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Creating Wine Packaging For E-Commerce Business

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E-Commerce Wine Packaging

If there’s one thing the global pandemic has reaffirmed, it’s that the human race is adaptable. E-Commerce business has picked up, and so has the need for packaging, and the Wine Industry has been a surprising star!

Those in the wine business can certainly be counted among the resourceful. Wine is in high demand right now – the challenge is finding new ways of getting it to customers.

When stay-at-home orders were first being issued, Nielsen reported that wine sales were up 66%,  and online alcohol sales were up 243%. While things will undoubtedly change as the economy begins to reopen, many wine manufacturers and marketers are trying to tap into this demand by upgrading their websites and online ordering capabilities.

To compete with big-box stores, local wine stores and smaller wineries are hoping to bridge the gap by offering wine shipping services and getting inventive with wine clubs and subscription boxes.

Offering online ordering and shipping can help your winery meet fluctuating pandemic conditions.

Some smaller wine vendors have been hit the hardest. When local governments ordered restaurants, bars, and stores to close, some reported losing about 85% of their customer base. But instead of responding with sour grapes, the resilient wine industry is making the best of things.

Events like “virtual wine tastings” and “virtual happy hours” have become, if not the new normal, a creative temporary alternative.

Now is the perfect time to implement or improve online ordering, pickup, and delivery services as well as refine or create a fresh approach to wine carriers, wine packaging, and wine shipping boxes.

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Wine Subscription Box Packaging

One way that wine vendors are supplying shelter-in-place Americans with a bit of adventure is by offering wine subscription boxes. These delivery services, often called “wine clubs,” regularly ship a selection of wines to customers.

Wine subscription boxes have been becoming increasingly popular, and the pandemic has boosted the appeal even more.

To inspire your creativity, you might peruse some wine club subscription services online to help you decide which you think would most interest current and potential customers.

Some subscription services are tailored to seasoned wine enthusiasts, and others are perfect for educating newbies about wine regions and which variety pairs best with certain foods.

While curbside pickup and local delivery are important sales avenues right now, a wine box subscription can open up new, potentially untapped markets for you that may be sustainable beyond the pandemic.

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Since wine sales are handled differently from state to state, you might explore selling online to discover wine packaging and wine shipping opportunities in other states.

If you’re new to the wine subscription world or looking to up your game, it might be wise to partner with a company with experience in this industry. A contract packaging company like Bennett can handle everything for you from start to finish, including wine shipping logistics.

Our in-house creative team can even help you design subscription boxes that both showcase your brand and protect the bottles with quality wine packaging materials like corrugated fiberboard.

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Wine Subscription Box Tips

  • Research USPS specifications to be sure that your wine packaging meets all requirements.
  • Wine packaging should be practical, branded, beautiful, and experiential.
  • Durable corrugated cardboard withstands weight and protects bottles from shifting or breaking.
  • Create and test a prototype before having subscription boxes manufactured in bulk.
  • Choose a printer that’s known for consistent, high-quality premium visuals.

Wine Packaging For E-Commerce

Whether it’s a wine subscription box or straightforward pickup or delivery, you want to be sure the wine arrives to your customers as expected.

Uniquely designed wine packaging not only provides an opportunity for branding, but it also shows your commitment to excellence.

An experienced shipping partner like Bennett offers time-refined processes to provide wine shipping solutions customized for bottle protection.

Our state-of-the-art design team and testing lab allow us to accommodate specific wine manufacturing and marketing needs, including producing and printing wine packaging of all sizes, while ensuring wine shipping efficiency with flexible delivery schedules.

Does your wine packaging pass these tests?

  • Tilt test
  • Shake table
  • Compression
  • Drop test

We offer comprehensive testing of our corrugated products to ensure that your retail displays arrive safely to the consumer.

Choosing the right material for your wine carriers and wine shipping boxes could literally be a make or break decision. In addition to its excellent protective qualities and durability, corrugated cardboard is ideal for wine packaging in many ways.

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6 Reasons You Should Choose Corrugated

Here are 6 great reasons for wine carriers to choose corrugated cardboard for their wine packaging and shipping needs.

  1. It’s cost-effective yet reliable packaging material.
  2. It’s easily customizable to eliminate excess material waste.
  3. Its fluting produces a sturdy material that keeps contents safe and secure.
  4. It’s multifunctional; it can be used for packaging to shipping to in-store displays.
  5. It has the best recycling rate of any packaging material in use today.
  6. Corrugated fiberboard is renewable and sustainable.

Bennett Makes E-Commerce Wine Packaging

If you’re looking for ways to boost business in light of evolving economic conditions, we’re here to help. We offer a promise of partnership. Especially during this time of quickly changing needs and ongoing uncertainty, it’s important to know that someone has your back.

We strive to handle your wine packaging and wine shipping project with the same care as you would.

Because we’re committed to doing our part, we’ve implemented extra safety precautions and preventative measures to eliminate the potential spread of the coronavirus within our facility and during product transport to the final destination. We care about our team’s safety and yours.