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7 Design Tips For Costco Packaging

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Costco Packaging Has Guidelines

It’s no secret that Costco is a place where you can get some great deals on just about anything. However, did you know that not everything they sell is of the highest quality? Well, having packaging that fits with club stores is the first important step.

When customers are shopping at Costco, they expect to find high-quality products. However, not everything that Costco sells is a premium product because customers shop there for deals. This is where packaging comes into play. If you've failed to get into Costco in the past, there's hope you can make it on the next try! Don't give up.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Costco shoppers are looking for bargains. This means that your packaging should highlight the benefits of your product and make it stand out from the competition. Just using bright colors and interesting designs isn't always enough to get people’s attention.

Here are some tips to get your packaging and products into Costco!

1. Make It Sturdy

When it comes to packing a product, one of the most crucial considerations is whether or not the box is robust enough to withstand shipment and handling. If a product can fit inside an envelope without folding its contents, it isn't likely to be durable enough for Costco.

This is why your packing should not be overly thin or fragile. The merchandise inside might be destroyed if the package falls undone in transportation. Corrugated is know for its strength, so the right box will help. 

Another important reason is that many of the products purchases at Costco are usually large packs of products. Rather than purchasing smaller amounts at other stores, customers shop at Costco to buy in bulk.

That means 24-36 items packaged together.

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2. Create Clear Labels

One of the finest things you can do when packaging an item for Costco is to make sure your box has a label with your name and product on it. Customers will be able to identify who they are purchasing from when they pick up their items at the store.

Labeling your goods correctly not only assists shoppers to select the correct item, but it also saves Costco time when dealing with other vendors. Keep in mind that Costco is one of the world's largest merchants, so there are a lot of things flowing in and out every day. The more systematic their procedure is, the better.

The most important thing to remember when marking your shipment for Costco is that you're doing it to save them time! So, if at all feasible, make labels that they can read without needing to put on their reading glasses.

3. Reduce Friction For Shoppers

One part of Costco packaging is ensuring that there is adequate room inside so that customers can readily access their goods without difficulties. When designing your boxes, keep in mind that you want your product to be easy to remove from the container. It also helps if you utilize dividers inside the box rather than just throwing everything in there. 

You could also want to tape the opening of the box so that the consumer knows it has been resealed after they bought it from you. This is especially useful when selling food or other consumable products.

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4. Strive For Sustainability

While Costco is one of the largest merchants in the world, it does not imply they are unconcerned about their environmental effect. They are pressuring brands to keep their total footprint low since it benefits all of their locations. 

As a result, aim to use as little plastic as possible when packing your items for Costco. Wherever feasible, use eco-friendly containers and participate in a recycling program. 

If you contact Costco directly, they will provide you with a broad list of standards and objectives for the following years.

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5. Branding On At Least Three Sides

Costco frequently pushes for branding and information to be on multiple sides of the package due to the high volume of customers. When the sides or tops of the box are exposed, this is an attempt to decrease wasted space.

If you're selling a non-rectangular product, it's typically a good idea to have the logo on all four sides. Use some simple arithmetic to help you figure out where your brand can appear on the box. Keep in mind that boxes are usually twice as tall as they are broad while brainstorming.

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6. Stay Up To Date With Guidelines

Costco is notorious for its regulations, yet they make them available to everyone in the form of PDFs and guides. But, fortunately for you, most manufacturers communicate with Walmart to keep current. 

When seeking for a manufacturer to collaborate with, make sure to inquire about their store compliance. You might want to look for someone else to work with if they aren't up to date.

At Bennett, we stay up to date on all of the latest restrictions to make sure you are compliant.

7. Keep Your Packaging Fresh

It's critical to maintain your goods appearing fresh and new when packing for Costco. This includes ensuring that the packaging design is not the reason a buyer chooses to skip your goods in favor of another. 

It's also beneficial for businesses to be informed about any changes to their guideline revisions so that their boxes remain current. 

This might include anything from matching your packaging to your current marketing effort to having a strong box that will keep its form. To attract consumers to return, Costco wants to maintain a safe and fresh shopping experience, and it's up to you to help them do it.

Pro Tip: Don't forget about creating a custom POP Retail Display for club stores too!

Create Custom Packaging For Costco!

Designing packaging for Costco might be a difficult undertaking, but if you follow the guidelines above, you'll be well on your way to creating a compliant and visually appealing product.

It's vital to note that Costco's policies are always changing, so staying current is essential. Finally, make sure your product seems to be fresh and new, otherwise you risk losing potential buyers. 

To get started on a quote for new product packaging, contact Bennett Packaging today.