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7 Design Tips For E-Commerce Packaging

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Designing E-Commerce Packaging

If you own an e-commerce store, you already know that boxes are a way of life. Customers who like these kind of encounters have increased the bar for what is considered acceptable. As a result, you're probably searching for innovative methods to improve your branding and packaging.

It's all about the experience when it comes to E-Commerce Boxes. But how can you provide clients a memorable unpacking experience? Is it enough to print on the inside? What about some more freebies?

It all begins with your general design, visuals, and critical decisions. But that doesn't negate the importance of supply chains, optimization, and client profiling. 

Let's take a look at 7 E-Commerce Packaging Design Tips.

Tip #1 Design Around Your Products

This is the most important factor to consider while developing a wonderful E-Commerce box. You can't just print some color on a cardboard box and expect it to function.

It must be a great fit for your items, as well as helpful and safe, and professional in appearance! You think about your goods first when you create around them. 

It's not just about how you look! Form must meet function in today's market.

Naturally, your packaging should match the contents of your items, but keep in mind your prior color and style choices. Packaging should enhance rather than detract from your products.

Make a list of all the design elements that go into creating your product and brand. As long as your design decisions are consistent with those parts, you'll be successful.

Tip #2 Keep Your Packaging Fresh

It's never been a better moment for businesses to invest in individualized e-commerce packaging, thanks to today's manufacturing capabilities. It is, nonetheless, vital to stay fresh in your clients' minds. This may be done in a number of different ways.

  • Make designs for each quarter. When customers return to the store, your items will stand out on the shelf.
  • Update your designs to keep your marketing campaigns current. Nothing irritates you more than a new marketing campaign that doesn't match your product packaging.
  • Make sure your subscription box will last for the whole enrollment period. You may need to apply a specific coating to protect your packaging from scuffs and scrapes. Alternatively, you may need to adapt the design due to breaks caused by humidity variations.

There are a variety of ways to maximize your custom box efforts, so decide what "fresh" means to you and get started!

Tip #3 Plan Your Entire Supply Chain Plan

E-Commerce Boxes can help you save money depending on your current purchasing patterns, but the most important factor is to analyze your whole supply chain.

Make sure you're not working in a vacuum when you're designing. Work your way through each step of the process to verify that your new package design is in sync with the rest of the project so there are no surprises.

Small design mistakes might lead to huge complications in the road if you don't plan ahead.

Tip #4 Print Alternate Graphics For Each Scenario

Instead of using a one-size-fits-all design, consider printing a variety of visuals. While using only one design makes things more efficient and reduces the risks of error, it doesn't help them stand out at retail.

Consider the following ideas:

A Graphic For Each Region

Each place where you offer goods has its own individual tastes. They have a distinct climate, sports team, and other distinguishing characteristics. Make a graphic that speaks to them rather than using a single design. Then when they see your packaging and products, they will be drawn to you instead of your competitor.

Customize For Every Retailer

While each store will have their own set of restrictions, which may demand modest modifications in the long run, it's critical to think about the people that shop there. Customers do not shop in the same way at Walmart and Costco, therefore you should approach each of them differently.

A Matching Design For Your SKUs

If you use the same design for all of your SKUs, customers won't discover you have a wide selection of items. This category might include everything from food to gadgets. Using a fresh image while staying faithful to your brand is a great way to make your product look even more high-end. 

How will you print all of those images without going bankrupt? It's a fantastic idea to switch to High-Speed Digital Printing. You'll be able to print as many E-Commerce Boxes as you'd like, in as little time as you'd like. There aren't any printing plates needed, so there's no initial costs needed.

Bennett was one of the first companies in North America to invest in high-speed digital printers, allowing us to keep ahead of the competition. So get in touch with one of our staff to learn more about how Digital can help you.

Tip #5 Design For Your Target Customer

The key to real success is to start the design process with a better understanding of your target market. All of the above recommendations are critical, but how will your design function if you don't know what your consumer wants? 

Create a consumer profile and tailor your designs to specific customers. If they want something more upscale, a sleek black packaging could be the way to go. Perhaps they like natural items, in which case a wood grain pattern or a green accent might be suitable. 

Everything you do with your E-Commerce Box should be done with your target audience in mind. You'll be successful if you begin the procedure there.

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Tip #6 Create An Unboxing Experience

Consider how consumers will engage with your E-Commerce Box when they open their purchases now that you've examined the space in your E-Commerce Box. Many people enjoy taking photos and sharing them on social media, so keep this in mind when creating a personalized mailer box. 

Creating a straightforward unpacking experience can help you and your consumers develop a favorable relationship over time. Relationships, whether online or offline, are extremely crucial!

If you make your consumer feel unique, you'll have more opportunities to upsell future transactions. And if they had a positive experience with you, they will tell their friends about you. However, other criteria such as price and quality have a role. 

This is what makes a business go viral online because people want to share the exciting unpacking of your goods with everyone they know right away. So, take on the role of your own consumer, open the box, and think of new methods to surprise them.

Tip #7 Add A Premium Packaging Option

Perhaps a higher layer of products should be created for more-priced items and clients. Rather of sending your items in the same old box, give customers a unique packaging. 

To justify the additional pricing, everything about this box should seem more expensive. Building a relationship with customers and making them feel unique is the greatest way for e-commerce businesses to prosper. 

Although there are always exceptions, most individuals would gladly spend a little more to feel unique when they receive their packages. It doesn't have to be something out of the ordinary, but it should be done well.

Consider designing a bespoke box option if you're selling a higher-priced goods. This may be done for high-end consumers like influencers and brand partners, or it can simply be an option for anybody who wants to add something unique to their order.

Create Custom E-Commerce Packaging With Bennett!

E-Commerce Boxes are more than just a way of making your items seem better on the shelf. It also allows you to connect emotionally with your consumers, which helps you stand out from the competitors. The goal is to create designs that cater to these diverse customer profiles, taking into account their tastes as well as how their minds operate while making purchase decisions. Once you have this knowledge, we can help you bring all of those concepts together and create innovative packaging that will attract customers. 

Contact Bennett Packaging today if you'd like more information about our services, or to get started right away on a new quote.


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