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Choosing The Right Packaging For Your Product

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How Do I Choose Packaging?

Whatever sort of package you wish to deliver, there are boxes available that will exactly suit your demands. However, deciding which sort of box to use is another problem. 

All great boxes have numerous features in common that serve to improve your customer's overall brand experience. Because that's what it's all about. Giving the customer an experience as they open your packaging to see the products inside.

Let's take a look at the most popular sorts of boxes and how they operate to keep your goods safe and secure. All while also providing a wonderful branding experience.

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Examine Your Product And Packaging Needs

The first thing that you must do is take a look at your product to see what sort of packaging will best fit its needs.

Take the Amazon Kindle, for instance. The Amazon Kindle is an electronic device and thus it will need special care in transit. Its stiff case keeps it firmly locked in place so it won't rattle around inside the box and become damaged.

The clear plastic covering allows the customer to see the actual product without having to open up the packaging, giving them a preview of what's inside.

The Amazon Kindle also has a magnetic closure that makes it simple for customers to access their goods while at the same time holding everything securely in place.

These are only two examples of how specially designed boxes can assist protect delicate products such as those sold through online retailers.

You do not want your package to fall apart as soon as it is opened and this magnetic enclosure assists you with ensuring that happens.

 Shipping Boxes

Determine Your Shipping Needs And Costs

Next, you need to consider how your product will be transported.

Are you merely sending it through regular mail or do you wish to send it by means of some faster method? The faster the method, the more money it will cost in order for it to get there at all.

But you have a different problem if your package is going to arrive quickly and must remain intact in order for its contents not to be damaged. So fast shipping costs more but takes better care of the items sent within.

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What Size Of Box Will Suit Your Product?

Another important thing that must be determined when choosing a box is what size works best with your requirements. Sometimes when choosing a larger box, people forget that they have an additional duty when it comes to protecting your product.

Make sure to take these factors into consideration before choosing a box for it.


The first thing you need to know about the size is what sort of dimensions are necessary for your product to fit inside? If you're just sending smaller items, then you can place them in any sort of package that's suitable enough for safe delivery.

But if it's anything larger than that, then you'll have to pick something that will work well with its measurements.

If the package is extremely large and sturdy, then it might be best to use reinforced cardboard tape on at least three sides so it may be tied up securely enough so nobody has access to what's inside besides yourself and the recipient.

The more expensive or fragile your item is, the more attention you should pay to choosing a box with care and not settling for something in haste.

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Heavy Items

And if you're trying to send heavy items, it would be advisable that you consider buying boxes that are weight-rated. These types of boxes can hold heavier products than your average package and will assist you when moving through the shipping process by making it easier for you.

It is always best to invest in strong boxes such as these because they'll last longer than flimsy ones and they'll also fit better since they were made specifically for your goods.

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Different Box Styles

After you have all the details figured out, now it's time to order your boxes. There are lots of places online that can provide you with a nice variety of options. So keep shopping around and find the right ones for your needs!

Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes are a more robust and long-lasting alternative for your goods. They can't be collapsed like regular boxes since they're composed of tougher materials.

These boxes are frequently wrapped individually with something else to help soften the look and enhance the overall branding. It allows you more creative freedom and adding a touch of personality to the look.

Roll End Tuck Boxes

Although the name of this sort of box is confusing, the way it functions is not. You may construct the box without using any glue or tape, and it will hold together properly just by folding the ends and tucking them into the front.

This sort of box is commonly used to send baked goods. The lid of the box can even be transparent to show off the contents, making it a popular option for keeping products visible.

Folding Carton Boxes

These boxes used to be used to simply package valuable things, if you can believe it. Folding carton boxes are one of the most popular and widely used forms of packaging today.

These boxes are used for the majority of product packaging you'll encounter in stores. A tuck flap is frequently seen on one or both ends of these carton boxes.

These boxes are a terrific method to ensure that your shipment reaches your consumers securely and safely. Whether you're delivering clothes, candles, or other lightweight things.

Telescopic Boxes

These boxes are made up of two sections, and the lid of the box may be removed in the same manner as the lid of a telescope covers the lens. Many high-end items are packaged in this manner to create the impression of unpacking and refinement.

Collapsible Boxes

Manufacturers and customers alike prefer collapsible boxes. They provide a lot of versatility in terms of construction. They're popular with customers since they can be readily folded and reused. Furthermore, its foldable feature allows you to save money on shipping.

Mailer Boxes

These boxes are retail-ready and may be sent directly through the mail without additional packing. Beautiful subscription boxes, are sent to you in elegant mailer boxes.

These need to be sturdy enough to survive shipping, but they also need a really personal touch for customers. The bar has been raised for mailers, so you have to bring your A-Game.

Shoulder Boxes

This unusual box style isn't seen very frequently, which makes it stand out even more when you do. The top and the base of the box do not contact, and the product is kept in the middle. The shoulder is the name for this area.

Using contrasting colors with the product in the center of the box is a terrific approach to make it stand out even more.

Regular Slotted Container Boxes

With these types of boxes, the flaps are the same length, so they can easily ship smaller and lightweight items one at a time. Unfortunately, because only the exterior and print designs may be modified, this simplicity comes at the expense of some design elements.

Custom Corrugated Boxes

Although rigid boxes are commonly used to convey big items, if the item is too heavy for even a rigid box, a corrugated box will suffice. Rigid boxes are composed of corrugated material, which ensures that they maintain their structural integrity even when stacked.

As a result, the goods housed within are protected from further harm. These characteristics make these boxes excellent for transportation.

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Create Your Own Custom Box Today!

Custom boxes are a great way to package and protect your products. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. You can also choose from a variety of materials, including cardboard, plastic, and metal.

Additionally, you can customize your box with a logo or design that reflects your brand identity. This helps to create a lasting impression with customers and enhances their overall experience with your product.

If you're looking for an attractive and durable packaging option, custom boxes are a perfect choice. Contact us today for a custom quote.