Custom printed boxes for beauty products are an excellent way to brand your products, and you'll find that most people will prefer solid-color printing because it ensures the entire box looks flawless without any distracting patterns or designs pulling attention away from the product itself! Custom printed boxes give you more flexibility in terms of surface area, which can be especially valuable when designing packaging for beauty products with multiple components.

1. Embossing Is A Great Way To Stand Out

Embossed logos look fantastic on custom cosmetic packaging boxes. Embossed logos have a three-dimensional quality that makes them stand out against standard single-dimensional flat promotional materials like signage or flyers; if you want to build some hype before the product is even released you might want to consider embossing your logo onto the box itself.

Embossed logos look amazing when they're applied onto custom-made boxes that have a glossy finish, and if you decide to emboss company details into the side of a box then this creates more opportunity for customers to see your business name. A lot of companies will opt to place their logo or brand name in a location where it's visible from all angles because it helps ensure that consumers know exactly who is responsible for bringing them these high-quality products.

2. Eye-Catching Patterns

Even if your brand is pretty traditional or simple, you can easily stand out when you create custom cosmetic boxes that are embellished with fancy patterns. A lot of companies will opt for digital printing when it comes to creating custom-printed boxes because they offer the flexibility to print their logo onto solid-color backgrounds in one color or multiple colors; this gives you more options for making designs look bold and beautiful!

Sometimes jewelry-type products like earrings will come inside a clamshell which offers both extra protection and an added touch of elegance; my advice is to avoid choosing plastic embossing since they can make your box look cheap. If there's no room left on your box then consider adding some temporary tattoos, stickers, or something else that will allow your customers to take part in the excitement as well!

3. Use Organic Shapes And Colors

Circles and curvy lines look good on custom cosmetic boxes. Organically-shaped color swatches  are perfect for skincare products because give the product a new feel.

Alternatively, if your brand has a natural and organic feel then consider using greens and browns as well as earthy tones like beige and oatmeal: this strategy will help people associate your company with freshness and cleanliness without them even knowing that's what you're doing!

4. Try Foil Stamping For A Premium Look

If you're trying to give your customers an over-the-top experience then try using foil stamps to embellish your custom cosmetic boxes. Foil stamps look amazing on glossy paper, and if you choose a white or black box then the color or metallic ink that is used for foiling will create a high contrast.

Just keep in mind that when it comes time to apply foil stamps onto your product packaging they are both delicate and difficult to remove once they have been applied so it's important to get the design just right!

If you want help with this process consider hiring a graphic designer who has experience working with these types of embellishments to ensure your boxes are flawless in every way.

5. Use High-Resolution Images With Digital Printing

If you want to make your custom-made cosmetic boxes look more expensive then consider using high-resolution photos as the background of your box. A lot of printing companies will use digital printing for this process, which means that the photo will be displayed in rich color tones that are difficult to notice unless you take a closer look at the box.

Don't forget to choose an image that is related to what's inside your box. If you focus too much attention on abstract or random patterns, then customers might not understand what kinds of products come inside these boxes.

6. Print On The Inside Of The Packaging For A Branded Experience

Some cosmetic companies will print an infographic or a series of images on the inside of their boxes so that people can see what's inside without having to open it up. This is a great strategy for those who want to make their product seem exciting but don't have the time or resources to create fancy packaging; it can also be helpful if you're trying to keep costs down as well as making your products more attractive.

One example that I really love is from Lush Cosmetics, which has printed some interesting facts about their bath products onto the insides of some simple cardboard boxes: this helps them catch the attention of first-time customers, and if they choose similar graphics or patterns on all of their packaging then it creates a brand identity that is instantly recognizable.

7. Contrast Boxes With Darker Ink Colors

One way to make your custom cosmetic boxes stand out on the shelf is to use darker ink colors for printed text. It's best to go with something like black or navy instead of baby blue because it makes everything look more elegant and expensive; if you want your boxes to be more affordable then consider using a brown color instead of black since that will still improve the overall presentation while also helping you save some money!

Now Create Your Own Custom Cosmetic Packaging

There are many ways to make your custom cosmetic boxes stand out on the shelf, but you need to do some research first. Consider how branding will affect the look of your product - if you try to create a personalized experience with imagery or text then it's worth considering whether this may be too expensive for what you're trying to sell. If that sounds like an issue and want help creating branded packaging, we would love to partner with you!

Our team of experts at Bennett Packaging can help you design eye-catching customized packaging. Contact us today and request a quote!