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How Do I Find A Packaging Manufacturer?

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Looking For A Packaging Manufacturer?

Finding the right packaging manufacturer for your product can be a difficult endeavor. With so many options available, it is important to vet each one carefully before making a decision. One of the first steps in this process should be to identify what you need and then search for packaging manufacturers that have those abilities.

If they do not have them on their list of services, simply move on to another company as there are plenty out there who specialize in a variety of different fields.

This article will give you a rundown of everything you need to know about choosing a packaging partner for your next product launch.

What Are The Benefits of Using A Custom Packaging Manufacturer?

Custom packaging can have a huge range of impacts on your brand and supply chain. You may be able to reduce costs as you grow if you use custom packages, which is great for small businesses who are trying to start out with little money in the budget! And just as a bonus, check out these 5 Benefits Of Working With A Packaging Manufacturer to learn more.

Better Access To Quality

First, they have access to high quality materials and equipment that you won't have access to via wholesale suppliers. So you know that your product will be well protected during shipping, look great, and fit your products exactly as you need them to.

Increase Your Brand Appeal

Second, you can increase your customer base by making your brand stand out with a better design. Stop blending in with the generic products and increase your visibility. They offer you the ability to create your own customized design, which is something that can't be done with off-the-shelf packaging products

More Nimble Supply Chain

Finally, custom manufacturers also give you the opportunity to order small quantities without having to invest in large volume orders. That is because some of them are setup with High-Speed Digital Printers that allow for smaller runs that can help a business get their foot in the door and establish themselves as innovators by using custom designs, which may not be feasible on larger printing presses.

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How Do You Find A Reliable Manufacturer?

Identify what your packaging needs are. Consider what your packaging goals are for this product and where you want to take it. Gather all the dimensions and weight of your products, and potential material needs. And be knowledgeable about the label regulations associated with your business category.

Find The Right Business Partner

Search for packaging manufacturers that have those abilities, and examples of great work. Once you find a few manufacturers who can work with your needs, check out their reviews and testimonials. Ask for references from others that they have worked with in the past. You want to make sure that this is a legitimate company before moving forward with them.

Review Their History

Finally, you want to have clear information about their quality of materials, turnaround time, and price. You should never be paying more than what you are willing to spend but you also don't want to sacrifice quality. Be sure to check reviews online for feedback on the company's services and products before signing any contracts.

Finding a reliable custom packaging manufacturer that you will work well with is an important step towards generating a successful product launch!

How Can I Find A Manufacturer That Specializes In High Or Low Volume Production Runs?

There are a few different kinds of packaging manufacturers in the world.

Integrated Packaging Manufacturer

First, there are some known as "integrated". They specialize in extremely large runs of more simple packaging needs. This allows them to lower their costs, but only offer so much in terms of customization and presentation.

Independent Packaging Manufacturer

Second, there are independent packaging companies, and no two are alike. Each one offers a unique set of solutions to brands, but the key thing to focus on is what your growth goals are. You want to find a partner that has other solutions that you plan to grow into as a business, so that you supply chain and relationships are already established.

Niche Packaging Manufacturer

Next, there are online and niche businesses that focus on different categories of packaging. Most of these online businesses focus on small e-commerce focused packaging like mailers and shippers. They offer great materials and designs, but don't have easy ways for you to grow as a business in other packaging and POP Display areas.

Wholesale Packaging Manufacturer

Finally, there are wholesale packaging suppliers. These are suppliers that buy standard packaging items in large bulk quantities. The limited options of large quantities allows them to sell smaller units to customers on a first come basis. The problem is many of them are passing along a higher margin cost to you per order.

Choose The Right Manufacturer

Finding a packaging manufacturer that specializes in small or large volume production runs can be challenging. The key is to find one whose solutions align with your business goals and growth plans. Whichever type of supplier you choose, make sure they offer customization and presentation options as well as other services you're looking for.

What Are The Options For Printing Services?

When it comes to packaging, the graphics and printing are the most important part of the entire process. You want to make sure that you choose the right option for your order, category, and brand. At first they can seem a little daunting, so let's do a quick breakdown.


Flexography is a printing process that typically uses between 1 and 4 ink colors. This means it is not well suited for any images, or "high resolution" artwork. But it is a very cheap printing process for larger quantities.


Lithography has been the industry standard for many years for high graphic and quality, large volume work. This is typically used by larger brands who print a large amount of packaging every year.

Litho Lam

Litho Lam is the process of printing a paper graphic and then gluing it to the packaging. Avoiding printing directly to the corrugated entirely. This is also typically reserved for larger quantity orders due to the additional gluing process.

Digital Printing

Digital Printing is the most exciting printing process in the entire industry. We were one of the first to invest because we knew it was and is a game changer. It's able to print small orders with ease because it doesn't have printing plates, and looks extremely high quality. Not to mention it can allow brands to be more nimble with their marketing by running multiple smaller orders, and creating graphics for every SKU. The best part about Digital is that it's a more sustainable printing method. Using less waste, resources, and delivering your packaging faster than every other method.

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Finding The Right Process

Every business has a different goal and marketing needs. But when it comes to printing packaging, there are many options that can make your life easier. Contact us if you need help determining which process is best for your order size or the type of graphics on file with us. We're always happy to provide information!

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Who Do I Contact At The Packaging Manufacturer?

Typically your first interaction will be with a sales team member. These employees are trained on all of the technical knowledge of what their business offers, and can get you started and in the system.

Once you are in the system and have a RFQ, you will begin talking with the design department and project managers. They will be focused on locking in the structure and graphics that suit you best, and sourcing your materials for the entire supply chain.

Their goal is to make it an easy a process for you and your team, while also delivering a great product. If you have any specific questions about the printing process, pricing options, or if you need help deciding on the best printing option for your project, contact us today. We're always happy to help with information and provide more insight into finding the right supplier for your needs!

Bennett Packaging Can Help You

We are one of the largest independent manufacturers in North America with a wide array of capabilities to help our customers grow. Our capabilities include simply RSC shippers, to more complex shelf-ready packaging, all the way up to custom point of purchase retail displays.

Whether you need a team with award winning designers, or just a manufacturing partner for your supply chain, we are here to help. Contact us today to get started on a custom quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does A Quote Usually Take For Packaging?

This can vary greatly depending on a few factors. If your order is custom or a standard size, how busy the manufacturer is, and how large your quantity is.

Should I Buy A Standard Design Or Custom Packaging?

Determine what your budget will allow for first and start there. If a standard size works, consider it first before you move into the custom design arena.

Are There Standard Minimum Orders For Packaging?

Depending on the supplier you go with, it will be very different. Wholesalers will usually allow for lower minimums, while other manufacturers can offer them too but at a higher price.