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Digital Printing Tips For Mailer Boxes

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Mailer Boxes Were Designed For Digital Printing

E-commerce brands MUST have a great Mailer Box, because it's one of the main interactions they have with their customers? But how can you take your brand to the next level and look more premium? By switching from traditional printing methods to High-Speed Digital Printing.

Digitally Printed Mailer Boxes are the gateway to improving your customers unboxing experience, because it opens the door to more advanced marketing techniques. This printing technique allows you to print as many designs as you want, add a personalized touch, and target customers in so many different ways.

But how do you begin? What designs work best? What tips can you find about Digital Printing? We're here to help. Read on to learn more about our tips for switching to High-Speed Digital Printing.

Bennett Packaging Bought The First Digital Press In North America

We thought Digital Printing was the way of the future when we first saw what technology could do. That's why we bought a high-speed digital printer from a Spanish business and shipped it to America. We expected our clients to demand the technology, so we set out to make it available as quickly as feasible. 

All of this knowledge has placed us ahead of the game, and Bennett has made significant progress in the digital realm since then. We purchased a second Digital Printer, making us the first manufacturer in North America to have two of them on the same premises. We couldn't be more excited about the future.

Tip #1 Print Alternate Graphics

In the past, Digital Printing as used for short-run designs, rather than larger ones. But the entire market has been turned on its head because of what Digital has allowed them to do. But what are the best scenarios for printing alternate designs?

Different Regions

If you have multiple regions for your brand, then it can be helpful to print several different designs. This allows you to target your customers directly, based on where they are located, what sports teams are nearby, or whether they live near mountains, oceans, or forests. Think about where your customers are, and speak to them more directly.

Each Product Category

Take a look at your SKUs and try to organize the categories with their own design. Maybe you sell clothing, and Men's and Women's should have a different look and feel to reach customers better. Or if you sell electronics, if it's music related, it should feel different than items related to movies or computer accessories.

Every Season

What time of year is it? Imagine a Mailer Box that shows up on your doorstep that matches the overall weather. When it's Spring, send fresh greens and yellows. Summer is totally beach vibes, while Fall is focused on the changing of leaves. And finally Winter could either be nice and snowy, or reminiscent of a warm fireplace.

High-Speed Digital Printing is what allows you to do all this. That's because other printing methods typically involve printing plates, or need higher volumes ordered to be justifiable for their costs.

Make a list of your best ideas for alternate graphics and focus them on a theme. This is usually the best place to start for Mailer Boxes.

Tip #2 Double Down On Sustainability

When it comes to producing Mailer Boxes, high-speed digital printing is a more ecologically responsible option. Bennett also has all of the specialized equipment needed to make your product swiftly and effectively, allowing for speedy turnaround times.

Produce Less Waste

Digital printing is a great way to move your business towards being waste-free! We've helped clients reduce their operational costs by up 24%. What better time than now? Include sustainability in your marketing and take advantage of this new technology's capabilities while it still has such great benefits for you or else competitors might get there first.

Mentioning how environmentally friendly digital prints are can help increase trust between customers, suppliers & employees as well because everyone likes knowing that shopping with you makes an impact.

Use Less Resources

With each Mailer box you purchase that is Digitally Printed, it uses 18% less resources overall like Water, Electricity, and CO2. This means you're not only producing less waste with Digital Printing, you're using less resources to make the same box.

Less Time To Manufacture

The best part about Digital Printing is that it takes less time to manufacture because it needs less setup, goes through less machines, and is overall easier than other printing methods. That means it can help streamline your supply chain.

Switching to Digital Printing for Mailer Boxes can really open up your marketing message. Just by changing your printing method, you can be doing more for the environment, and talk to customers that care about that.

Tip #3 Use The Extra Budget Elsewhere

Thanks to all of the savings with Digital Printing, you can start using your budget in other areas. Instead of needing to stretch to try new marketing ideas, now they just become available to you.

Add Extra Goodies

One of the reasons customers love e-commerce brands and Mailer Boxes in particular, is the extra goodies in the box. Things like stickers, pamphlets, cards, additional products to try. Opening Mailers is like Christmas all over again, each month.

Test Out New Personalization Ideas

Now that you have some extra budget, it's a great time to try some new ideas to personalize things for customers more. Maybe you spend more on alternate items depending on the customer's location, or you simply pile in extra items one month. Either way, customers will notice.

Flash Sales To Reach More Customers

Sales are always a great way to get customers to purchase more items, but it's also a great reason to advertise on social media. With the padding in your budget, it's a great time to throw a sale together for new customers. Increasing your customer base is key to growing your business, and this might help push people over the edge to make a purchase.

No matter what idea you go with, having the extra budget through switching to Digital Printing is huge for your business. You could even save for a rainy day if you needed to.

Tip #4 Adapt To The Market Trends

It's important to stay current in the market with your campaigns, and Mailer Boxes are no exception. This printing method gives you the opportunity to stay fresh in so many ways.

Switch Artwork Mid-Production

We know that you're always looking for new ways to stand out and be the talk of your town, so why not start now? Mailer boxes can have custom artwork created right on them in between printing stages. With this capability we'll give companies an opportunity they never had before - being able to do something different while still remaining relevant!

Match Customer Demand

Suddenly have a lot of new customers reaching out and having trouble keeping up? Order more Mailers with Digital Printing to catch up. There's no waiting for printing plates or additional tooling, so you can order as needed.

Keep Your Marketing Fresh

Every time you change your marketing, it's important to update your packaging. And custom packaging is one of your biggest budgetary spends, it's important to have it be current with your new campaign. With Digital Printing you can switch production as fast as you need to.

You don't want to be the business that's stuck using old marketing materials, because then you're not staying fresh. You can even schedule campaigns by month or quarter, depending on what you need to do to keep your customers interested.

Tip #5 Test New Products With Customers

Is your team looking to expand into other categories, or try new products? Digital Printing is a great way to produce a low volume of Mailer Boxes for a targeted campaign.

Try A Different Product Category

Branch out into a new category that fits with your brand by creating some new branded graphics. Or even better, have a standard design for new products that your order as needed for each test. Streamlining your entire operation is critical for success.

Experiment With Alternate Graphics

Thinking about testing the waters of a new graphic and afraid to turn off your customer base? Create a small design that speaks to a targeted customer base, and see if it improves sales and social media shares. Tracking your data is key to seeing if you're making progress or not.

Create Collector's Editions

Customer's love special things, especially from e-commerce brands. And there's nothing better than a collector's edition of items. Maybe this is a one-off, or an anniversary of the brand, or even the customer. Find something that's special, and design a new graphic for your Mailer Box.

Experimentation is the best way to find out what is and isn't working about your business, and it's the core to marketing fundamentals. Whether you're a big brand, or a nimble one-person operation, Digital Printing can help you grow.

Create Digitally Printed Mailer Boxes Today!

Digital Printing is a great way to experiment with your marketing and product strategies, as it allows for quick changes in production. You can also use digital printing to create small quantities of retail packaging for targeted campaigns. This method gives you the flexibility to try out new ideas without alienating your current customers or spending too much money. 

With Digital Printing you can switch production as fast as you need to, so don't be afraid to experiment with alternate graphics or collector's editions. Create Digitally Printed Mailer Boxes today! Contact Bennett Packaging for a quote on a custom design.