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Bennett Is FSC Certified

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We are thrilled to announce that Bennett has achieved FSC® certification. This means our customers now have access to FSC®-certified Packaging and Point-of-Purchase Displays!

This certification is a testament to Bennett’s commitment to sustainability and supports our company mission of providing quality products while minimizing environmental impact. We believe this will help us become a leader in the industry by offering top-notch customer service and dependable, sustainable packaging and display solutions.

By choosing FSC®-certified products, customers and companies can be assured they are doing their part in protecting the world's forests, wildlife, and most importantly – people! Our commitment to a more responsible approach towards making our products helps reduce deforestation, clean air, and improve the livelihoods of people connected to forests.

We’re excited to offer our customers FSC®-certified Packaging and POP Displays that are better for their business and better for the world.

Thank you for being part of Bennett’s journey towards sustainability!

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