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Make the Most of a Product Release with a Custom Retail Display

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A great retail display needs to target key consumers, reinforce product messaging, stand out from the competition, and create a memorable experience. Learn more about each in this post, then think about how you can do the same for your company.

Custom retail displays are an important part of your in-store marketing strategy.

Designing a custom retail display can go a long way in beefing up your marketing strategy, reaching the right audience, and increasing your sales.

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Custom Retail Displays Target Your Consumers

When releasing your product in stores, you want to create the greatest impact possible. 

By designing a custom retail display, you can help make the most of your product release.

A retail display showcases your product in a hands-on, right now manner that catches and captivates your audience.

Custom Display Draw Them In

From the window shopper to the customer on a mission, there are many different types of shoppers. That’s why determining your target customer helps when making conscious decisions throughout your strategy.

Consider your product positioning on the display. This is important because it affects how your target shopper will interact with the product. It needs to grab their attention right off the bat and encourage curiosity.

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Encourage Customers To Interact

A great display will stop the customer in their tracks. Keep in mind where your display will be placed in the store and how you can use that to your advantage.

Your display should help subconsciously move the shopper to another stage in the customer journey.

In the digital age where people can get just about anything at the click of a button, people don’t have to step into a store if they don’t want to. Consumers go into a store for the interaction, this is your opportunity to provide a memorable experience.

Source: Retail Dive Consumer Survey, fielded by Google Survey

There are benefits to both options based on what you are looking to get out of your display.

A retail display can add a powerful impact to your product’s release, but it is important to produce a quality display that gives customers an opportunity to interact.

What do you think will make the most impact on customers, seeing or touching the product? Do you want your product to physically be on the display or direct the customer to further action?

If you want to give the consumer an opportunity to touch and see the product up close, then having the product on the display could be the right option.

But, if you want to provide more details and high-quality photos of the product, then directing customers to another part of the store could be successful.

Researching the pros and cons can give you the information on which is best for your product.

Develop a functional retail display where a customer can gain necessary information and interact with your product.

Reinforce Your Product Messaging

Your product’s display and messaging have the power to make or break the first impression of your audience. A strong tagline will linger in their memory and motivate them to buy.

Keep it simple but powerful.

The goal of a tagline is to create an emotional response that will prompt the consumer to act.

With attention spans decreasing it is essential to provide a significant impact as quickly as possible.

You have a few seconds to tell your audience the value of the product and show them the benefits it can provide for them.

Consumers buy products for varying reasons, but ultimately they want to know how a product can improve their situation. A great retail display provides solutions to the issues consumers may not even know they were looking for.

Communicating an idea of how the product would look in their life creates an emotional attachment. By highlighting the product’s best features you’re giving your customer a reason to make the purchase.

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Standout with Custom Retail Display

When releasing a new product, the goal of a retail display is to create excitement and ultimately drive sales. While foot traffic in retail stores declined by 57% from 2010 to 2015, the value of each visit nearly tripled.

Shoppers who step into a store are looking to gain something from their experience and this is the perfect opportunity for a retail display to catch their eye.

Creating a custom display, different than what they can find online, will stand out and provide customers with the meaningful interaction they crave.

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Consumers Notice The Difference

Consumers take notice of eye-catching creative displays when walking through a store. This is why it is essential to showcase your product in the best light.

You need to build a connection with your customer and create a feeling about your product. Maybe you want to inspire a feeling of sophistication, deliciousness or maybe you want them to view the product as high-tech or just as useful.

You can advertise your product in that way and present it as the thing they can’t live without.

A creative display is only successful if it can be functional and hold up to lots of customers each day. Keep in mind how many people will be interacting with your product and how you can keep it safe and in good condition.

Experiment with ways to reinforce the use and value of the product, but always make sure what you say holds up in reality.

Make a Unique Experience

Creative freedom is what can advance your display from traditional to attention-grabbing. Think outside of the box. Research current trends in retail so that your product can compare competitively and not do exactly what everyone else is doing.

Create a unique and eye-catching display that your target customer can connect to. Your imagination is the limit.

Create an experience for the customer, something that leaves a lasting impression. Keep in mind there are more senses than just sight, think about how you can engage the other senses with your display.

Add More To Your Custom Display

You may decide to test a texture or even a sound that could amplify your retail display to the next level. Providing a unique interaction with the customer makes them more likely to make a purchase.

A product release is the first impression consumers have with a product so it needs to make an impact, that's where a custom retail display comes in.

Samsung Display

Bennett was asked to create a temporary, digitally-printed corrugate pallet display to introduce the new Samsung Galaxy S9 into the market.

To be placed in Walmart retail stores across the county, this display, which held no product, needed to generate awareness and excitement, drive shoppers to the electronics section of the store to interact with the device and ultimately make a purchase.

In Conclusion

You have to know the box in order to think outside of it. And no one knows corrugate like Bennett. Our solution-based strategy and process allows for customized packaging and displays that will protect and promote our client's products to, and in, the marketplace.

We partner with our clients from concept to delivery all under one roof. With the only high-speed digital, large format, direct-to-corrugate press in North America, Bennett can now do for retail displays what digital printers have been doing for traditional printing.

Bennett Manufactures Custom Retail Displays

Bennett is a premier packaging and retail displays manufacturing company striving to protect and promote our clients' products with customized corrugated solutions. With our fully-integrated design-to-delivery process, we can be the single supplier source.

We are an award-winning manufacturer of virtually anything corrugate. From plain brown shipping boxes to sophisticated, high-graphic printed point-of-purchase displays, and everything between.