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7 Design Tips For Walmart Packaging

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Walmart Packaging Guidelines Are Strict

When you’re packaging a product to sell in Walmart, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.  Walmart audits all products coming in through their distribution centers. If you want to ensure that your product makes it past the quality control department, you will need to make sure that your product packaging is up-to-par with Walmart standards.

Walmart is one of the toughest retailers in terms of having strict guidelines that every brand must adhere to. But the reason they do this is so the customer's shopping experience is consistent and smooth. If you have tried and failed to get into Walmart in the past, there's hope you can make it on the next try!

Just using bright colors and interesting designs isn't always enough to get people’s attention. If you're trying to get your products into Walmart, or you're simply doing some research, here are some tips for creating packaging in Walmart stores!

1. Make It Sturdy

One of the most important things when packaging a product is making sure that it’s box is strong enough to survive shipping and handling. It has been said that if a product can fit into an envelope without folding its contents, then it probably isn't sturdy enough for Walmart.

This is an example of why your packaging can't be too thin or flimsy. If the package comes undone in transit, the product inside could get damaged.

Another important aspect about ensuring that your box is sturdy enough for Walmart is this: The customer knows that they are getting a very good deal on their products when they come into Walmart. In other words, if you're selling a product at half it's original price, then its safe to say that the customer probably isn’t going to pay more than $1-2 dollars for shipping and handling. So make sure you purchase a shipping container with a high weight limit! This will allow you to use the space efficiently, while still making sure your product doesn't arrive damaged.

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2. Easy To Read Labels

When packaging an item for Walmart, one of the best things that you can do is make sure that your box has a label with your name and product on it. This will allow customers to know exactly who they're buying from when the pick up their products at the store.

Labeling your product properly not only allows customers to pick up the right item, but it saves Walmart time when they are working with other vendors. Remember, Walmart is one of the world's top retailers - which means there are a ton of products coming in and out each day. The more organized you can make their process, the better.

Once again, the main thing about labeling your package for Walmart is that you're doing it because you want to save them time! So if possible, try to create labels that are big enough for them to read without having to put on their reading glasses.

3. Improve The Shopping Experience

One aspect about packaging in Walmart is ensuring there's enough space inside so that customers can easily get to their product without having difficulty taking it out.  When designing your boxes, try placing your product in them so they are easy to grab out of the container. It also helps if you use dividers within the box, instead of just stuffing everything in there with no order.

You may also want to consider using tape on the opening of your box so the customer knows it's been resealed from when they purchased it from you. This is especially helpful when selling food or product that’s in a consumable form.

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4. Strive For Sustainability

While Walmart is one of the largest retailers out there, that doesn't mean they aren't aware of their impact on the environment. They are pushing brands to held reduce their overall footprint, because it helps each of their stores.

So when you're packaging your products for Walmart, try to use as little plastic as possible. Use eco-friendly containers and employ a recycling program wherever possible.

If you reach out to Walmart specifically, they will have a long list of guidelines and goals for the coming years. At Bennett, we stay up to date on all of the latest restrictions to make sure you are compliant.

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5. Branding On At Least Three Sides

Because of the frequency of shoppers, Walmart typically pushes for having branding and information on more sides of the packaging. This is an effort to reduce the wasted space when sides or tops of the packaging are visible. 

If you are selling a product that isn't rectangular, then it's usually smart just to have the logo on all four sides. To help you easily figure out where your brand can go on the box, use some simple math. Usually boxes are twice as tall as they are wide, so keep that in mind when brainstorming.

Be sure that you are aiming at a target customer when you create the branding too! You don't want to have branding on all of your sides if it doesn't appeal to anyone.

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6. Adhere To Latest Guidelines

Walmart is known for their guidelines, but they provide everyone with PDF's and Guides to explain their overall rules. But lucky for you, most manufacturers are in contact with Walmart to stay up to date.

When you're looking for a manufacturer to work with, be sure to ask about their retailer compliance. If they aren't up to date, you may want to find another one to work with.

7. Keep Your Packaging Fresh

When you're packaging for Walmart, it's important to keep your product looking fresh and new.  This includes making sure that the design of the packaging is not what is causing a customer to pass up on your product in favor of another one.

It's also good for brands to stay up to date on any changes from their guideline updates - so they can make sure their boxes are staying relevant.

This can be anything from making sure your packaging matches your current marketing campaign, to having a sturdy box that will hold its shape. Walmart wants to continue to be a safe and fresh shopping experience to entice customers to return - and it's up to you to help them achieve that.

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Create Custom Packaging For Walmart!

Designing packaging for Walmart can be a daunting task, but if you keep the above tips in mind, you'll be well on your way to having a product that's compliant and visually appealing. It's important to remember that Walmart is always changing their guidelines, so it's crucial to stay up to date with them. And finally, make sure your product looks fresh and new - or else you may lose out on potential customers.

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