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Should I Buy Boxes From Companies Like Packlane?

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When it comes to purchasing shipping and packaging, there are a lot of options to choose from. And with so many companies vying for your business, it can be tough to decide who you should go with.

One option that's becoming increasingly popular is ordering boxes from companies like Packlane. But is it the right choice for you? It has become easier and easier, but sometimes it might not be the best decision.

In this blog post, we'll take a look at some of the pros and cons of using Packlane to ship your products. While we would recommend ordering from a packaging supplier directly (because we are one), we want to give you our thoughts on the differences.

We'll also compare them to some of the other top players in the shipping and packaging industry, so you can make an informed decision about who you want to work with.

Advantages of Buying From Online Packaging Companies

It's no secret that purchasing goods and items online has become incredibly popular in recent years. In fact, it is estimated that for the first time ever, more purchases are being made online than in brick-and-mortar stores.

Easy Order Form

Buying from an online company usually means they have an advanced order form to make the purchasing process simpler. It can be great to pick your dimensions, upload artwork, and relax.

Online Box Builders

Instead of needing to go through a rendering process or creating a sample. Online Box Builders are a great way to see a 3D Mockup of your box before you order. These typically use stock box designs, but allow you to pay more for customization.

No Minimums

For most other companies, you might need to order in large quantities or face having high minimums. Most online packaging companies will not have this problem.

Low Quantities

If you're a business that's just starting out, they make it a painless process to order smaller quantities. The only problem is they simply mark up the smaller amounts for you to purchase.

Fast Shipping

These brands have streamlined their product offerings for customers, allowing them to speed up shipping. They typically have their shipping times front and center on their website as you make the order.

Loyalty Rewards

These businesses typically offer discounts on repeat purchases with them. So the more you buy, the more you save. Manufacturers offer the same, but online brands have made it a more customer-focused process.

Instant Pricing

They have a limited option of products, and that allows them to have instant pricing available. You simply choose the dimensions, printing process, and they will show you a quote right there.

There are a long list of pros to using an online company like packlane, packwire, packola, and more.

Disadvantages of Buying From Online Packaging Companies

However, there are some disadvantages to ordering from these suppliers.

Hidden Costs

There may be hidden costs involved, inventory shortages might make it impossible for your order to ship on time, or there may be problems with the products you receive.

Small Variety

Many companies have realized this and started offering a variety of shipping and packaging supplies so customers don't have to take care of it themselves or search for another solution.

Not Packaging Experts

Often, brands like these aren't as knowledgeable about packaging as a manufacturer is. They are more of a tech company that can help you make the purchase. So if you need to learn more from an expert, you're better off finding one.

Lack of Customer Support

When it's an online company, you're often dealing with a person on the other side of the world. Consider how long it may take for them to respond and provide adequate customer support if needs be.

Price Hikes

One of the biggest cons is that many times they'll provide you with their 'best' prices when you first start looking at them, but after seeing the actual costs they might be more expensive than you think.

For example, say if their "regular" price for boxes is $1 each and then down to 75 cents during your quote phase, only to see that their actual cost is $1.75 each and then they charge you an additional 35 cents for your design. Multiply this across all of the items you'll need and soon enough, things can start getting expensive!

Shipping Costs

There's also a strong chance that your shipping costs will be much higher using them as well because you will probably have to pay separate shipping fees for each box order instead of one flat rate like with local suppliers. The only time this might not happen is if your boxes are coming from the same location as the online company, but then why even go through them?

Minimal Art Capabilities

You'll also find that many online companies don't do custom designs or multiple color printing on their boxes (and if they do it will end up being very expensive).

Buying Directly From A Packaging Manufacturer

To avoid all of those pitfalls, you're much better off finding a packaging manufacturer that can help you out! As we can see online manufacturers can be quite useful for quickly placing an order. However the lack of customer support and hidden costs can make ordering from them very problematic.

If you're looking for something simple like moving boxes then these companies might just help fill your needs but if not, consider heading directly to a manufacturer or using another method to get what you need instead

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