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Our Digital Press The Barberan Jetmaster

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What is Digital Printing?

Digital printing is the process of printing digital images directly onto corrugated substrate, using a single pass, direct-to-corrugate technique. By switching to a Digital Press you can utilize the latest marketing techniques that have previously been out of reach to brands.

The future is digital, don’t miss the boat.

Instead of needing to pay for or create printing plates, digital printing allows you to upload files directly to the press and print. 

This simplifies the process, and opens up numerous marketing and design possibilities!

Digital Printing vs. Offset Printing

Traditional printing methods like Offset Printing have been the status quo for some time, and one of the biggest reasons was at large volume, it wins on cost.

But that’s if you plan to use a single design for all of your packaging - those days are over.

Offset Printing needs the time and money to create a Printing Plate, while Digital Printing allows you to simply upload an art file (as many as you want) to the Press.

But if you have product size or style variations, that means you need a new printing plate for each one - and those costs will skyrocket!

Digital allows you to change as many times as you want today, tomorrow, and forever. You’ll never be stuck with a single design ever again.

Digital Printing Advantages

  • Variable Data Printing (VDP)
  • Print-on-demand
  • Unique product designs
  • Seasonal + Promotional messaging
  • Cost-effective productions
  • Faster turnarounds

Offset Printing Advantages

  • One-size-fits-all design
  • Large volume of a single design
  • Efficient production

Need help deciding which printing method is best for you?

Digital Printing Means Personalization

In today’s ever changing market, customers are looking for more personalized experience. That means all brands need to change their approach ASAP.

Consumers have an appetite for brands to create this personal experience for them when they purchase their products - and digital allows you to do this.

Most brands today are underutilizing print personalization because they’re simply not aware of the potential benefits of the practice - and that Digital Printing is the avenue to get there.

Why Barberán Jetmaster?

There are a number of Digital Printers on the market, but we were one of the firsts to invest in the technology, and we chose the Barberán Jetmasters. These are some of the most dependable, and efficient digital printers on the market.

  • Super Wide Printing Area
  • True-Production Proofs
  • UV inks are 100% solid
  • Fast drying
  • Food friendly inks
  • Fits all substrates
  • Humidity has no influence on drying
  • Less waste
  • No water needed for cleaning

We have 2x Digital Printers.

Speed To Market

Are there sudden changes in the market? Always. Now imagine if you could change your packaging design with a new print design by the end of the day?

Digital allows you to print at the speed of thought. No matter what’s going on in the marketplace, you can adjust your messaging and design and be the first to pounce on a new idea.Single Pass Direct-To-Corrugate

Based on "Single-Pass" technology and inkjet printheads, our printers can directly print digital images with a single pass, without contact, on multiple foil types and weights.

That means one print station, not a station for each color pass! That’s a faster and cheaper production.

4 Simultaneous Print Queues

While our largest printer allows you to print Super-Wide designs, you can also divide the printing area up and 4 simultaneous print queues. That means you can upload 4 unique art files and have them print at the same time, and change the work on the fly. 

No other printing technique allows you to do this!

Digital Printing Corrugated

Substrate Flexibility

The Jetmasters print with UV inks, which dries quickly and can print on paper of low quality and/or weight, such as test liner or recycled paper, obtaining an excellent printing quality.


By optimizing the size of the drop and the processing of the image, we obtain printing results with a wide chromatic range but using the minimum amount of ink.

The fact there is no direct contact with the substrate means the printing is of higher quality, without pollution or compression; furthermore printing is possible in both directions of the wave.

Optical performance

The exceptional gloss and powerful Chroma of our specialty formulated inks creates images on the Jetmaster that give powerful sensations.

Deeper blacks, shinier colors, and vivid life-like images.

Digital Inks

Digital printing inks include cyan, magenta, yellow, and black toner and ink - and extended color gamut inks - orange, blue and green, as well as specialty dry inks.

The UV inks used are more stable and they dry quicker than the water-based inks that are used in industrial flexography, for example.

As UV inks dry instantly, the paper absorbs them less than water-based ones.

  • Match your brand colors - exactly
  • 6-Color Extended Gamut
  • Brighter Colors
  • No print variance
  • Superior gloss grade

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Bennett Is A Digital Printing Specialist

Bennett is a premier packaging and retail displays manufacturing company striving to protect and promote our clients' products with customized corrugated solutions. When you work with us, you’re part of the family. We will partner with you every step of the way.

With our fully-integrated design-to-delivery process, we can be the single supplier source. We are an award-winning manufacturer of virtually anything corrugate. We offer everything from plain brown shipping boxes to sophisticated, high-graphic printed point-of-purchase displays, and everything in between.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Digital Press?

A Digital Press is designed to print digital images using digital ink onto various substrates. They vary in size and technology, but they allow you to upload art files directly to the press, instead of creating printing plates.

What is Digital Printing?

Digital Printing is when you print a digital-based image onto some form of print media. It allows a more versatile printing style compared to traditional methods, and it allows you to create unique designs for different product sizes.

What is Variable Data Printing?

Variable Data Printing (VDP) means printing completely custom designs for your customers. This is only possible with Digital Printing, and it leads to a new level of personalization.