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Custom Shipping Boxes vs Stock Boxes

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When you're trying to choose between custom shipping boxes or stock boxes, you've got an important decision to make. Depending on the scenario your business is in, one or the other might be a better choice.

Companies that are only e-commerce must brand themselves completely online. The transaction isn't complete until the customer receives their package after visiting your site and making a purchase. The shipping box gives you another chance to sell your business and develop a long-term relationship. 

Aside from delivering your goods to the buyer, a well-secured, visually beautiful box has other advantages. Consumers are just as concerned with the look of a box as they are with the contents. The right shipping boxes will take your business to the next level, even if the choice between custom and stock packing seems little. And ordering from a supplier has never been easier.

Benefits Of Stock Shipping Boxes

Stock-sized boxes are a type of generic packaging that is readily accessible at any carrier site. Stock boxes come in a restricted range of sizes and designs due to their mass production. There's no assurance that your items will fit into a standard-size box. 

When running your own e-commerce firm, you don't want to take chances with your items' security. When products are wrapped too tightly or too loosely, they are more likely to be damaged in transit. Custom boxes, rather than pushing products to fit into a standard-sized container, provide a better fit for your most often dispatched items. When mailing a one-of-a-kind gift for personal reasons, consider using stock boxes instead.

If all you are looking for is efficiency, and a stock-sized option can service your needs, it might be a good choice.  However, if you have a diversified product line or you often ship small items, custom-sized boxes are the right option.

1. Keep The Budget Low

Because stock boxes are typically kept in bulk inside a warehouse, that means the costs will be lower. That's because you're not changing anything to the design, you're simply ordering from a stocked item.

If that is all you need for your business, then it's a great option!

2. Order As Needed All The Time

Because these boxes are kept stocked, you can easily order more when you need them. If your business is focused on simple shipments, it can make it easy to have enough packaging on hand, without needing to plan your supply chain as much.

3. No Waiting For Quotes

Because these boxes are ready to go, there's no need to wait for a quote. That means you know exactly what you're ordering right from the start.

4. Products Fit In A Standard Size

If your products fit in these standard-sized boxes as-is, then why order something custom? The purpose of your packaging is to protect your products and get them safely to their destination.

5. No Unboxing Experience Needed

If your packaging doesn't need a branded unboxing experience, why create one? Sometimes a simple brown box that gets to the customer's front door or warehouse is all you need.

Benefits Of Custom Shipping Boxes

From the package's color to its dimensions, custom boxes are made specifically for your products. Small companies may personalize their shipping boxes to match their items and promote their brand. Business owners may showcase their brand both inside and out by using unique box colors and printed graphics. 

To better secure your items during shipment, provide your small business with personalized shipping boxes. Custom containers are made to fit your items perfectly, minimizing damage and shipping expenses. To make the unpacking procedure easier for customers, customize the box's outside dimensions.

If you're trying to reduce empty space in your packaging to maximize efficiency, this is a great option. Custom Shipping Boxes will also allow you to brand the unboxing process more than Stock Shipping Boxes will offer.

Pro Tip: Understanding corrugated is a great way to ensure you have made the right decisison!

1. Use Packaging Expertise

When you engage with a reputable professional box business, you'll have access to a wide choice of bespoke package design alternatives. Use current retail trends to design unique shipping boxes that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical. Experts in structural design can assist you in selecting the appropriate shipping box style for your purposes. 

Make use of specialist expertise to secure the highest possible print quality. A knowledgeable box business can also suggest new methods to employ bespoke printing and branding.

While brands like Packlane aren't a bad option, working directly with a manufacturer is better. Granted, that's who we are! But we bring decades of experience to your project that others won't.

2. Maximize Your Packaging Efficiency

You won't waste box space with insufficient packaging if you use custom containers. Custom boxes allow you to choose the precise dimensions needed to accommodate your items, whereas stock boxes are only available in a limited number of sizes. Work with a professional box manufacturer to create packaging depending on the product information you offer, such as photos, measurements, current boxes, or the actual items.

Your shipments will be more cost-effective with custom-sized dimensions. When you choose the package size, you can also control the delivery cost, allowing you to save more money over time. Stock sizes pose the danger of inefficient packaging, resulting in greater shipping costs due to the unused space. Custom sizes allow you to eliminate any unused space in the next stock-sized box.

3. Protect Your Products Better

Products will be more secure during delivery since bespoke boxes are made to your requirements. Because of their improper size, stock crates are more likely to harm your merchandise. Bulk production often produces containers that are slightly smaller or bigger than required. Product damage and return complaints are less likely with custom-sized packaging.

When you utilize custom boxes to safeguard your items, you need less packaging material. Even the smallest decrease in shipping expenses might result in big savings down the road as your small business grows. Be sure to look into all the packaging options for your products.

4. Create An Unboxing Experience

To match your items and elicit greater sensations of excitement about your brand, use a variety of colors, box types, and printed patterns. The unpacking process is made more enjoyable and memorable by attractive packaging. When you create unique packaging for your customers, you're also creating a one-of-a-kind experience for them. 

The experience of ordering from your brand is enhanced with strategically printed packaging. To enhance marketing possibilities, include print on both the exterior and interior of your products. Personalize communications regarding current special discounts or holidays to provide a more memorable end-customer experience. Brands that make customers feel like they actually care are more likely to retain customers and encourage referrals.

If you're choosing between mailers and shippers, it can be a difficult choice. But both options have "unboxing" possibilities.

5. Increase Your Brand Awareness

Unboxing may be both enjoyable and lucrative in the digital world of trends, influencers, and social media. As part of their branding strategy, several e-commerce enterprises employ unique packaging. Use your customization skills to create visually appealing boxes that customers will want to photograph, share, and reuse. Small company owners may improve their brand's visibility organically in this way. 

A competent box firm will guarantee that your company's artwork is optimized for printing, allowing you to launch new marketing campaigns with a strong, consistent look. Your shipments should stand out from the crowd with custom designs. Increase visibility at every stage of the delivery process by displaying your logo design, marketing phrases, and brand colors. Customers will be more likely to remember your company's name.

Order Your Boxes From Bennett Packaging Today!

In conclusion, your packaging is a critical component of your marketing strategy. It can make or break the first impression that customers have with your brand and products as they unbox them for the first time.

When you choose custom boxes from Bennett Packaging, we will work closely with you to design an experience that's memorable and exciting at every stage: packing it up in custom-sized dimensions; protecting it during shipping so it arrives intact; and making sure customers know who sent their parcel by printing on both the exterior and interior of our boxes.

Contact us today if you're interested in learning more about how we can help improve customer loyalty rates through our effective box designs!